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Mindustry is a hybrid tower-defense sandbox factory game. Create elaborate supply chains of conveyor belts to feed ammo into your turrets, produce materials to use for building, and defend your structures from waves of enemies. Features include a map editor, 24 built-in maps, cross-platform multiplayer and large-scale PvP unit battles.

Looking for the web version? See Mindustry Classic - the old (3.5) version of Mindustry.

Mindustry Wiki - autogenerated wiki pages, currently a work in progress.

Mindustry Discord- chatroom for discussion

Github - source code


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[Windows-64bit][v88]Mindustry.zip 38 MB
[Windows-32bit][v88]Mindustry.zip 79 MB
[MacOS][v88]Mindustry.zip 63 MB
[Linux-64bit][v88]Mindustry.zip 62 MB
[Android][v88]Mindustry.apk 31 MB
[Server][v88]Mindustry.zip 3 MB

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I love this game and look forward to all things that may come in the future.

On another note, when i do download this onto my mac (and i have tried this on a few others too) it keeps saying '"Mindustry" is damaged and can’t be opened.'

I hope that this could be fixed in the near future.

Followed the development of Mindustry from the beginning. This is a Masterpiece of game development. It is about paying attention to details and a lot of work. We have a growing number of a bunch of really hardcore complex games out there. Dwarf Fortress, Minecraft, Factorio, Mindustry, TIS-100, Opus Magnum, Exapunks etc. This is getting better and i love it.

I have a problem when i entering the location "Stained Mountains" game crashes. Game ver - 88 on windows 64x.

Log file from client 32x: https://dropmefiles.com/Ywp6m

You say you are running 64-bit in the first sentence, but then say it's 32-bit in the next one. Which one are you actually running?

First I launched 64x, the same error related to the location appeared there, after I decided to run 32x, but there was the same error. Since I did not find where the logs from 64x are stored, I attached a log with 32x.

ok im having a problem with the multiplayer function:

-im trying to join my friends game with ip but it fails

-after downloading the server file i put it in rhe game files but it failed again with ip

plz help

Small suggestions: 1) Allow to zoom out on campaign menu. 2) Allow player, while playing a certain map, to see what are the wave numbers still needed to reach to unlock other maps. 3) Allow more zoom out. 4) Disable the feature where by clicking the already selected item it behaves as if the cancel button is pressed. This is redundant since the cancel button exists and I have cancelled accidentally because of this. 5) Allow deletion of already planned structures (accepted but not built).

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When i extract the .zip file.. to my desktop it well say "Run but it may cause damage to pc also pc also it wont recognize game file" not sure if i am doing this correct.

Or is this just a false warning?



Try downloading an running the game through the itch.io app. Some operating systems make it difficult to run software downloaded off the internet.

Ok thx


This game is so good that I bought it twice!

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I love the new campaign mode makes mindustry a much more fun game  also i like the new music

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Why did you change everything -_- ? How am I going to build like before ? Why are the ores generated like this, we can't use it all now that the drills are 2 times bigger. Where did the cool cubism from before, man I enjoyed building but now everything is killjoy. And why must we be a useless flying ship, why must we take the ressources manually ?

Well I'm saying this but this is a great upgrade for the game it just that there's no explanation on everything, plus I'm sure that on PC it would give a better feeling

(1 edit) (+5)

> How am I going to build like before ? 

Build what like before, exactly? The only thing that has been removed is instant build times. Line placement, area removal, and selection movement are all there, albeit without 8 different buttons to activate each one. Otherwise, you have every single building feature from 3.5, as well as some others added on top (e.g. diagonal placement).

> Why are the ores generated like this, we can't use it all now that the drills are 2 times bigger. 

This isn't true. Unless your ores are right next to a jagged cliff, you are guaranteed to be able to use more of it, not less. Try getting every ore in a 4x4 ore patch in 3.5.

> Where did the cool cubism from before.

It's still in the settings if you want it. Enable pixelation.

 > Man I enjoyed building but now everything is killjoy.

You're going to have to be more specific.

> And why must we be a useless flying ship.

How is being a ship that can shoot and fly over structures any more useless than being absolutely nothing? Unless you're panning back and forth at ridiculous speeds, build range and speed shouldn't be a problem.

> Why must we take the ressources manually ?

What makes you think you have to take resources manually? It's only there if you want to use it.

If you don't like this version, just play Classic.

well there's more things to do in this versions it's just too much change at the same time

sorry for panicking before but man it's so different

is there a way to see our ressources like before with numbers and all.

Off to a great start!

java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Failed to compile shader: Fragment shader(s) failed to link,  vertex shader(s) linked. 
at io.anuke.arc.graphics.glutils.Shader.<init>(Shader.java:138)
at io.anuke.arc.graphics.glutils.Shader.<init>(Shader.java:143)
at io.anuke.mindustry.graphics.Shaders$LoadShader.<init>(Shaders.java:146)
at io.anuke.mindustry.graphics.Shaders$Shield.<init>(Shaders.java:115)
at io.anuke.mindustry.graphics.Shaders.init(Shaders.java:22)
at io.anuke.mindustry.core.Renderer.<init>(Renderer.java:49)
at io.anuke.mindustry.Mindustry.setup(Mindustry.java:38)
at io.anuke.arc.ApplicationCore.init(ApplicationCore.java:19)
at io.anuke.mindustry.Mindustry.init(Mindustry.java:67)
at io.anuke.arc.backends.lwjgl3.Lwjgl3Window.initializeListener(Lwjgl3Window.java:401)
at io.anuke.arc.backends.lwjgl3.Lwjgl3Window.update(Lwjgl3Window.java:349)
at io.anuke.arc.backends.lwjgl3.Lwjgl3Application.loop(Lwjgl3Application.java:228)
at io.anuke.arc.backends.lwjgl3.Lwjgl3Application.<init>(Lwjgl3Application.java:53)
at io.anuke.mindustry.desktop.DesktopLauncher.main(DesktopLauncher.java:24)

Oh darn my computer cant handle shaders what can i do?

The log isn't telling me what the actual problem with the shader is, so there's nothing I can do (besides offer vague advice like "maybe update your graphics drivers").


Looks promising!  Is there any more detailed tutorial?  I am having a bit of trouble getting started...

Admin (1 edit) (+1)

For big releases I recommend posting a devlog update to itch.io announcing it. It helps us spot the update so we can feature it! Congrats on v4

I do see kind of what your talking about but Anuke's dev log has a link to follow to get to the change log on his github page


Thanks! I'll look into setting up a system that forward patch notes to itch.io as well as GitHub.


Mindustry are perfect now.

Thank you Anuke


First of all, huge fan of the game! Love playing it and every update makes it even better. I am a little bummed out though because the new v88 simply will not run on my MacOS computer. This is the error I keep getting:

“Mindustry” is damaged and can’t be opened.The app has been modified, and its code does not match the original  signed code.

Anyone have a solution for this? I'd appreciate it!

what about right clicking it and select ''repair'' it worked on my windows 10

If that were an option on MacOS I would, but there's no such thing. Any other suggestions?

I've uploaded a new version that *may* fix things. Let me know if it works.

I tried re-downloading the game (the one updated 10 hours ago) and it gave me the same error. Hopefully I can play the the game again soon! It's really a great game. 

This seems to be a side-effect of some experiments with signing some time ago. I'll see if I can fix this soon.


how i can help translating the game? 

See https://github.com/Anuken/Mindustry/blob/master/TRANSLATING.md

ok, i will try to make a good spanish traduction

can i uninstall the old 83.1, 84 and 86 version without losing my progress??

If you mean simply deleting the executable files, the answer is yes.

excutable files are the downloable game and the progress is in appdata right??

(1 edit)

Yes. Updating the downloaded game files should not erase data.

Please add a player tp block and the old troop commanding block, they would be veryyyy useful 

That's not happening, sorry. Players move too fast for a player teleporter to be useful. The command center is not coming back because Mindustry is not an RTS game.

so i have to keep placing walls around factories in attack gamemode ;-;

whats the difference between windows32 and windows version (mindustry beta 86)??

windows version (mindustry beta 86) is x64

ok thanks!

Should I trust the malware warning I got after downloading this game?

No. It is a fake response from the antivirus software.



i have an idea: a block 3x3 that makes all the enemies go kill it, use: (starting 500 and 15 extra for light, 30 for heavy, 100 for boss) energy research: copper: 5k lead: 5k metaglass: 1k graphite: 2k titanium: 5k torium: 3k phase fabric: 1450 silicone: 5k surge alloy: 2k pls make it, it would be veeerrryyy useful for flying enemies (like the wave 41 boss in nuclear complex it almost destroyed my whole base ;-;)

thanks for reading

Yeah that boss freaked me out b/c I had the whole place on lockdwon with only a few point defence setups and that came out of nowhere.  when the round spawned in i didnt notice the health bare and was across the map then it came flying and instagibbed me XD.  Lets just say when round 40 hits unless im there to soly kill that boss i leave asap XD

Is there any way to download it on a Asus Chromebook?


download the software that the game supports, if don't work then i have no idea


try the android version

I want to reinstall my windows, how do I save my pregress? my friend did that and he lost everything I'd love to know how to save it

you want to goto appdata and then copy the mindustry folder put it onto a usb when you re install mindustry delete the folder there and return the original which is on the usb


thx but i discovered that exacty aa day ago u said that xd

The explosions of the crawler sometimes go trough walls, something ilogic because as the walls protect from bullets of drones which fly high in the sky, so the walls are supposed to be high but explosions have no-clip, pls fix i want to make an automatic defense when i go to make a system to earn resources and i find out that my core was attacked by 4 fortrress 6 titans and more 

just thicken the walls a bit. your turrets should hopefully have enough range

I like the game a lot and the addition of the pixeletad mod reminded me of the official version (3.5) and it's music. Will those soundtracks be added? Will they be added with a few more songs? or will there be only new songs?

Only new songs

(1 edit)

I really enjoying the game. This tech tree is super awesome, mainly b/c its so extensive.  The only things i would critique.

1. The game seems very short compared to the tech with a rapid jump in difficulty once you get to the thorium levels.(super fun though still)

2. I have only found a very few amount of the campaign maps that allow you to fully utilize the thermal generator or even the Thorium generator b/c of resource scarcity. 

3. Its impossible to use the thorium resources in early part of the campaign (As of where I'm at right now) which goes in to its very difficult to grind for phase materials b/c the levels that give you access to the materials only one gives you direct access out of the gate.(Nuclear Complex)

I really enjoy this game and look forward to any upcoming changes


Is it possible if you add a personal teleporter that doesnt teleport resources but teleports you instead?

If you build the techs that upgrade your body they act as teleporter if you die you respawn at the  lastest upgrade point.

But is it possible to do this without dying? Like i have a production line behind a wall that doesnt have doors because apparently enemies can open them and i want to go over the wall. Do i need to break the walls every time i do this? Do i need to risk the security and have easily penetrable doors placed around? Or do i need to constantly plan and remember where is my last upgrade point after which i will need to kill myself just to fix a conveyor belt that i placed wrong? For me it seems that just having an expensive 3x3 thing that teleports you around is much better than all of the other methods (also i find your running speed kinda slower that i would like). Also that will be just a nice QoL addition. (or i just missunderstood the comment and you can somehow teleport beetwen the upgrade points without dying).

True on the bigger maps it would help out but that was the only solution I have at this time b/c i use it to respawn at my choke point as an attacking or healing unit


Really, maps aren't very big, and moving around them in the better mechs/ships isn't very time consuming. A player teleporter was experimented with but is not a planned feature.

Very nice! And kinda addicting!

The 84build changed so much i love this now, Great job anuke keep it up!

This is one of the most addicting games, the fact that it's free makes it even better.

Help With Multiplayer! I portforwarded the game and gave my freind my ip but he cannot connect! What's going on?

u have the server installed? and u have to host game when you are already playing a level or map


the best game ever i played for free, when it comes for 20bucks or more i buy it. thanks Anuke for that pearl. love you bra


How can I make server for mindustry android?


Can u please add more PvP maps? Thanks!


good game. Anuke privet!


I'm running the Windows64-4beta-81 game version and it launches but then immediately closes. I can't get in game. The previous version worked fine for me but since the update even version-80 doesn't work anymore. I've tried reinstalling multiple times, updating my graphics drivers, updating windows, installing through the itch.io app, nothing worked. I also have the newest version on my apple pc and android phone and it's working great on them. Not sure what's wrong but thanks for any help.


I have the same probem. please fix it







Same (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

Y'all it's fixed now


amazing! have been playing the game for hours now XD probably gonna do a lets play on my youtube channel!


i love this game i cent wait for the next update.


Why do combust generators not work with oil eventhough i says

that it generates power from burning oil or flammable matirials 

does this just not work with me or am i not alone

Don't get confused by the description of the block. Read further bro. U can see the input.

I can not find the game files on my mobile.

if your on android it should be in .android/obb

No, it should be in /data/data/io.anuke.mindustry but accessing it requires root. Maps and custom games can be exported.

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