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A sandbox tower defense game-- Create elaborate supply chains of conveyor belts to feed ammo into your turrets, produce materials to use for building, and defend your structures from waves of enemies.

Mindustry Wiki - currently a work in progress.

Mindustry Discord - chatroom for discussion

This game is open-source! Find it on Github.


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Meh, remove the limit of distance in witch you can place things and I'll like it

anuke whats your discord?

Trello For Ideas

Well i every time i place a teleporter it crashes (=-=)

EPISODE 4   Also where do I find the Level Editor??

Hey, love your game. Can only play it in browser though because the newest mac version downloads and i have the game file. Yet, when i open it, it just dissapears a second after it shows up in the dock. Please fix this, also can you make conveyor tunnels like in factorio or different because i cant figure out how to use them. I searched wiki but they just dont work. Also multiplayer on mac doesnt work either. Ik this is just an game but just saying.

You will have to make the yellow line face the conveyor on both sides look at my youtube videos for more help.

Just wanted to let everyone know, there is a fan wiki for Mindustry if you have anything you would like to contribute to it visit here. We could use help adding to it.

I have A question How do you play the downloaded version of Minedustry On CHROMEBOOK?

you just play it on chromebooks, i sometimes play it on my school chromebook and its not blocked, yet to download i dont know... nice spycrab you got there

A good game.


Episode 3 - Power Upgrade

this an amazing game and pleas try to get it on the app store it would do so well

thank you so much your game is awesome 

it is on the app store

as far as i know, it's only on google play :(

so sad

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are we able to move our worlds with everything in it on to another version of the game and will there ever be faster conveyor will we also be able to edit the size of the core

i have a mod with extremely fast conveyors (no core editing) not sure if that's what you'd like

can I have the mod please and do you know if we can move worlds from one update to another 

try moving the save files, and to download the mod, check on this website:

Deleted post

I've made a mod! No download link yet though /\_(I-I)_/\

Episode 2. Mindustry Ep 2- Power is so hard!!

Love this game.I have just one small suggestion for the completion of the logistic system.It would be really cool if a conduit could intersect a conveyor so you can transport liquids while intersecting conveyors.So you don't need to overcomplicate the conduit system or the conveyor system.This is useful when you have a large power system production and at the same time you have a complex logistic network of conveyors.

This is what i wish i could've done when i wasn't recording and testing a large scale smeltery.

use conveyor tunnels

Deleted post

Thanks a lot !

you're welcome (i didn't know how to use them either at first)

I have use a mine craft crafting system grid so they are very close together and in a grid so tunnels don't work and teleporters also cost too much resources.

This is a really fun game and I am having a fantastic time with it!!
I'm not sure where to submit bug reports, but the high score mechanic seems to be broken on 3.3B.
Stalking the source code and a vague release notes reference to game mode mechanics changes recently, if I had to venture a guess (just a guess) I believe it is because state.mode.toggleWaves is true in standard gameplay now, as I can manually advance waves while playing

Here is Episode 1. 

Awesome game will record videos!!

could I translate to french I'm french and I'm on mobile and I see no options to change language please. If there already french language or translater it okay.

Will there be Teleporters for the Player(s)? Or maybe Gattlings the Player can Enter to help defending?

How do I use the server file?

let me translate the game for portuguese please

I would need your Google email to add you to the translation system.

LOVE this game !!! Keep updates coming. You're doing great work.

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Amazing game!!!  Would be super cool if there were upgrade trees for the player's robot! Like small perks you can spend resources on!  (Like speed upgrades... hint hint).  Just an idea though.  Keep up the great work!! I can't wait for the next version!!!

teleport does not work

when i try to play a costom map it just crashes

I find my custom maps crash when there is no path from the enemy spawn point to your base.  That might be your problem.

feels like factorio but free i like it

There's a glitch I encounter when saving in the beta: I save, the font switches for the save menu, Then I have that font instead of the pixel-style font until I reload the game.

There's a glitch I encounter when saving in the beta: I save, the font switches for the save menu, Then I have that font instead of the pixel-style font until I reload the game.

EDIT: The font switches for the "Your game has been saved."-like thing.


Amazing gameplay! please take a took at our new game too!

Thanks for the support!

Fluffy Team!


Don't advertise on someone elses game, it makes you look liek a douch.

don't try his new game... advertising games on peoples games is messed up

A true masterpiece.Congratulation Anuke ! I love the graphics, the complexity and the strategy of it.Amazing game. 

Am I the only one who thinks the Droid weapons are too good?

when u get to high levels the do like no damage


Thanks for this game i love it. Would it be possible for a deticated server & arm build? :)

Yes please! My friend has mac and for some reason, he cant join it even when he is connected to the hamatchi, but my pc friends can!

Dedicated server stuff is coming soon (source: anuke on discord)

Also - you don't need an arm build it's java

the multiplayer button is gone?

Get the beta

Im not sure, but i will create a server in the join game thing. I will name Join Here and you can give it a shot.

How does 'join game' work? I don't clearly understand what I'm supposed to do.

You need to start the game on one client. Then on another client in your lan another, thenyou will find the server.

If you want to play over the internet, you have to open Ports/NAT on your firewall.

oh yeah what does export do on saved games?

ive got an idea to make conveyor switches so you can stop the flow of the item on the conveyor.

yeah that would be good, because my conveyors keep jamming with a lot of one material (coal) so that others like titanium can't go through

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spanish? I can Help you With the Spanish Version

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