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Very Good Game!!!

What is your preference for people buying the game? On here or Steam whatwith the steamcut and all that.

I need to get a map to text file I'm on Android version 7.1.1 

Map> text file> downloadable file> discord

I have had no help with this so please help ·—·


i can´t install,when download bar it´s almost over,the download is prohibited 

Привет Ануке. Подскажи пожалуйста как мне сделать свой мод

Hm, I also wanted to suggest some stuffs : 

PLEASE add another type of core like a bigger and stronger one. Nuceus is not enough for long missions and putting on vaults will take some room y'know

CAN you guys make like the core itself has its own installed turret. Really I want this.

MAYBE you guys can add a mod maker app for Mindustry? Making mods manually is quite hard actually. Especially making lots of sprites and buildings.

PLEASE add more mech pads tho, like a builder pad or destroyer, you know, each type?

KEEP the feature that players are allowed to control produced units, I really like it.

HOW about units that can only go on waters? Yeah I know its already on the v6 alpha but its quite glitchy.

MOTHERSHIPS. Like a unit that launces smaller units. For exam : Revenants launces a Wraith Fighter every 50 seconds and has a maximum unit of 2, that would be great.

IF theres a Meltdown, it will be good if there are also a Freezedown, a version of Meltdoen that freezes enemies instead of setting them on fire.

Thats all I can think so far, hopefully these can improve the game for good.


Anuke is alone in developing the game
You said the water unit are "glitchy" but it's an ALPHA so it's normal if they are glitchy
He's not gonna add more mech pad because he deleted the mech category
If you want constructor mech , there's trident and if you want destructor mech there's omega and glaive

Its not really alpha yet, Truth to be told the developer does not want anyone playing 6.0 for now.

Wait a second, if mindustry has released the v6 alpha on pc, is there any platform on android too? I just wanted to download the android version. The release build on pc and android is the same, but the features are litteraly diffirent, like really..

(Anyhoo, i wanted to download the android version just for an "emergency" gameplay if my pc somehow shutdown, that alwasy happened.)

6.0 isn't even alpha yet, the developer does not want anyone playing 6.0 for now

does mindusry free

ye, u are allowed to donate anything, but the game itself is 100% free


Would it be possible to include a game recording function?

Sometimes I get carried away developing power systems, or an overly complicated system of redunduncies and I don't notice that the attackers and wiped out my front line, and the second line, and are now walking thru my base.

It would be nice if the game was being recorded so I could watch a replay of what happened, to analyse it, and learn from it.

A screen recorder wouldn't help since the screen was focused on the periferals, not the battle.

It's just an idea I thought I'd share.


It is a really good game. It is only annoying when you want to play with friends you have to make your own server and there is not much information about how to set up a server and stuff. It would be nice if there would be a easy step-by-step guide for how to make one.


on the mindustry discord server there is a faq or you can ask other people on there

try using stuff like hamachi to play with other people

I tried using hamachi, ZeroTier... but nothing seems to work

you can make LAN games with Steam 

Great game both the classic edition and this one!

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Good strategie game Do you search for another one ?

A good game is 0ad saerch it on Google its free opensource and for Mac,Linux and Windows. It s like AOE. Please download it on the Official Site here is the Link

If you want to read first something about the Game. Here is wikepedia

And there the Trailer of the newest Version;

Mmmm.... es bellisimo nunca avia jugado un juego tan grandioso 10/10

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Great game, i make a review on my website !


*is this jojo or what*


Hi! What are you using to support multiplayer in this game?

how do i make blueprints that i download work? last time i end up deleting my entire save of the game

(yeah, maybe i'm a lil bit dumb)

inside the game, you click on the blueprints button, it will show nothing, then click on import blueprint, and then click to import file, and search for it on your computer

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How can i use my saves from the steam game? i can't transfeer the save of campaign, on steam i have the 104.6 save and i have the 104.10 from itch, or someone can say to me where is the save location(using itch program with standart settings for installation)

Edit: i just put the whole folder named "saves" in the save location

OUTSTANDING game on Android!
The best game of all times up to now in my opinion!
Please expand the campaign! I played hours in the campaign, because i had achievements (tech tree and item farming), while I can't find much motivation in the standalone runs in the additional maps.

this game is a very good game to play on any platform

wow, this blew me away!


Mr. Anuke, I have set up dedicated server on Linux but I can only connect to it via direct IP ("Remote server"). It don't show in steam version "Community Servers" section. Is there additional listen port required? How to make dedicated server to show in ingame browser.

You have to do a pr in the source code to add your server to the list.


This game is so good!!!

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Sir Anuke, I've downloaded from here and paid nothing. But dont feel sad, I just dont have paypal nor card. I've bought your great game on Steam (even it may eat you 30%). Continue your great work, please!


there is a mod called the biggest mod, DO NOT DOWNLOAD UNLESS YOU DONT WANT TO LOSE EVERYTHING

The best game ever, easy but also complex with smooth controls, graphics and movement, and the efects are wonderful. It has everything i love about this type of game.

Honestly great work (b^_^)b

how do i update mindustry?

download the newest version and you can transfer your save steam version updates automatically and you get a server browser of other servers using steam (:


i cant wait for v6 I LOVE IT! it  a perfect game for me who does not like it

I love the game! Im playing the game for months i played it when it was alpha. Plz update version v6 I cant wait! :)

Hmm.. do I need to make a mod so I can make a customized campaign map? I hope it was, cuz I searched the feature on the game and there is no button to create a custom campaign map. So making a MOD to make campaign map is true?

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Hi Anuke, I have a suggestion for you, there should be a button with a "C" next to the clipboard button on the bottom right to show the contents of the player's core.

This is a great game to play. Thanks.

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The game would be better if long-press and short-press (tap) for Android were reversed. Having to long-press/tap for the actions you do the most, and short-press/tap for actions which are done less-often, is stupid. When in the game you don't care about scrolling/swiping unless you intend to scroll/swipe, so swap long-press/tap and short-press/tap around.

Hey Anuke can you make a guide on map editor? So we can make more map and also show us wat gamemode can we make for this game?Like how do people build those TD map

This is surprisingly awesome. Best of the tactical games I played xD.

This is a really good game. For those who want a Factorio-like game, I recommend this.

Will this game be updated again on here?

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how to creat new server i want join with my friend

you can use hamachi to create a virtual LAN network to play together

The new version [104.10] cannot input Chinese, but can be copied into the game

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