• 4 new enemies with various abilities
  • 2 new multi-block turrets
  • New resource: uranium. Used as ammo for the new turrets, and as a source of power
  • New power system: generate and transmit power using lasers. Take the new tutorial to learn how to use it.
  • New power generators that use uranium, coal, lava or oil to generate power
  • 11 new maps, with 2 new liquids and many new block types. Every old map except maze has been removed.
  • Completely new wave patterns, with enemies of specific types at specific waves instead of a mix of all enemies every wave.
  • New 2x2 defense blocks for steel, titanium and dirium
  • New crafting blocks for producing coal and steel
  • New transportation blocks: teleporters, sorters, tunnels, liquid junctions, upgraded conveyors
  • New defense blocks: shields and shielded walls, both of which use power
  • New upgraded pump
  • Door blocks, in 1x1 and 2x2 variants
  • Repair turrets now use power, as they were too easy to spam before
  • New extended description and stats menu for all blocks
  • More save slots
  • Control change: ctrl-scrollwheel to zoom, scrollwheel to rotate blocks (R and E can still be used to rotate too)
  • New UI for many things
  • New SFX
  • New visual effects for turrets, such as railguns
  • Noticeable performance improvements for large bases, especially on mobile (and most likely, HTML5)
  • New smarter AI that may avoid small passages and will get stuck on blocks less often
  • New enemy flocking behavior
  • Many, many other fixes and additions

Next updates will focus on usability and the possibility of multiplayer, instead of content. I'll probably be taking a small break from development now.


Mindustry-3.0-windows64.zip 58 MB
Dec 12, 2017
Mindustry-3.0-mac.zip 60 MB
Dec 12, 2017
Mindustry-3.0-linux64.zip 60 MB
Dec 12, 2017

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this game is amazing


Great update, but I think that it would be good to have an option to use ctrl-scrollwheel for rotating and normal scrollwheel for zooming.