- Added multiplayer: supports LAN and WAN play, cross-platform with PC or web version. PC and Android can host, but HTML5 cannot
- Added dedicated server for multiplayer. Does not come with a GUI, and requires Java to run.
- Added ores to map editor
- Added Discord integration [PC]
- Added Windows32 version
- Added weapon factory block to produce mech weapons [PC]
- Complete weapon rework [PC]
- Added Xbox controller support [PC]
- Changed smelter system to use fuel and have a maximum speed/capacity
- New save system, import and export saves to local storage
- Added autosave
- Changed flak turret projectiles and speed
- Balancing of titanium and coal drills to be slower and more expensive, to slow down late-game progression
- Optimized pathfinding to be ~3x faster and use less memory
- Translation support: added many different languages, including Korean and Russian
- Teleporters now use power and have a better UI
- Sorters also have a new UI
- Added a sand resource (currently unused and unobtainable, but is displayed in the sorter)
- Added 2 new difficulties with more aggresive AI
- Added 2 new enemy tiers
- Made enemies target different structures depending on difficulty
- Improved crucible/smelter descriptions
- Made conduit and power blocks replaceable
- Tinted iron red to stand out more
- Added saving to HTML5 version
- Moved difficulty to level select menu
- Edited tutorial to cover tunnels
- Changed player death system on multiplayer to be more accurate of player state
- Added version check for multiplayer
- New application icon (PC)
- Decreased memory usage
- Balanced repair turrets to repair at a constant rate for all blocks
- Added 'next wave' button for waves
- Added colored outlines around players
- Added option to remove ore generation for maps
- Removed editor panning lock
- Changed weapon sprites to fit with player in-game
- Tripled and smoothed liquid speed: liquid routers should be more viable now
- Added fullscreen button [PC]
- Added spawnpoint indicator when placing
- Made spawnpoint unobstructable (solid blocks cannot be placed on it)
- Buffed all weapons and increased their cost
- Possible fix for 'chat not opening' bug
- Made difficulty display for saves
- Possible fixes to junction item disappearance and 1-enemy bugs
- Added 'block info' tool: ctrl-click a block to see its description
- Changed update loop to no longer slow down at <20 FPS
- Made sorters move items instantly
- Changed junctions/tunnels to output items with a delay instead of sequentially
- Changed fluxpumps and fluxconduits sprites slightly
- Changed liquid junctions to be chain-able
- Added in-game display of version
- Added multithreading option [in graphics]: may be unstable
- Added background block borders for low zoom levels on large screens

- Fixed some cases where crash reports would not be displayed
- Fixed bug with improper editor undo
- Fixed save error message when quitting
- Fixed a crash occurring with 16- saves
- Fixed waves spawning few enemies sometimes
- Fixed enemies going off-map
- Fixed many small bugs with pause menu re-appearing when it shouldn't
- Fixed many key interference bugs [HTML5]
- Fixed crash on alt-tab on Windows
- Fixed waves sometimes triggering on save load
- Fixed waves carrying over multiple saves
- Fixed conveyors stacking at low FPS
- Fixed place menu being misaligned on certain devices
- Fixed some tutorial typos
- Fixed bug where saving multiple maps in editor would overwrite old maps
- Fixed lasers transfering faster with high FPS
- Fixed liquid transferring slower at low FPS
- Fixed glitchy zoom at low FPS
- Fixed 32-bit Windows version failing to start due to Discord integration
- Fixed Mac version failing to start


Mindustry-server-3.3-release-27.jar 20 MB
Feb 21, 2018
Mindustry-android-3.3-release-27.apk 19 MB
Feb 21, 2018
Mindustry-mac-3.3-release-27.zip 50 MB
Feb 21, 2018
Mindustry-windows32-3.3-release-27.zip 54 MB
Feb 21, 2018
Mindustry-linux64-3.3-release-27.zip 50 MB
Feb 21, 2018
Mindustry-windows64-3.3-release-27.zip 49 MB
Feb 21, 2018

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Bought this game a few weeks ago. Expected to play the Steam version on my laptop but ended up playing the Android version on my phone almost exclusively.

Today is the 3rd time that I'm just about to walk away from the game, thinking "well, that was fun but looks like I got around all the mechanics" but a visit to the research screen unlocks something new that peaks my interest and keeps me around for more.

Very cool game!

i've been having trouble getting the xbox controller to work, how exactly does it work?

In the latest version? It just doesn't.


Hi! I play Mindustry in mobile and i see from the updates theres a PC version, im here for ask if you developers can add some of the PC contents on mobile,and maybe a mode that u can get turrets and walls from enemy drop but u cant vuole by your own,like an arena mode... Hope my comment would be helpfull :D

I hope they cannot.