• Fixed many small typos and errors in the tutorial (left -> right)
  • Added section on pumps and extractors to the tutorial
  • Increased coal generation amount slightly
  • Decreased coal extractor time and liquid demand very slightly
  • Improved water speed in conduits
  • Nerfed bomber enemy 20%
  • Increased wave time from 30 to 40 on Normal (60->80 on Easy, 15->20 on Hard)
  • Made camera smoothing toggle-able (are you happy now, jacob?)


Mindustry-mac-2.4.zip 52 MB
37 days ago
Mindustry-linux64-2.4.zip 52 MB
37 days ago
Mindustry-windows64-2.4.zip 50 MB
37 days ago
Mindustry-android-2.4-.apk 23 MB
37 days ago

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I hope Jacob is happy