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Mindustry is a hybrid tower-defense sandbox factory game. Create elaborate supply chains of conveyor belts to feed ammo into your turrets, produce materials to use for building, and defend your structures from waves of enemies. Features include a map editor, 24 built-in maps, cross-platform multiplayer and large-scale PvP unit battles.

Consider buying this game on Steam for features like achievements, seamless multiplayer and map browsing/Workshop support.

Mindustry Wiki - autogenerated wiki pages, currently a work in progress.

Mindustry Discord- chatroom for discussion

Github - source code

Updated 18 days ago
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, Android
Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(1,794 total ratings)
Made withlibGDX
Tagsblocks, Multiplayer, Sandbox, Singleplayer, Tower Defense
Average sessionA few minutes
LanguagesEnglish, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Chinese
Mentionsitch.io year in review 2017


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[Windows-64bit]Mindustry.zip 80 MB
Version 146
[Windows-32bit]Mindustry.zip 103 MB
Version 146
[MacOS]Mindustry.zip 80 MB
Version 146
[Linux-64bit]Mindustry.zip 81 MB
Version 146
[Android]Mindustry.apk 61 MB
Version 146
[Server]Mindustry.zip 8 MB
Version 146

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how do i update? i have been lonely ever since this update

Just delete the old game and download the new one. The saves are saved in your computer.


There's mindustry for windows ❤️


what to download for chrome idk, its not linux.

man apenas QUE JOGO BOM CARA 


is this available to download for iOS/Apple

I know it’s in App Store but it’s not free there and it’s free for Play Store

its not free in the app store because you need to pay apple in order to publish games on the app store or something like that from my understandin



YES! I can port it to switch if its a Unity game and Anuke would alow me to have remote access to the Unity project.

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It's made in Java, so unless Anuken ports it to switch, or you find a way to make it work with Java, it's stuck off Switch

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there isnt mindustry for nantendo switch anymore,

im sorry.

you must play on pc or mobile.


Anuken can you publish mindustry into the ps4🥺🥺


listen here 5 year old, go make a "ps4 port" yourself. anuke is a developer, not a nerd.


Calm down, he was just asking


calm down, jesus that's so rude


"just asking". muddasheep, my favorite indie creator had to waste a lot of time and money to make a ps4 port. and it's just for catty & batty. this first-grader couldn't even spell the creator's own name correct, and you want to defend him. this nerd should do it himself, if he wants.


i am not defending him it is just the way you replied was very rude


anuken is the alt name people call him you imbecile

umm... no one cares...?

how to use the command "pack color"?

Give it 4 numbers from 0 to 1, NOT 0 to 255.
The 4 numbers are in the RGBA space.
The resulting color (it's a number) can be used in any instruction that uses a 1-argument color input.

Can you add to the Steam version something like Texture Packs? 







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How do you keep progress when downloading new updates?


Either copy the "zipdata.zip" file from the previous version to updated game or:

Launch the game, Settings > Game Data > Export Data

Export it to whereever you want

Launch the updated version, Settins > Game Data > Import data

Import the data file you've exported from previous version(s)

Enjoy, hope it helps you!


I can exploit the planet for resources, AND colonize the planet?!?!!??!!111!!

10/10 100/10

alguem sabe como fazer unidades atacar os inimigos automáticos com micro processador Os comando.

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Hi, im trying to create a private mindustry server to play with friends wich arent in my LAN but im not able to doit. I have looked for tutorials and information but i didnt find one which explain it clear. If someone could help me it would be great, simply tell me somehting about how i have to do it, or write some site to search it.

Thank you in advance and for the time spent reading this :))  

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Here for help, btw its a vid Yet another vid Are you guys near by like can you go to ur freind?

Hi, thank you for the videos, but i was talking about create a server for people out of my LAN, but thank you again for reading my ask and took the time to record those videos, it helped me anyways!!! :D 

id recommend looking for information on port forwarding on your router, itll help you setup the server or any other server software in the future.

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if i could describe this game in 1 word it would be colonization

10/10 United Kingdom/10

Is it possible to switch targets for a catapult through a microprocessor?

можно ли переключать таргеты для катапульты, через микропроцессор?


how do i update my game if i have a previous version

you download the game again to update to the latest version

Are .zip file with the game safe for computer?

Because I cheched with virustotal, 2 other virus chechers, and 2 times with microsoft defender. And they all say that this .zip file is safe.

It is safe - you need to unzip the file and then run the operation


Why is this free?

Because it was developed as a game jam game and most games here are free.

i actually never knew this amazing masterpiece came from a game jam! thats quite impressive

Hi, I'm having lots of fun with the game and I think it's absolutely fantastic + I don't think I encountered any bugs while playing
However there's one thing and I'm wondering if it's a design choice 
When I want to secure new area with a name (like Overgrown forest), I can send the core from any of my areas I want - for example Point 0
BUT when I'd like to secure new area with no name, I can only send the core from the closest named area (for example to secure an area next to overgrown forest I have to send core from overgrown forest and I can't do so from point zero)
is this how the game is meant to be? or there just isn't an option to choose where I'd like to send the core from? If it's not something the creator here considered, I'd be really thankful if they did
Keep up the great work <3

yeah but this called a hard game of tower defense so unlocked wave = more harder (UWU HATER

Try visiting the area you want to launch from, and then opening the planet map to select your destination.






This game is awesome. I love playing the campain with some friends, one of the best games I ever played.


на планете erekrir измените сектор осада,этот сектор невозможный из-за маленького количества ресурсов возле базы,не получится делать т3 юнитов из-за того,что нету тория а т4 юниты в левой стороне не сделать из-за азота которому нужна зеленая жидкость(забыл как называется)которая в правой стороне.Разрешите летающих юнитов на этом секторе иначе этот сектор невозможный

Т4 юнитов надо делать на правой стороне, циан делается из графита и аркицита, которые есть на правой стороне, и то, что у игрока нет воздушных единиц, компенсируется отсутствием их же у врага

Repeated crashes on Android after latest update. All similar logs to one attached.


anuke the campain is broken i said it even on reddit  i use windows 7 32bit how do i fix this? help pls :( i want to play campain pls 

(1 edit)

Hello, this comment is a request for help that a bug or something, but I am a regular gamer who plays with mods to improve his experience in the game (not that there is much to improve) but every time I start with mods, I get this mistake


I don't know what it means or what causes it, and I prefer to leave this comment before trying my recurring mods one by one before seeing what the error is

PS: this started to happen when I updated the game

Deleted 97 days ago
Deleted 97 days ago

I use MX-15 Debian Jessie 32 bit. And I try to run Mindustry using Wine 1.6.2-20. Mindustry is one of very few games that not only doesn't work, but after loading this screen, no keyboard or mouse input is possible. So I have to pull the power plug to restart my computer.


Use a functional operating system.


I do!

MX-15 Debian Jessie 32 bit.

Ancient computer? Like way more than 10 years old? If not, why are you on 32 bit?

Deleted 97 days ago
Deleted 97 days ago
Deleted 97 days ago
Deleted 91 days ago

one of the best games I've ever played

Deleted 104 days ago
Deleted 91 days ago

i have played this game for a long time, and there are save options implemented, where you can save it wherever you want, you could do that and delete the game and then load your save file

Deleted 91 days ago
Deleted 91 days ago
Deleted 91 days ago
Deleted 91 days ago

Add logic to Erekir


it wasnt meant to be, read the v7 changelog

I think the Quell is broken. I've been playing origin for 7 hours straight and im just now starting to lose because all of my Quell's missiles miss no matter what. pls help before I lose all my progress


well, you should use disrupts, bruh

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some server called OMNI is using DDos Attack all other server. can Anuke do something about that?





I made a plugin against this: https://github.com/Xpdustry/Simple-Blacklist

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Make the tantros techtree pls

Or ill send crawlers


well, tantros is unused, so no, forget it, make your own mod about it

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