This release may also be unstable, due to the nature of content added.


  • Added a map editor
  • Added controller support (only tested on Desktop so far, disabled on HTML5 but should work for Android) Removed.
  • New settings menu
  • New mode: freebuild. Control the waves just like in Sandbox, but without infinite resources.
  • New optimized rendering system, which should increase FPS significantly for weaker devices
  • Fixed obscure bugs with items not being transported to the right blocks
  • Shield performance improvements
  • Many various bugfixes


Mindustry-mac-3.2.zip 49 MB
83 days ago
Mindustry-windows64-3.2.zip 48 MB
83 days ago
Mindustry-linux64-3.2.zip 50 MB
83 days ago
Mindustry-android-3.2.apk 19 MB
83 days ago

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Awesome game, it deserves more attention! If you added a multiplayer system and more features it would definetely be worth some cash.