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i just dowloaded it where is the play butto

I remember, a few years ago I first installed it. I then deinstalled it again, because I found the controls confusing, but thought the concept was great. The controls are much better now, the concept isn't. hard to improve something that's already perfect:)

Where the old v5? i need to Download It

Search on google for it, not available in itch nor steam

Esse jogo é o melhor jogo que eu já joguei,minha única reclamação é aquele tanto de base inimiga, de nível altíssimo cada uma, contra atacando quando vc conquista o complexo de produção nuclear,mas é só isso msm,o resto do jogo é simplesmente perfeito

How do i use console commands (yes the f8 console

How i restart whole campaign? please help (reinstall app not work)

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You can delete it in setting 

In case anything happen you can backup your data 

Of course is in the setting again



The best game


v6 very fun

please have crush hadler for this

it crush many time


because mod





Awesome game ive been playing it for like 4 years i think. I cant remember when i started playing but im pretty sure its more or less than 4 years

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hello Anuke there is a very big problem. If you join the server, Sometimes almost everyone on the server is forced to quit the game.


This is a very fun game even though I have absolutely no idea what I'm doing half the time. Thank you for making this game Anuke, it is very good

Hey, I like this. I play it on my phone, I want to play it on my windows 7 [32 bit 4 GB RAM]. when I open the app I can't see any buttons.

Problem: Icons not showing. Icons are black

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Same, its maybe because the game is need to run on windows 8 or higher, i try it on windows 10, and it work

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i did not understand the game, idk if i did not gave enough time to it, the stuff is too complicated tho but it seemed like a fun game. :/

the people are kind of toxic, i dont care for that but the game crashes a lot. (edit: i stopped the sudden crash)


You should try playing through the campaign before playing multiplayer, since its really simple and helps you learn!


Yeah I agree with barbecued, playing multiplayer first is a bad idea. Havent been on in a while but i havnt had any experience with toxic people.

If you ever want to play whithout dealing with toxicity tho feel free to message me on discord.

Is there a way to universally set a destination for resources from all zones?

why are my clicks not registering :/


You're gonna have to give more information if you want anyone to be able to help you.

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amazing game it would be perfect if community was not toxic as hell Anuke if you release further games i will know if its on

Last i remembered, it wasnt that toxic


you clearly have not played in a while

Dude or dodebt just ignore the toxic people they're not worth your time and they just make your life miserable


they are so toxic i CANT ignore them


My game doesn't want to launch, doe anyone know how to fix this issue?


maybe upgrade your ram


You're gonna have to give more information if you want anyone to be able to help you.


I added like 20 mods ;-;


did it crash?

no i did it too

my favorite mods are gold diamond ore and invincible


102 hours well spent



anuke what have you created


this is only beginning of your journey (i got an 1k hours spent)

eu achei um erro vai no coloca um muro e passa a esteira por cima.só que a esteira ponte não esta desbloqueada ainda.mas você consegue construir

No, do you make the game like this?It didn't work

커뮤니티 확인 아이콘

i think anuke will add moon(:


Do you think anuke will add moon? 🤔


I don't know but it would be good if he added one or more stars around the planet


First let me start off by saying I love this friggin game even more so after the update. So you developed the cryofluid mixer for certain buildings/structures it dosent produce alot of cryofluid which is fine, but I was wondering if you'd be willing to develop let's say a cryofluid factory that produces 3 or 4x more than the mixer just a thought. And the reason I thought of this is for the last two tiers of units being it takes 60 CF a second and 180 CF a second and the mixer only can produce 12 per mixer thats atleast 20 mixers to make them run efficiently. Just a thought.


i miss this game, it doesn't run in my pc anymore :(


what your spec

You can download it on your phone, y'know

So does this version have online multiplayer? And if someone supports the game here, do they still just get the game and just supports or does the supporter get a steam code if the donation is over 5€

Deleted 28 days ago

I proudly present to you:

106 - this is fine

another one:

Another day in impact 0017

And more:



can anuken release v7 of mindustry pls anuken?


It's easier said than done, but let's give Anuke our support.

to show you guys

how to screenshot for my defends

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Hi Anuken, can i upload Mindustry on 3839 Games App store,we have hundreds of millions players, wish to bring your game to them.



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He goes by the name of anuken sometimes

he already uploaded the game himself???

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WAIT WHY I NOT GET UPDAT- wait what? disappeared?

(again) AAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(again with downloaded) Oh...

and on mobile update you can hold to SHOT

You might need some help...

sorry what


Yeah so the mac download release has no codesignature file like, at all, inside the package contents.  No wonder it isn't opening.  


i can nolonger update the game because my free trial for the winzip file opener is over


just use 7zip

it's basically winzip but free and without the ads


windows unzips files for free as well lel


just use winrar even if your license is over you can still use it

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bruhhh can this be updated on my PC automatically? or do i just have to download again.


bruhh just use the itch launcher bruhh like bruhh just do it bruhh bruhh bruhh


Shut UP


shut up man pls



coming in with the dani 

'can this be updated on my PC automatically?' Me:no...


use the itch launcher bruhh like bruhh seriously bruhh bruhhhhhhh

I had the same problem, but I solved it by downloading another copy of Mindustry (the now copy should be the updated one), exporting my save data from the outdated copy, and importing it into the new copy (I got an error when I tried to import the data, but it still seemed to work).

Hope this helps!


ok, WHY?


Still can't open the application on Mac OSX Mojave. Even when right clicking to select open from menu, I just get:

“” is damaged and can’t be opened. You should move it to the Trash.

Something is wrong with the codesigning can someone please help those of us on mac who haven't been able to play now for several weeks? I wish I just hadn't tried to update at all, because at least before I could use the app.

did click the file twice if you just rename the file to mindustry.exe it won't work click the file twice

huh? I'm not sure what you are suggesting. This isn't an .exe, thats a windows file format.  This is the mac version, so the extension is different.  It won't open though, because it is saying the application's codesigning is corrupt.  

lmao why would you is when you can just a was was smh

Idk why not?

is v6 released yet? im still not sure

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wyes lol like about 3 months now

Yes it has, it's a huge and awesome update

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