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love the game but is there going to be a reactor again or a replacement also I like the weapons and being able to use different ammo 

Hey. This is a good game and I'd like to donate some money.  Before I do, could you tell me whether you'll charge money for the game when it's completed? Also, Have you considered putting this game up on other platforms e.g. Steam?

one bug in the alpha:no matter WHERE you are,whatever you selected to destroy/build will be destroyed and build(exept if you lack resources when you have to wait till you get them or cancel the building process=destroy it.also,whatever you intedet to do about the ramming damage it does not work properly,and the map gets deleted after you exit the game(means when you load your save you only see your own structures on the map,marked blue).also if possible,could you make it the way that you can scroll the map please?and about balancing,would it be possible to tweak the wall generation or ad an liquif tunneler?because i had an much needed water lake beside my base but it was surrounded with walls,which made it basicaly impossible to use it.also, an idea:how about a blueprind mode where you can build whatever you like without having to worry about resources and your building and seeing range,so that you can plan things better out than just paused. i'm sorrythat this is so much but...well,its the alpha,and this is quite normal                         *megaboto tried to cheer for somebody and encourage them...he failed,like with everything else in his life*                  anyways,everthing else is quite good in the 3.5 and 4.0 is quite...interesting too,while i would recomend an tutorial, since it's so different. but thank you for continiouing(sry for my bad english,i am german and only understood english for something like half a year)

hey Anuke, I found a glitch where when you are building something with your bot and don't have enough resources It glitches and stops shooting and I couldn't even mine! (sorry for bad spelling and such.)

Hello Anuke, I own a blog for indie and flash gaming, and would be interested in interviewing you.  If you are also interested, please respond to the email located in my bio.

Thank, at37.

hey anuke, i'd like your mindustry unreleased 4.0 but it seem has some problem like: 1. i cant put mechanical pump above oil 2.i already get interceptor, dagger,titan pad but there's no option to build that. I can only build them on editors menu. 3. I cant put more than 2 teams in my game, if i put more than 2 the game crashed. Please fix this. Btw mindustry best


Hey Anuke,

Have you seen this website?

Might be a good platform for your games to earn some extra cash.

Love Mindustry BTW!

Why there is only two games ?

It only just launched about a week ago.

Ow okey, then it interest me !

Are you a game developer?


You can tell when it will be left to download the full version 4.0 and 3.5 of the functions (such as the sandbox mode or saved photo etc.)

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it freezes quiet often but all in all it is a very cool and creative game. most freezes are when you save and when your character touches water


It freezes because it auto saves


open then instant close on mac :(

It keeps randomly freezing.

left click launch then hit uninstall then click reinstall and pick the last one

i know how to fix it on mac


The game no longer opens on Mac anymore! I haven't played for a while, but I installed the 4.0 on my Windows computer. THAT works. But when I did the same on my Mac, it imediately crashes, the icon is only open for half a second!

the game is awesome. Can anyone tell me how to create a Server? i know i have to download the 3.5-40 Server data from the downloads but then i dont know how to go on. pls help me

Make a new game or load a game, and go into the pause menu and their should be a "Host Server" button there.

i Know what u mean .But I mean a server which is public and anyone can join 

You'll need to broadcast your IP or port somewhere, maybe on discord. Most likely not here

Ok thank you

the overflow thingie brings the game to crash :( please fix

This game is f*****g awesome


The game just crashes every time I try to join a server


Cool, middle clicking, I'll try that. I just downloaded for linux. - the game is waaaay better, very refined and professional :-) I'm glad you made an online version 'tho I never would have bothered to download it otherwise. Playing online is super simple.

I like how you've gone from bridges to tunnels, I like to build several defensive walls each one supplied by materials from the one behind it, and the tunnels stop invaders walking past them :-)  I miss playing on random generated levels, I tried using the map editor briefly, but you can only generate random land masses, not resources.

I played the spiral and got to level 98 on my second attempt :-) which is cool, because I was still learning how to use repairbots and thermal generator.

After that I played the maze and there was almost no titanium, there was one patch, but it was right next to the invader spawn so I could only build 3 mines. I guarded it as much as I could with steel, then refined all the titanium to dirium and slowly replaced the steel wall with dirium and covered the area with repairbots, it was so awesome I took a screenshot of it.

Middle clicking works perfectly. :-)

the ore generation is activated in the 'map info' tab

you could have posted the screenshot

love this game, so far just played on mobile, but loved the game

To hard to do things :v

Just wanna say you're awesome dev. Looking through the comments, I can see you make a big deal out of replying to comments. You've created a great game, and you keep working to make it better. If I wasn't, er, broke right now, I'd certainly donate to keep your work going. As it stands? You'll just have to wait until the inspiration you've given me pays off :)


how do you make a server?


Hi, I've been playing you game for a few hours now. It's really interesting playing without instructions, it involves a lot of experimentation and trial and error trying to figure out how all the different factories handle materials. two major pieces of feedback 1) trying to walk on water results in a crash. I suspect that if an invader attempts to walk on water also results in a crash, but I've never seen it on the screen. 2) If you run out of resources while building, then you get stuck waiting for that resource. Can't go away and build something else, or mine stuff manually, or even shoot at the enemy. It is especialy bad it you've exhausted your supply of Carbine because the helper robot that fly's around picking up Rock and Tungston will never resolve your supply issue. Other than that, it's an awesome game and totally absorbing if you have the patients. I had to do a lot of experimentation on Normal Level before I figured out you can load the guns with raw materials. I haven't figured out how liquids work yet. Then I started playing on hard and it always crashes when the game gets very complex. I haven't been able to figure out exactly why. Also, one time I walked right up to the edge of the map and the game crashed when the wave countdown hit zero. oh yeah, I've been playing online in Firefox Browser. Cheers

What I said about invaders trying to walk on water and causing a crash. Well, that's exactly what happens.

1) Looks like this  only occurs on the web version (due to an oversight), and I've fixed it for the next release. The crash is caused by status effects being applied to units (stepping in puddles or being set on fire would also instantly freeze). Some of the changes in the next build are pretty major, so it might take a while to release. 

2) You can stop building by middle-clicking-- however, I haven't tested on Firefox, so it might not be handling input events correctly there.

Thanks for your feedback!


or is there already one , like when you unlocked everything?

Just when you start a new game, select sandbox mode as difficulty

I suggest that you add a feature so we can reset our progress, such as resetting our Unlocks, if i start a new world I do not really want to have all of my unlocks.


Please Merge Multiplayer And Singleplayer

My friend told me about this game.  He said it is free of charge unless you want to pay to support it.  I said, "not unless the license is GPL, I have no interest in donating to freeware if it doesn't respect my digital freedom."  I started looking for the licensing, being rather pessimistic.  When I found that it is licensed under GPL, I was blown away!

Thank you!

Error: java.lang.RuntimeException: java.lang.RuntimeException: Couldn't find Type for class '$OreEntry'



melhor jogo que eu joguei

i keep getting the following crash report upon launching the game:(

GdxRuntimeException: 'Couldn't create window'

im currently running the latest version of mindustry however it crashed in the previous version aswell. The game used to run fine so i dont think its because my laptop isnt good enough.

This is an issue with graphics drivers or your graphics card. Could be caused by a buggy Java version too.

I haven't changed anything related to graphics much on the new versions, so the cause is most likely something wrong with your laptop.

When can we expect 4.0?

I can't play multiplayer with my bro. I click on local host, and it always says, unable to connect or disconnected from server. I've tried to change the name of the server ip or change it to my ip address but it doesn't work. Please help

Again, I still request for a Discord Invite to the Mindustry discord servers

Anuke, please

It's A Discord link is also on the main ( game page and Github, for future reference.


My Game Is Crashing Please Help!


This error means that your graphics card doesn't support OpenGL 2.0. Try updating your graphics drivers. If that still doesn't work, you must have an outdated graphics card, and there's nothing I can do to help, sorry.

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But there's a little problem. I played this game some time ago in the same PC, Graphics Card And Driver.

EDIT: I fix it just by putting a d3d9.dll and Swiftshader.dll And Now the game works.


what engine was this made in?

You really think this was made in an engine?  I think it was made with Java. Most of the graphics are hand made and most of the gameplay features were made by many people within the community.


I'm not using an engine, but libGDX is the core game framework.

This is the most addicting game on

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