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I made a little base in the middle of the maze map :)  

great game but how do crucibles work? I beed dirium or I'm screwed....

They're very similar to smelters. You need to input one titanium and one steel into them, which makes them output one dirium item.

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The mac version does not work, the executable will not run. It says that the config.json failed to load. I redownloaded it, and now it will not run. The exec, when opened, doesn't run at all. Nothing in terminal, nothing in task manager. Also, a sandbox mode would be cool, maybe with spawnable enemies and no naturally generating ones. Maybe just none at all to start though as that is quite a bit easier. I hope to see something like this in 3.0!

Once again I redownloaded it, and now the .exec is stuck verifying. It will not verify although I have my settings on "anywhere" in my settings. I don't know if it is me or the app, but either way, it is kinda broken as stated above.

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Unfortunately, I don't have a Mac, so there's no way for me to test it yet. You're not the only one with issues with the Mac version, though, so I'll try and upload a slightly modified version next release, and see if you (and other people) continue having issues.

EDIT: Apparently, it might be caused by a specific version of OS X. What version are you using?

I have a late 2011 Mac running macOS High Sierra

I use Mojave and it used to work with that but since an update (not even that large) it has stopped working

great game. can you add a conveyor conduit bridge?

i asked a same question. He's already added it in the upcoming update!

good game

is the tower defence game i most like .

anuke make a door sistem for this game plz


{sorry for this cometary im from brazil im not  expert on english}

Thank you! I will look into implementing a door system for the next update.


ETA on update possibly?

Most, if not all of the new blocks/resources/enemies have already been implemented. What remains to be done:

  • New maps (including sandbox maps)
  • Different wave structure (with later waves being more varied instead of just more enemies)
  • Improved enemy AI
  • Finish up a few blocks
  • New tutorial (since the current one is broken, and doesn't cover the new power system)
  • Possibly new sound effects for some blocks and enemies that don't have any
  • Balancing and testing of everything that's been added

How long will this take? I don't know, and with finals coming up, I may not be able to have a lot of time to work on this. I would estimate it should be done in 3 weeks, maybe a bit longer if something comes up.

Sandbox would be  AMAZING

Does someone have a block overview? Cant seem to understand some of the blocks, like the conveyor junction. Thanks! Also the game is very fun, keep up the good work!!!

I don't have an overview, but the junction works like an overpass. if you put something through a side then it comes out the opposite side, and it is meant for crossing conveyors

dont open on mac


Please add a mode where you can activate the waves so its a little more freeplay


Sandbox mode!!

I'll see if I can add a sandbox map in the 3.0 update.

Also, the time between waves should get longer. On wave 31 now, and it's impossible to repair everything before the next wave. If I can't repair, then I can't expand :( 

I keep changing my mind about this problem. Some people say that the game becomes too easy after certain waves, others (like you) say it gets too hard. The problem may be with the way wave enemies are scaled, or maybe I need to have later waves have more time in-between. 

Regardless, which map are you playing on, and on what difficulty? 

Urmm, second one in the row. And Normal mode. Nothing too bad

For now, I would recommend you switch to 'easy' mode if it gets too difficult (currently, this can be done at any time). Also, the map you're playing on is probably the second hardest, so that might explain it.

I love this, could you add a mode where instead of fighting waves, you fight enemies that spawn randomly? That would be great. Wave 8 gets me everytime

Hey, I was wondering, is this an open source game? I'm interested in the possibility of adding multiplayer.

Yep, it is: here's the github. Are you referring to the possibility or adding multiplayer yourself, or in general?


Both, to be honest, I only have extremely basic knowledge of netcode.

I'm also more used to cpp than Java, but I gotta catch up somewhere, right?

Great game, very addictive!

Minor complaint: closing the weapons upgrade menu also unpauses the game, it's a bit of a pain.


Thanks! This has been added to the list of things to fix for 3.0.

how long do you think it will take you to get to version 3.0

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Deleted 1 year ago
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do you not pay attention to the log he has updated every 5-20 days he updates pretty consistently also i was wanting to know from the creator not some random person gestimating (after reading back i realized that this might have came across as being a dick sorry i did not mean it that way)


I can't give you a specific date, but it should take a month, maybe shorter or longer. It's hard to tell: there's also a huge list of things to implement for 3.0, and some may take longer or shorter than expected. Many are already  implemented (power system, new liquids, etc) but there's still so much to do, and that's not even counting bugfixing time.

have you entertained the idea of making the core block larger ?(2x2 or 3x3)

Actually, I've already made it 3x3 (and changed the starting base accordingly).

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ah there just hasnt been a public update that ive seen it in yet is that part of the update 2.5 (coming soon hopefully love this game)

Unfortunately, I've changed (and broken) a bunch of other stuff with the core as well, so it'll have to wait until I release 3.0.

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hi i think you might be right that this is an awsome game being made

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Walking at an angle shakes the screen, annoying.

This can't really be fixed, as it is caused by the pixelated screen. You can try disabling "smooth camera" in the settings, which might help a little bit.

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are you planning on possibly making the core (what your protecting) bigger possibly a 3x3 with armored corners or a 4x4 so you could input from two conveyors from any side to get a higher through put. Also have you entertained the idea of doing underground belts from factorio

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Really fun! however i feel like you cant keep up with the waves eventually. One wave ends and another begins in >30  - 15 sec

nvm i was just dumb xD

Keep up the good work!

(also how 2 fullscreen)

PS: can you make a bridge tile, where you can put items say through the top face and end up on the bottom, while simultaniously moving items from the right to the left? that would make my day.

(also maybe a door)

There should be a fullscreen button in the bottom right corner of the screen (on web, anyway). As for the bridge tile, a junction block should do what you've asked; it should it be in the third block tab. I'll see if I can implement something similar to a door.

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(also is it possible to make a separator[eg mov coal to left move everything else down]  cuz that would make omnidrills alot better)

Yep, I'm planning on adding a sorter/separator block in 3.0.

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Pretty fun factorio like game!!! 

I just want to mention that the flow of water pumps is not as consistent as the conveyor belts. I don't know whether it is intentional that the water is a little slower to obtain, but with a single water pump supplying to 1 extractor seems to work (will work much better than 20+ pumps channeling to a single stream of pipe and separating it from multiple liquid routers)

Thanks-- the inconsistent flow is probably caused by the fact that conduits have a maximum water capacity and speed, and if you have 20+ pumps pumping into a single conduit it won't flow fast enough for the water to leave before the conduit fills up, leading to a slower flow than many separate pipes.

Thank you for the clarification! It make sense in physics terms too xD

hey... were is turret health and damage located? I'm trying to mod mindustry but all ive done so far is made titanium have a shiner looking sprite. (but you probably dont want me to know how to hack your game)

Well, actually, the source code is public here, so if you'd like, you can make a fork of the code and edit the game as you want. Although, I'm not sure how much coding experience you have, so it might take some effort to set everything up for building the game.

(as for your question about turret health and damage, it's defined programmatically inside the WeaponBlocks class, or in this source file)

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Im still learning about compileing java programs but i did make some custom maps and i found the save with 2 million of every resource. 

(here's my map it dosn't look that good yet)

Nice! I should really add a level importer sometime soon

If you want to start with every resource (and some other debug features), you can run the .JAR file through the command-line with 

java -jar desktop-1.0.jar -debug

to enable debugging. There's a bunch of random keys mapped to things like spawning a wave, but it's not documented anywhere.

:D is in spanish :(

Very cool game :D

Hey so um i like this game is so much fun and is very addictive i just love it and i just can't stop playing this game but one qeustion is there a way to save you're progress becouse it just sucks when ever i did so well but then i tryed looking is there a save button or something? i looked at the settings i looked at the menu and nothingit just sucks so much if there is a way to save you're progress please tell ( or maybe is just somewhere that i can't see it and people is gana start calling me a ideot)

You can save your game, but only on PC or Android. The web version doesn't support saving (not yet, anyway).

oh well :/ but i still love you're game :D 


maybe something you could quickly do?  use 2 keys like Q and E to rotate items counter-clockwise and clockwise?

Are you referring to rotating blocks that are already placed, or blocks that you have selected?

blocks that are selected, it's just a bit annoying to press R three times to rotate counter-clockwise once.

Alright, I've added it to the development code, although the keys are E/R-- I didn't want to re-map the current rotate key and confuse people.


Looks like a nice game but the mac version doesnt work on mac :( ive also tried the Linux version just for sure but still doesnt work

Terminal says it cant execute the binary file

Last login: Mon Oct 16 19:42:13 on ttys001
Stresser:~ PYC$ /Users/PYC/Downloads/Mindustry-linux64-2.3/Mindustry ; exit;
-bash: /Users/PYC/Downloads/Mindustry-linux64-2.3/Mindustry: cannot execute binary file
Saving session...
...copying shared history...
...saving history...truncating history files...
Deleting expired sessions...20 completed.

[Opération terminée]

The Linux version works for me, and I don't have a mac, so unfortunately I have no way to test it. The binary file format seems to be correct, so I don't think there's anything I can do. Sorry.

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I absolutely love this game! It's great until higher waves(60 or so). Then enemies can just one shot the strongest buildings. I would love if you added another resource, stronger walls, more damaging guns, better heal guns or something like that so we can get to higher waves. Another suggestion is resource sorting(a way to only take one resource of a conveyor belt).   


I'm planning on implementing large multi-block turrets and walls in 3.0, which should address the one-shot problem. As for sorting, that should be coming in 3.0 too, when I implement block configurations. Teleporters might help with that as well.

This game is absolutely amazing and I love playing it. So thanks for making such an awesome game. Just as a suggestion: Maybe you should add a slight tutorial on how everything works. Also maybe make it show when One thing isnt hooked up. For instance a conveyor belt that leads to nothing has a red outline or something. 


Thank you! A comprehensive tutorial is already planned for 2.3, and I'll see if I can implement the conveyor warning, if it doesn't end up looking too intrusive.


Is it possible to transfer saves from an old versoion to a new one?

Not yet. Future versions should be able to support this, though.


High score 275 on maze ;)

i made a brand new save and built a lot of a lot of stuff then i decided to get off and save  but it said error null something try to fix it please and i dient do anything pacific i just played and did a lot

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Do you happen to have a screenshot of the error message? It would also be helpful to know what platform you're playing on (PC or Android).

EDIT: I did some testing, and found a major issue-- did you happen to have any empty conduit blocks placed on the map? Those cause an error when saving; I'll upload a fix now.

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i realy like this game and wondered if if it was on my phone , and guess  what? it was  so now i can play my favorite game on the go

How does the water work?  I have not been able to figure it out.

Are you referring to...

  • the method of obtaining it? You can get water by placing a pump on a water tile, then laying conduits away from it into the block you want the water to go.
  • the method of transporting it? Use conduits; they transport water similarly to how conveyors transport items. The Liquid Router also works the same way as the normal router, so you can use that to split a conduit into 3 other conduits or blocks simultaneously. 

It's also worth noting that you can lay conveyors across water to act as a walk-able bridge.

Yeah I figured it out.   Thank you.  This game was amazing once I figured out how everything works.

1 week ago i was playing this game(before update) and it was great game!

I cant wait to play now(after update)

kool cant wait

the junstion block blakes the game 

Yep, sorry about that. That bug should be fixed in the next release.

kool cant wait

Hands down the best tower defense I played. The only thing that annoys me is the fact that the game crashes before I can reach round 20.

Hmmm, does this crash happen when you do something specific, or just right before round 20? Which platform are you on (e.g. web/android/PC)? There's a known bug [which will be fixed next release] where placing a junction causes a crash; could that have been it?

I am playing on windows/linux and the game usually crashes after round 15 and it crashes when i right click on a block.

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Is there a particular block you're right-clicking that causes the crash? I really have no idea what this could be caused by, so I'll see if I can implement an error reporter later.

Pretty much any block though I haven't tried them all.

add a remove buton


You can remove blocks by holding the right mouse button on them (or, on Android, by pressing and holding a block ).

thanks a lot... i realised that after restarting and reading the tutorial again.

u can use lab


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