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Bonjour, j'ais repéré un bug sur la Map grassland, un ennemi se bloque entre des blocs ce qui bloque les vagues.  

In english,  "Hello, I spotted a bug on the map grassland, an enemy sometimes hides between blocks, which stops the waves."   the most part.

Tunnels are a bit confusing still, maybe provide a bit more explaination in game?

This is true. I'll need to write a better description for them, and possibly show some usage in the tutorial.

By the way, Anuke, there's a thing going on where the next wave won't spawn until everything in the previous wave has been killed. In this way, you can box up one enemy and simply keep them there, and infinitely generate resources. I know this can result in people being swamped if their defenses aren't up to the task, but I still think it's better for the timer to continue ticking down even when the enemies are still alive.

Maybe Add Autosaving?  Went to paste a screenshot and instead clicked X thinking it autosaved.  RIP Me.


Yeah there is no save on the computer version! But there is one on mobile!


Hey Anuke, Is it always safe to pull the latest version on Github in regards to save game corruption? I thought I'd ask it here instead of Github because it's really an issue.

Kind regards,


In most cases, no, but I can't guarantee that there won't be something on Github that won't mess up your save. There shouldn't be a problem if you save to a different slot every few times you pull. In the unlikely event that a release the changes the version format, it won't erase your save files, just stop displaying them in the load dialog; you can fetch an earlier commit to get the save files showing again.

Thanks for the info!

I`d like to translate Mindustry into german...


Thank you; I'll notify you when the in-game text has been set up to work with translations.


I'd like to know why my game crashed and my memory overloaded forcing me to restart the computer when i got a weapon that fires up shit and when i used it on a block of grass (the undestructable one), that happened.

I can't say what caused it without seeing a crash report in a terminal. What I can say, though, is that the firing up was probably unrelated to the crash; grass blocks aren't supposed to interact with fire at all. I've never had any crashes like this been reported before, and I could not reproduce the bug myself. Sorry, but there's not much I can do.

german ?

Coming soon. I'm working on localization for the game, and I'll try to find a translator that can put it in German.

i can translate to german...

Thank you for creating such a awesome game. The new update is a wonderful addition.

Hey there Anuke! I was wondering if there was a way to download or to listen to the 8-bit music of Mindustry... Its really catchy... I mean heck, theyre top notch... Enjoying your game... Just trying to get past Wave 22....


The music was made by RoccoW: There should be download links for the songs used in the game if you scroll down long enough; I forget th. Although, it is worth noting, the music wasn't made specifically for Mindustry; I just found it by looking around for copyright-free chiptune music on FreeMusicArchive.

Oh, thanks for the info, I actually thought you made it... Hehehe... 

This is that one particularly awesome song.

Hey, I was wondering if it will be possible to download version 3.0 as a file on Android? I'm unable to use Google Play so I'd really like to be able to download it like the previous version.

I forgot about that; it should be there now.


This game is rather fun! Hoping to see more amazing updates in the future.

Mind if i make a suggestion? Such as a map editor/creator would be a nice addition to the game.

Overall, this game is fun to play and has a lot of potential!

Suprisingly enough, this defense fell the next wave

Yeah.... I tried a sandbox at Wave 50.... I had a ton of healers and cannons with shields.... it just instantly fell... I think thats why we got doors... We might have to go overboard and develop multiple layers of defense rather than just one... Having to repair the first walls will be difficult though.... maybe Anuke should add a "break time" every 10 waves so we can build up in peace for 3-5 minutes I guess...

Wave scaling needs a bit of work right now; some of them seem to be too hard, especially on specific linear maps like Grasslands. I'm re-balancing the enemy amounts right now.

I definently agree.  It also feels way too fast in general.

TFW all of your defense gets thwarted by the enemy and they get to the core before you're able to do anything... T^T RIP 

Please, Anuke make a version of the game to 86x bits! Please!

how to use router?


The router splits items into any of the three directions it is not inputed from.  If items come in from the right, it can go up,left, or down.

How do the tunnels work?

The tunnels work going under only 1 block.  Place the open side of the tunnel facing the way the items are coming and going.

like this tunnel>block<tunnel.

They do now, but I don't think that how they work!

how do i rotate the belts?

It should be R for 2.0, or the scrollwheel for the new 3.0 beta.

Amazing update! The new AI is great but on some maps like maze you can put  blocks near one or two enemies and they will stay away from the blocks allowing you to spend as much time as you want on a round.

This game surprised me.  Its really fun and there is a lot of content (especially with the new beta 3).  One thing I would change though is how fast the waves progress in difficulty.

This is really fun dude, keep up the good work!


Wow great game! What engine are You using? Also nice work!

He uses LibGDX. Link

one think i kinda dislike is how u cant save ur games on computer unless u download the game on ur computer

This is due to a limitation of the engine. In a later version, I might be able to work around it.

I absolutely LOVE the teleporters they are just SO USEFUL. One thing that might really help is if there was a better config UI, or if you could click on a little button next to the block selection box to change the color that would be used whenever you placed a teleporter.

I like your pfp anuke nice cat


Wonderful work on the update! Love the game :D


Anuken, your game is just mind-blowingly amazing! But I realized that a few players here are having difficulty understanding certain mechanics of the game, so may I please have the permission to create a Wikia about the game as a guide to users who are new to the game? Thanks, and I look forward to hearing from you soon!

P.S. I'm the same Luxray5474 in GitHub

that sounds great could you tell me when you start? `

I'll start when he gives permission, lol. Currently, in the new beta, he has more elaborate defenitions and descriptions of blocks in the game, and he might not want a Wiki as a result. But then again, maybe he might XD

Bottom line, if he gives me permission to do so, then I'll start making it ASAP.

Yes, of course! Even though the new block information boxes help a little, they still don't have things like map descriptions, strategies, enemy information or more detailed info on block usage. If you want, I can add a link to the wiki on this game page, once you've created it.

Wiki now available! LINK!!!


Woo Wave 61 on the Pit :D


Anuke! create a machine that you can select the item to go in one direction pass though the other conveyor or conduite! (this will help a LOT)


Is there any way to add multiplayer in this game?


I'm going to start laying the foundations for multiplayer in the next update (4.0), and see how hard it is to implement. If the whole thing turns out to be feasible, it might be done relatively soon (where 'relatively' is "probably less than half a year"). Keep in mind there's a lot of other things I need to implement before multiplayer becomes a priority.

Is the next update taking a while because it's going to be a major update or are you working on other projects?


A bit of both. This is definitely the biggest update so far, so it's taking a long time to fix bugs and balance things. I also have exams happening, which slows things down quite a lot. In any case, I was planning to release a beta version for PC tomorrow, for testing.

Why is the android verison different than the pc versions

(p.s. i'm an android player)


The main reason is that it's very annoying to control the player character through two joysticks on mobile.

What engine is this made in?

LibGDX- it's a Java game framework. Link

Thanks! I'll have to look into this one.

We do not ask to be paid, however, we will accept donations (bitcoin paypal, free licence game). We would also appreciate being quoted in

the credits (end of game).
I am now waiting for your answer.
Thank you for acknowledging the receipt of this email.
Dae, Omicron translation team's Leader.

Hello! I would appreciate your help localizing my game. However, currently all the text in the game is stored in the code itself; I'll have to set up a localization system and move everything into separate files before any work can be done. I'm not sure how long this will take, but I will notify you when it's done so we can discuss details.

Sorry  for the html balise :/

I am the leader of a french translation team, and we mostly
translate games, software, and various files.
My team and I would like to offer you our help to translate your project, and thus make your project accessible to a wider audience.
So, if you are interested in our services, we can make a deal.
Here are our prerequisites : the texts to translate must be in .txt,
.doc, or equivalent format files and, of course, please indicate your
deadlines (if any).
We can also translate jpg/png or even pdf files, although it will take
us a little more time to translate.
Depending on how complex the image to translate is, we reserve the
right to accept or refuse the translation.
do not ask to be paid, however, we will accept donations (bitcoin
paypal, free licence game). We would also appreciate being quoted in
###span class=""<the credits="" (end="" of="" game).<="" span="">
>span class=""### 
I am now waiting for your answer.
###span class=""<thank you="" for="" acknowledging="" the="" receipt="" of="" this="" email.<="" span="">
>span class=""### 
Dae, Omicron translation team's Leader.</thank></the>

<the credits="" (end="" of="" game).<="" span=""><thank you="" for="" acknowledging="" the="" receipt="" of="" this="" email.<="" span="">Dae#5125 (discord)</thank></the>

<the credits="" (end="" of="" game).<="" span=""><thank you="" for="" acknowledging="" the="" receipt="" of="" this="" email.<="" span="">--
Je suis le coordinateur d'une équipe de Localisation (traduction), pour des jeux vidéos, des programmes ou divers documents.
mon équipe et moi souhaiterions vous proposer notre aide pour traduire votre projet, et ainsi rendre votre projet accessible à un plus grand public.
Si vous pensez être intéressé par nos services nous pourrions conclure un accord.
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et évidemment, merci de nous indiquer vos délais (s'il y en a).
Il nous est aussi possible de traduire des jpg/png ou pdf.
Cependant, selon la complexité de l'image à traduire, nous nous réservons le droit d'accepter ou de refuser la traduction.
ne demandons pas à être payé pour traduire votre projet, bien que nous
ne refuserons jamais les dons (bitcoin, paypal, jeux gratuit)
la seuls demande serais d’apparaître dans les crédits du jeu
Je reste dans l'attente d'une réponse de votre part.
Merci d'accuser de la bonne réception de ce mail.
Dae, Coordinateur de l'équipe de traduction Omicron.

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Hmmmm... Now everything has been working just fine this time I downloaded it. Until I run it that is. When I run the .exec, it just idles and does nothing. The other weird thing is that now "Mindustry" has appeared in Launchpad, but like the .exec, does nothing, not even opening a terminal.

I also tried compiling it into an app, just putting the contents folder into a .app, the it just kept trying to open, with noting opening.

Also the .html frame seems to not be working, it just flashes "GDX" with a loading bar in the middle top of the frame then black.

(1 edit)

Zapp! Frontline defenses!

Also you can see that some of the enemies are invisible... They do no damage. Is that a bug?

This is bizzare. Are these enemies shooting anything at all? How fast are they? I encountered something like this bug once in testing, but I thought it was fixed. Which wave did this start occurring on?

It started from the first few waves like wave 5, they appear to be shooting something as I see the visual effect of shooting (like that pew) but the expected projectile is invisible and does no damage, they are at normal speed  ie faster than those round scatter shot enemies and the fireball explosion enemies, but slower than the self destruct enemies. Sometimes the bug happens sometimes is doesn't , it depends. I tried loading the same file for one wave for 10 times and 3-5 had invisibles.

Dude I love this game so much  it's too fun.  :)

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