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can you help,i am trying to play on windows but i keep getting crash reports.

Send here your crash-report. It can be found on folder specified on your screen.

Hey, I love this game so much. My only suggestion for the time being is could we get some sort of system to pick which of the music tracks we want to listen to instead of looping all of them? Thanks. Also did I mention this game is great?

Its amazing now but just an idea why don't u add official support for 
modding in your own format (e.g .min-android for Android and on pc/Mac make the extension .min) or .zip/.rar that would be cool and u 
should make a folder on Android and pc/mac for mods and basing a mod on. Thx for 


Hello Sabretusk isn't it already a full game since you can install it?


it keeps making a new text document called "crash report" instead of launching the game, plz help :(

Did u find a solution i have the same problem

im currently on windows


please can someone help me, it launchs but then closes instantly

Conduit bridges please!

They exist already in v4, you just haven't unlocked them yet.

anywhere to share maps?

Try joining the discord.

I am in the Official Discord and the UnOMSL. Where's the map sharing channel?

You Guys need to update the application logo as well as the icon for the tab pleasseeee it still says 3.0 update and its killing me 

Much love

- A Huge fan of this game.

don't work in my computer :(

Can you make the android version's controls like the ver. 3 alpha in the play store like the build modes like line build, area destroy, the one with the controllers mode, or did you do it already IDK. But still if not do it.  PLs

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Hi, just found this game by complete chance. I am loving the open nature of adding content I feel it lets the customer actually input ideas that can be enjoyed by all. Speaking of this I think that a liquid bridge conduit would be useful. Another thing that I think would be cool is if in the editor you could select the ores you want to be on the map when you generate it randomly rather than place them individually. I would also love to see an improved version of the power booster that has increased range, or a tower that gives all towers around it an increased radius. These are things that I would love to see in the game. Keep up the amazing work though.

Also I encountered a crash when I used the editor and randomly while I was playing on the Island map. I’m on iOS and I’m on the latest version so there might be something you should investigate to look at.  [Edit] The iOS version seems to be prone to freezing then crashing the app, this happened to me while making a custom map and when I was playing the game on said custom map.

Now both bersions of Mindustry aren't opening. coughnewupdates?cough

Great game. I played Android version and now tried out PC one. Personally I think Android version is much better as it is more like a strategy, because of a possibility to pause and think through conveyour architecture, turret placement, defensive layout etc., you dont need to move from one corner of a map to other with this drone and rush yourself like hell to get something done before next wave with limited construction range and get blocked by obstacles. If there would be a possibility to add game mode for PC version where you are just using free camera and build freely on all the map without any controllable drones(like for Android) it would be great, will continue playing on emulator...

Why is this new version called build 62.1 and not just build 62?

I love the game and while I think the beta 4.0 and forward are great on PC, I still believe that the older version is better on phones for multiple reasons, such as the cursor, ease of playability and more specific items with better descriptions. I instantly got hooked on the game on my Android but I don't think I'd still play it if it were the beta version. 

It is weird, because I have a 64-bit poperating system, but it can only run 32. And, is 4.0 released on 64 yet

Yes. Please read the downloads list carefully.

It happened again


Doesn't seem to open. When I press launch, it immediately stops. Is it anything to do with the new update?


i cant run 64 but i can run 32

I used to have that issue on my older computer it would start and run but the speed would be slower i think its more of a performance issue.

i cant play

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The 4.0 Alpha GUI update IS INSANE HOLY ****. Although the GUI remains the same size and doesn't scale up depending on resolution.


Hello! firstly, I would like to say how much I love your game 'Mindustry'! And I was wondering if you could possibly add a new game mode? I usually play on 'Waves', because sandbox and free build seem to have less a challenge, and personally I view them as less entertaining. Do you think you could add a mode like sandbox where you have unlimited resources yet still waves?  That could allow to have alot more creativity and still a tad more 'fun'?

It already exists. If you don't see it, please download the latest version (3.5, or if you want the alpha, build 59)

enemies get stuck out off bounds


looking for heads up on how to biuld spectre turret

Game that is...Good.

No other responses.

Really interesting game, I love the combination of sandbox and tower defense themes. The concepts can be confusing at times, but everything starts to make sense after a while.


Is there a way to manually open it?

Yes help I can't open the jar on my mac!

How do you get the different mechs in the most recent ver.?

You gotta get a couple hundred silicon, which is made from the silicon melter.

👌 thx

why does'nt this game launch on osx?

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When I try to launch the game on windows 10 it doesn´t do anything. On linux the game does work. I like this game.


I cant get the latest version on my mac. Help!

V4.0 Thorium, how to get it, how does it look?

It is pink.

Great observation.

the discord link is an expired invite :(

I am having issues playing alpha 4.0 on windows 10 64 bit. When I open the executable file, it just displays the main page of the game for a second and then closes by itself. Please help.

So interesting

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