3.0 Beta 2

This beta should be considered feature complete; if no major bugs are found, it'll be released in full in a few days.

It is advised to take the new tutorial, as some controls and mechanics have changed.


  • New tutorial that covers power blocks
  • Tweaked AI to be more smart about bad paths
  • New layering system for blocks; no more glitchy lasers
  • New SFX for some turrets
  • Optimization, especially for large bases with many blocks
  • Added boosting with [shift]
  • Changed rotation controls: use the scrollwheel to rotate, and ctrl-scrollwheel to zoom.


Mindustry-beta2-linux64.zip 60 MB
Dec 11, 2017
Mindustry-beta2-mac.zip 60 MB
Dec 11, 2017
Mindustry-beta2-windows64.zip 58 MB
Dec 11, 2017

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