Notice: Changelog Moved To GitHub

Some people have expressed concern about the apparent lack of updates for Mindustry since 3.4. 

I want to make it clear that Mindustry's development has not been dropped-- instead, the new release patch notes have been moved to the GitHub Releases page. All updates to the game will now be announced on that page; platform-specific builds will stay on

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because on steam the game is paid if it is free here what is the difference the same on the playstore it is free

It's same. But author also want be paid for his work, so if you want you can donate. idk

If you buy the game on steam you have acces to the Steam Workshop

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First off, I love your game. Wow. Blown away. I just came from mobile and a lot of things are different so far.

I can't pause and pre-set builds as my position freezes along with the pause unlike mobile. In mobile, I can actually move my screen and build in different areas (I may be remembering this incorrectly.

Also, I sent up my typical vent ammo ramps with junctions and they don't seem to work on PC while I know for a fact that they work on mobile. Here is a pic:

I hope I am misunderstanding something as I am very happy with my mobile experience.


you may have used overflow and/or router (for faster distribution use an alternate of overflow and routers because router chain - even just 2 - is not fast at all)



hey whenever i try to run the game this document file is created i thought this game would be released for free on steam so i waited alot for it but when it didnt i tried to download it here sadly it doesnt run it closes itself..i couldnt find a email or anything to contact you on so i have to copy paste here 
this is the error.. please look into it :)
its some java runtime error but i cannot post it here since its too big i wanna play this game so bad can you gmail me or something? is my address thanks 

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i'm not sure of what i'll say but make sure you have the latest version of JAVA aka. JRE (Java Runtime Environment) you can download the latest version on

thanks i'll try it out! 

Great Game! This is because of these big features, easy multiplayer, great content, and fun game graphics. First easy multiplayer it is very easy to connect, just host and appears on the local network even in bad internet. The game graphics are an interesting blend of kind of pixel like  and rudimentary shapes and gives a simplistic look! The content is also amazing and everything seems very balanced. However, I have one compliant there is a bug with the wraith and i think all flying drones. They stay still if not called upon. But, overall great game!! :D

That last issue is a bug that should have been fixed in the latest patches (95.4). See if it fixes the issue.

Thank you! Let me re download :D