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Mindustry is a hybrid tower-defense sandbox factory game. Create elaborate supply chains of conveyor belts to feed ammo into your turrets, produce materials to use for building, and defend your structures from waves of enemies. Features include a map editor, 24 built-in maps, cross-platform multiplayer and large-scale PvP unit battles.

Consider buying this game on Steam for features like achievements, seamless multiplayer and map browsing/Workshop support.

Mindustry Wiki - autogenerated wiki pages, currently a work in progress.

Mindustry Discord- chatroom for discussion

Github - source code

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, Android
Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(1,838 total ratings)
Made withlibGDX
Tagsblocks, Multiplayer, Sandbox, Singleplayer, Tower Defense
Average sessionA few minutes
LanguagesEnglish, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Chinese
Mentionsitch.io year in review 2017


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[Windows-64bit]Mindustry.zip 80 MB
Version 146
[Windows-32bit]Mindustry.zip 103 MB
Version 146
[MacOS]Mindustry.zip 80 MB
Version 146
[Linux-64bit]Mindustry.zip 81 MB
Version 146
[Android]Mindustry.apk 61 MB
Version 146
[Server]Mindustry.zip 8 MB
Version 146

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An (AI) cleaner bot/new mech* named "Tortoise" with a slow-methodical design and a radius of influence that can be altered by game factors, it can be optionally toggled to auto-roaming through an environment it can only be healed while moving, it cannot fix anything while moving. Players can only control the direction of motion at low level, but things eventually unlock for "tortoise", only if it ventures far enough into enemy territory. ...{Tortoise merely organizes & makes sure all the structures function correctly inside its parameter...[that's it]}.

pls check the macos version. it says it is damaged. best game ever btw. i am a veteran at this game and so far ive been playing the java 6.0 version. i wanted to try this one out but its damaged. pls check. thank u!!


best game ever 11/10

it's even better than cave story

also a better love story than twilight!

Satisfying game, even though I admittedly understand nothing of the micro controller stuff. Appreciate the fact you can download for free, so I could demo it before paying full price. Thanks.

uhh anuken or other guys do you know what the [server]mindustry.zip does?

its for if you want to host your own server. you probably dont need it



great game, better than a large majority of other games in the same genre

i agree


Although very cool looking, the game seems very cluttered. Not my favorite game that I have reviewed with my expert critique, but above average indeed.


You're serio0usly an annoying bitch all over this website, lmao. Shut the fuck up, no one cares about your shit opinions.


I thank you for making such useless statement. In the future may you think twice after sending such comments


please consider self harm

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Find the unit or core or ore comands for logic processor are not very good, and so limited. I think, give a way to work with massive of data whoud solve a lot of players problems. For example, you have a lead, copper, sand, coal and titanium in core, and you gonna make a mining prog. How to know which type of resource is the least in core,  without making thousands of operation copissmal=c<t? Or, skan not only one enemy unit in time, but anyone in turret radius whoud be amazing for progs "shoot between units for splashes" or make a "auto-water extractor Placer, which would skan, is this block a salt, and does it debuff extractor. I mean make a list with numbers and "sort from smallest number to biggest, and a comand for units and turrets to skan every block in their radius and add id of this block or territory to the list. My English is so bad, but I belive you understand.

And, another needed mechanic, see what tipe of ammo turret is using now.

It would have been intresting to make it so the backgrond on the title screen can be changed between erekir and serpulo.

when neoplastic units will come out?

Excellent. Super fun, and easy installation for mac, which I dont see often on this site

Cool game :3


This message is from my brother copied and pasted intended for Anukendev:       

"This message is intended for the developer(s)/creator(s) of the Mindustry game for mobile/tablet devices, and specifically  for those responsible for helping in making the game available to us prisoners within the Federal Bureau of Prisons (FBOP) - I understand we were playing a custom release.

   First and foremost, I would like to wholeheartedly thank you for, and applaud your efforts in, making the game in the first place; I only got to play the game for a couple of weeks, but in that short time it became not only the thing that has created the most joy for me since first becoming incarcerated some 13 years ago, but quite possibly the best video game I can remember playing since at least my middle teens (several decades ago).  The blending of elements such as on-the-fly tactical decisions with strategic engineering--all while allowing for and rewarding longer-term, calculated optimization--really spoke to my inner OCD nerd in a way few things ever have.

   Alas, I speak about your great game in the past tense because, as you probably know, some bureaucrat in Washington has decided that us FBOP inmates are no longer allowed to play your game.  I do not know why (though rumors abound).  We were simply told that it was "defective," which is obviously inaccurate and possibly indicative that some inmate somewhere was doing something bad with the game that you weren't supposed to be able to do--or at least that some bureaucrat thought that such a thing was possible.

   As it stands, I still have over a decade of my imposed sentence left to complete, and as a matter of mental health, I'd sure like to do whatever I can to try to get that game back for as much of said remaining sentence as possible--or at least a version of the game that the suits in Washington are comfortable with.  I have plenty of time and gumption to dedicate to that goal, as well as a little bit of help with "outside" communication--and I'm willing to write whomever else may be able to help.  Unfortunately, it's practically impossible for me to get relevant information, at least in a timely fashion.

   Hence, the ultimate goal behind this message.  Given your role as creator of the game, your experience in already having brought the game to our availability once, and your perspective outside of this very opaque fishbowl I'm swimming in, I'm hoping that you may be able to help provide some answers to these questions:

1. Do you know *why* the game was removed from our "Media store" in the first place? (though I'm not interested in knowing specifics of possible abuses of the game--I simply feel knowing this information generally would better help me direct appropriate requests and possible solutions for getting the game back to the right people);

2. Are you aware of any efforts currently under way to offer the game (further modified or not) anew within the FBOP? and, if not;

3. Is there anything that can be done to encourage your efforts in navigating whatever obstacles stand in the way of offering the Mindustry game--further modified or not--again within FBOP's Media store?  (I assure you that I'm not the only one hoping for this, and that, if it were a factor, you could easily monetize the game--or increase whatever monetization you may have already been receiving, if any).

Thank you so much for your time, and for all your previous efforts.  Any response at all from you will be super appreciated.

Eagerly awaiting,

M. Biggs"

Hola buenas tengo un problema con la campaña del primer planeta (erekir). El problema está en que quiero avanzar hacia la zona precipicio pero esta bloqueada, me dice que tengo que investigar magma, pero cuando voy al árbol de investigaciones todo me aparece bloqueado, ya no se que hacer por favor ayuda 

This has:

- 2 campaingns, in the form of 2 different planets, each with different units, blocks and slight deviations in base mechanics.

- multiplayer, both local and on servers

-third tower defense, third resource management, third trs

- great looking pixel art

- a lot of mods


I accidentally dug up the terminal planetary launcher. How can I make a new one?


136的那个地方吗?我到了行星终端      不小心把行星发射器挖了   发现研究树立没有  也不能学

可以到  埃里克尔星球研究吗?



那我得清楚战役 重新玩了,唉




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my game keeps crashing when trying to play Split and Basin in the Erekir planet. does anybody know why? im using a 32-bit Windows OS.

nevermind,just needed to visit a previous planet in order for it to load.


No gamepad support?


Hello! I recommend you to add source link (metadata) and license metadata. Read here how to do it.

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if i download on steam will i have to redo the campaign?


This is fire, gameplay is fire, the music is fire!



how do i update? i have been lonely ever since this update

Just delete the old game and download the new one. The saves are saved in your computer.

but how do i do that

i cant find it in the installed apps

its just so annoying and sad😭

nvm, just needed to go to downloads🤣🤣🤣


There's mindustry for windows ❤️



what to download for chrome idk, its not linux.


imagine using chromeos and not LaCros


i work 9-5 dude gimmie a brake

bro i use chrom


ChromeOS is trash
almost as bad as linux

(1 edit)

your thrash you sour fruit i bet you cant even make a game like mindustry v7 sour trash

(1 edit)

run linux shell in chromeOS. it can be turned on in settings then just install it as if it was linux

man apenas QUE JOGO BOM CARA 


is this available to download for iOS/Apple

I know it’s in App Store but it’s not free there and it’s free for Play Store

its not free in the app store because you need to pay apple in order to publish games on the app store or something like that from my understandin



YES! I can port it to switch if its a Unity game and Anuke would alow me to have remote access to the Unity project.

(1 edit)

It's made in Java, so unless Anuken ports it to switch, or you find a way to make it work with Java, it's stuck off Switch

(1 edit)

there isnt mindustry for nantendo switch anymore,

im sorry.

you must play on pc or mobile.


Anuken can you publish mindustry into the ps4🥺🥺


listen here 5 year old, go make a "ps4 port" yourself. anuke is a developer, not a nerd.


Calm down, he was just asking


calm down, jesus that's so rude


"just asking". muddasheep, my favorite indie creator had to waste a lot of time and money to make a ps4 port. and it's just for catty & batty. this first-grader couldn't even spell the creator's own name correct, and you want to defend him. this nerd should do it himself, if he wants.


i am not defending him it is just the way you replied was very rude



anuken is the alt name people call him you imbecile


umm... no one cares...?

how to use the command "pack color"?

Give it 4 numbers from 0 to 1, NOT 0 to 255.
The 4 numbers are in the RGBA space.
The resulting color (it's a number) can be used in any instruction that uses a 1-argument color input.

Can you add to the Steam version something like Texture Packs? 







(1 edit)

How do you keep progress when downloading new updates?


Either copy the "zipdata.zip" file from the previous version to updated game or:

Launch the game, Settings > Game Data > Export Data

Export it to whereever you want

Launch the updated version, Settins > Game Data > Import data

Import the data file you've exported from previous version(s)

Enjoy, hope it helps you!


I can exploit the planet for resources, AND colonize the planet?!?!!??!!111!!

10/10 100/10


Disagree. 1000/10

still dissagree. ill give it a casual 10000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000/10

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