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A sandbox tower defense game-- Create elaborate supply chains of conveyor belts to feed ammo into your turrets, produce materials to use for building, and defend your structures from waves of enemies. Now supports LAN and WAN cross-platform multiplayer!

Mindustry Wiki - currently a work in progress.

Mindustry Discord - chatroom for discussion

This game is open-source! Find it on Github.


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Again, I still request for a Discord Invite to the Mindustry discord servers

Anuke, please

It's A Discord link is also on the main ( game page and Github, for future reference.


My Game Is Crashing Please Help!


This error means that your graphics card doesn't support OpenGL 2.0. Try updating your graphics drivers. If that still doesn't work, you must have an outdated graphics card, and there's nothing I can do to help, sorry.


what engine was this made in?

You really think this was made in an engine?  I think it was made with Java. Most of the graphics are hand made and most of the gameplay features were made by many people within the community.


I'm not using an engine, but libGDX is the core game framework.

This is the most addicting game on



Sorry, the game requires making an account to view your world-- If you'd like to show me something, a screenshot would be great!

when was sandbox mode added and i want to download in that version how do i do that?

Amazing game. Extremely addictive and brilliant in gameplay. 

Just got sucked in for 2 hours. 

i lovedd this game - world editor




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No update in 4 months? Is this game still being updated? I have some quality improvement suggestions...

— Option to make the entire GUI transparent.
— Put the toggle GUI closer to the right panel so it's easier to open and close while building when at the right edge of the map.
— Move the inventory items list to a bottom bar and make it permanently there. It's hard to tell how much items you are depleting while building, would be good to see inventory all the time.
— Add more detailed descriptions to buidings. Some buildings aren't explained clearly/properly. Several items have text that say if it needs power, some items, like the teleporter, does not. It became especially confusing since it did NOT need power in previous versions. I checked youtube for playthroughs and the ones I saw did not need power. Would also be nice to mention that some buildings would need multiple lasers to be powered efficiently.
—— More complete tutorial. Some items can be very complicated for newbies and it can be a bit overwhelming to understand. I had to do a lot of trial and error to figure out a lot of stuff. (might not be needed if previous suggestion is done)
— Status description for buildings. Allow buildings to be clicked on to display what it is doing. Sometimes you can't tell if an item is working or not, like teleporters or routers, I often need to place a conveyor belt beside them just to know if it will spit out items.
— A toggle option for rotation when building in bulk. Building a long line of conveyors is useful when it automatically goes the direction you are dragging but when you have to put a dozen belts facing a different direction, you need to click one by one, which is a chore.
— An auto-random map generator. There are only a few selectable maps and you need to create your own if you want to play on more. While the randomizer in the map maker is handy, it would be nicer if it can just make a random map by itself on the map selection screen.
— Better power indicators. When using powerboosters, it can be hard to tell what is being powered or not and if the powerbooster is working without hovering on the buildings. It would help if all items that are giving/receiving power had a glow on them or an icon.
—— Lasers in general are also pretty cluttered,  if a building is being hit by lasers from all sides you'd barely be able to tell what building it is. Maybe thin down the beam or have an option to turn them off (would work well if previous suggestion is done). 
— Damage indicators. It's hard to tell how much damage you are dealing/receiving.
— Extend the tunnel to at least 3 (as the wiki says) or have a way to build it longer (maybe requiring conveyors).
— Option to allow enemies to have random spawn locations. Would make the player protect all of his builds instead of just clogging up the paths.
— Move the enemy location arrows to a corner, it sometimes gets in the way of things when you are building or the opposite and it can barely be seen. Moving it to a corner and putting a black background beneath it, like a radar, will work well.
— Make the player character consume inventory items when shooting. Would be a nice challenge.
— Make most units require stone. Stone becomes pretty useless in late game and you just keep getting a lot of it.

Sorry for the wall of suggestions. I love the game and would like to see it continue to grow and get even better. :D


you can see the progress of 4.0 here

Wow. So many things are being changed and added that it's basically a different game. It's highly likely that most, if not all, of my suggestions are covered. I just hope some  features are optional, like the random enemy spawn. Thanks for the link. I'll just have to wait for the update to see how things are changed. :D


Thank you for your suggestions! 

First of all, I'd like to mention that the "last updated" metric isn't accurate, since I've moved all the change logs in-game. The last update was actually ~1 month ago.

As posted above, many of the things you've suggested are already planned/done for 4.0. The exception is many of your UI-related suggestions-- I'll be adding some of these to the Trello soon. (By the way, you *can* disable power lasers in graphics settings.)

And, no, random spawnpoints will not be optional. I've seen that many people just set up a giant shielded ring around spawnpoints and camp every wave-- this is something I would like to avoid.

To clear things up a bit: spawnpoints won't be *completely* random: they won't change every wave, and only move major distances if player turrets or other defenses are placed near them. 

Thanks for the clarifications. I didn't realize the power lasers could already be disabled.

The spawnpoints not being optional is not a big deal since it adds depth to the game, it's a good improvement. Only reason I wanted it optional was strictly for testing purposes so I don't have to worry about multiple locations, like trying out how tough waves can get and what buildings can/can't do, or simply how to make an efficient layout. But it's not a problem if I go on sandbox mode, I was just on freebuild.

Anyway, I have no complaints anymore. All of those upcoming updates are overwhelming, I'll just stay tuned for that. It's also nice to know that the game is still constantly being updated and on a massive scale. Just keep up the good work. :D

downloading is 4$ ???

and i hate the music ;-;

10.8 combustion generators to 1 nuclear reactor ... 1 nuclear reactor takes 9 spaces ... 6 combustion generators can be actively and eficiently used in that space ... so actualy 1.8 to 1 ... coal is alot more common than uranium ... SO STILL THE BEST

OIL IS FRIKKIN OP 12 COMBUSTION GENERATORS = 17 RTG GENERATORS (dont do anything about it i dont want to ruin everything)


This game has SO much potential! Seriously, I love it!

I just think the map should be smaller. It was very uncomfortable to keep running everywhere. I also couldn't understand how to make my towers work exactly the way I wanted; A small tutorial would be great!

I'm seriously looking forward for it! 

there is a literal small tutorial and you can make your own maps

2.1 pumps / 1.5 fluxpumps : 10.5 combustion generators : 1 full power line

2.8 pumps / 2 fluxpumps : 12.5 terminal generators : 1 full power line
31.25 omnidrills / 44 coal drills : 12.5 coal generators : 1 full power line
6 fluxpumps : 48 oil refineries : 1 full pulse belt line (coal)
27 pumps / 20 fluxpumps (lava) : 40 stone former : 6 pumps / 4 flux pumps (water) : 40 coal extractor : 1 full pulse belt line (coal)
27 pumps / 20 fluxpumps : 40 stone formers : 1 full pulse belt line (stone)
4 full pulse belt lines (iron) : 16 pumps / 10 2/3 fluxpumps : 48 titanium extractors : 1 full pulse belt line (titanium)
1 full pulse belt line (iron) : 100 coal drills / 80 omnidrills : 16 smelters : 1 full pulse belt line (steel)
1 full pulse belt line (iron) : 16 pumps / 12 fluxpumps : 24 lava smelters : 1 full pulse belt line (steel)
1 full pulse belt line (steel) : 1 full pulse belt line (titanium) : 115 coal drills / 172,5 omnidrills : 16 crucibles : 1 full pulse belt line (dirium)
1 full pulse belt line into teleporter : 1,3 full power lines

i havent done everything but here are some ratios :)

wow you really extended your game

and i found some mistakes...

yay, its now on ios appstore, too bad i cant buy it :(

how to you create a lan game?

Plz, I want to play with a friend, and i try to make a lan game then join, but it says it cant find the host

Discord link isn't working!

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a few that i made lol. i only made it till wave 80 due to miscalculations. butttt the first one that has a cave like and has 1 entrance is the latest . havent tried it. hope you like it. its more player friendly tho, that you can even go around the map, it has secret entrance. that wont get infiltrated.

Anuke, how do you actually use the ios file in the master file?

You can't use it unless you go through the trouble of getting a Mac and setting up a development environment for deploying on iOS, which is a very lengthy process. Running the app on a device for more than a few days requires paying $100/year for an Apple developer license.

ohhhhhh, what about a jailbroken device?

I don't know; I currently don't have a jailbroken device.

if you have a ios device and compatible with the jailbreaking apps

it has a file manager app

and other good stuff


*Rubs hands together evilly*


There is an exploit in waves mode: If you leave one enemy alive, the waves last for much longer. This gives you a lot more time to build defences. A way to deal with this is make the countdown for next wave start immediately after the previous wave happens.

Planet Earth

I created a map that shape like a planet Earth using random map generate and a few customizing before posting this map to public!

Anyone want to try it out and also its kinda challenging!

Creating maps is a pain in the butt... lacks of maps but here created one for the community!

I haven't had so much fun since the time I played Factorio. I'm sure that it was the inspiration for the game. Very addicting and I have a feeling that it's clearer to see the actual bulidings and stuff by use of simple sprites. Sorry If the video is too long but I wanted to show as much as I could.


I finally got a chance to play this and this game is great!

same error

ArrayIndexOutOfBounds: 33

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I have this error too

Bug found, needs game speed limited, when the game is running over 60 fps the game speed is really fast.

This is the best & most complex TD ever existed.

Anyone wanna play for gigs?

Zucc enjoys this game.

Hey, I was wondering if there was like cheats or a debug console, since I don't like playing on sandbox mode and I also don't like freebuild a lot but it's nice.

Also thanx for the awesome game!

i was wondering how to fix the core?

Honestly such a great game, however after reaching wave 55 I'm not sure if there is an awful lot left to do, except expand and get more resources, but i did enjoy the game thank you (: Can't wait to see what other features come into this game! Would like to see a player teleporter or something

I'm on wave 55 and I was wondering... How do you get the unobtainable material?? I saw it when I looked at the sorter's sortable items

it's sand. you can't get it.

yes can key all full just easy or hard hand mess and clean?

pc needs to be able to control turrets

Can't open it on Mac even if i dowloaded the right version. PLS SEND HELP

I played this for some was fun. There should be a lvling system because i honestly didnt know what was going on until enemies started attacking my base.

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A really good and addictive game but missing a main purpose beyond getting all the weapons and Reactor. Really liked this game and I'm looking forward to its future updates! This needs to be on Steam as soon as possible; Mindustry deserves to be on Steam.

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