- Added multiplayer: supports LAN and WAN play, cross-platform with PC or web version. PC and Android can host, but HTML5 cannot
- Added dedicated server for multiplayer. Does not come with a GUI, and requires Java to run.
- Added ores to map editor
- Added Discord integration [PC]
- Added Windows32 version
- Added weapon factory block to produce mech weapons [PC]
- Complete weapon rework [PC]
- Added Xbox controller support [PC]
- Changed smelter system to use fuel and have a maximum speed/capacity
- New save system, import and export saves to local storage
- Added autosave
- Changed flak turret projectiles and speed
- Balancing of titanium and coal drills to be slower and more expensive, to slow down late-game progression
- Optimized pathfinding to be ~3x faster and use less memory
- Translation support: added many different languages, including Korean and Russian
- Teleporters now use power and have a better UI
- Sorters also have a new UI
- Added a sand resource (currently unused and unobtainable, but is displayed in the sorter)
- Added 2 new difficulties with more aggresive AI
- Added 2 new enemy tiers
- Made enemies target different structures depending on difficulty
- Improved crucible/smelter descriptions
- Made conduit and power blocks replaceable
- Tinted iron red to stand out more
- Added saving to HTML5 version
- Moved difficulty to level select menu
- Edited tutorial to cover tunnels
- Changed player death system on multiplayer to be more accurate of player state
- Added version check for multiplayer
- New application icon (PC)
- Decreased memory usage
- Balanced repair turrets to repair at a constant rate for all blocks
- Added 'next wave' button for waves
- Added colored outlines around players
- Added option to remove ore generation for maps
- Removed editor panning lock
- Changed weapon sprites to fit with player in-game
- Tripled and smoothed liquid speed: liquid routers should be more viable now
- Added fullscreen button [PC]
- Added spawnpoint indicator when placing
- Made spawnpoint unobstructable (solid blocks cannot be placed on it)
- Buffed all weapons and increased their cost
- Possible fix for 'chat not opening' bug
- Made difficulty display for saves
- Possible fixes to junction item disappearance and 1-enemy bugs
- Added 'block info' tool: ctrl-click a block to see its description
- Changed update loop to no longer slow down at <20 FPS
- Made sorters move items instantly
- Changed junctions/tunnels to output items with a delay instead of sequentially
- Changed fluxpumps and fluxconduits sprites slightly
- Changed liquid junctions to be chain-able
- Added in-game display of version
- Added multithreading option [in graphics]: may be unstable
- Added background block borders for low zoom levels on large screens

- Fixed some cases where crash reports would not be displayed
- Fixed bug with improper editor undo
- Fixed save error message when quitting
- Fixed a crash occurring with 16- saves
- Fixed waves spawning few enemies sometimes
- Fixed enemies going off-map
- Fixed many small bugs with pause menu re-appearing when it shouldn't
- Fixed many key interference bugs [HTML5]
- Fixed crash on alt-tab on Windows
- Fixed waves sometimes triggering on save load
- Fixed waves carrying over multiple saves
- Fixed conveyors stacking at low FPS
- Fixed place menu being misaligned on certain devices
- Fixed some tutorial typos
- Fixed bug where saving multiple maps in editor would overwrite old maps
- Fixed lasers transfering faster with high FPS
- Fixed liquid transferring slower at low FPS
- Fixed glitchy zoom at low FPS
- Fixed 32-bit Windows version failing to start due to Discord integration
- Fixed Mac version failing to start


Mindustry-server-3.3-release-27.jar 20 MB
Feb 21, 2018
Mindustry-android-3.3-release-27.apk 19 MB
Feb 21, 2018
Mindustry-mac-3.3-release-27.zip 50 MB
Feb 21, 2018
Mindustry-windows32-3.3-release-27.zip 54 MB
Feb 21, 2018
Mindustry-linux64-3.3-release-27.zip 50 MB
Feb 21, 2018
Mindustry-windows64-3.3-release-27.zip 49 MB
Feb 21, 2018

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i've been having trouble getting the xbox controller to work, how exactly does it work?

In the latest version? It just doesn't.


Hi! I play Mindustry in mobile and i see from the updates theres a PC version, im here for ask if you developers can add some of the PC contents on mobile,and maybe a mode that u can get turrets and walls from enemy drop but u cant vuole by your own,like an arena mode... Hope my comment would be helpfull :D

I hope they cannot.