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It is not only an incredible game but it's also GPL3-licensed. I'll buy it on Steam.

how do i ADD a mod to the game. all guides i have found where how to MAKE mods

u download a mod and press mods then import the  go to downloads and click on the mod

you can find a name mod on GitHub, open mindustry, click on "import github mod" then enter the name of the creator, a /, and the mod name, press import, and you're done

the map works now

the map is broken. when i open it becomes blac


How do i stop oil from burning?


You need a turret that shoots liquid, namely the Wave. You'll need to fill it with either Water or Cryofluid. It will automatically target any fires within its range and try to put it out. 


Ay this is helpful thank man


how do i change the language


why is some of the game translated and some parts not?


Technically the game is still being developed, so some translations might not be completely in.



good game. i like it.

Great strategy game so far.


This game is favourite in the strategy catagory!






Amazing, definitely the best FOSS game I've ever played. Love the art style too. Definitely going to pay for it now and possibly get it on Android.


For all the people who paid for mindustry on steam and on mobile, bruh
P.s: love this game <3


Support the developper is better than just playing it for free...

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Anuke has their own reasons. On iOS, the fees to place it on the Appstore is fairly expensive and a long process, so to make up for it, it's paid on iOS (Free on Android though, since Google doesn't slap you when you want to put an app on to Google Playstore). The Steam version, while identical to the version here, has access to all Steam functions, such as Steam Play (removes the need to port forward), the Steam Workshop (for downloading maps and mods), and auto-updates (so you don't have to constantly check back here). It's also just a nice way to support the dev, and it doesn't even cost much.

i love this game, i think how about 3d


It’s ok in 2D


Awesome game, hope you can keep developing it and make it what you want it to be



has a lot to compare to factorio, but its distinct enough to be fun. this game is more based on pressure of advancing ur defenses rather than building a rocket. 10/10



I can't seem to run the .exe file. Does anyone have an idea or a guide because I have small brain.


make sure the .exe is in the direc folder, although i dont exactly know what ur problem is


i dont like this game, litelary when i join i server i try to help but they ban me from the server for 6 hours and the same happen till i get banned from the game, and what i most hate is that the reason of the ban is nothing and this is why i dont like this game


Maybe try playing in singleplayer first? Sounds like you did something wrong, probably because of inexperience. There are also some tutorials on youtube to get started, if it's more convenient for you.

Some people found something to steal uuid so maybe someone stole ur uuid and grief or hack on servers

if the multiplayer community is bad the game isnt automatically bad. you're probably making a mistake. if someone says ur doing something wrong ask them how to fix it. also play single player to practice.

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Great game but I updated recently (now and near the start of the year) and it no longer works... I'm using mac

um does anyone have this problem where they can download the windows version but cannot open the app? as in i click it but nothing opens

yep tried to research the solution but no luck, have u found a solution yet?


try this:

  1. right click on the file,
  2. click properties,
  3. click on permissions,
  4. And click on execute(not on the disabled ones). Note: this happened on linux and this is the process i went through.

EX-CEL-LENT. That's the Factorio I would have wanted, Tower Defense and simplier/nervous building system. Finishing the whole campaign has been a pleasure. Thanks !


is it possible to move progress from github version to version?

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you can export progress in a .zip and import in version

como,eu tinha falado,eu fiz o teste,talvez meu computador não seja capaz de rodar mindustry,fiquei um pouco triste,mas eu ainda posso jogar o jogo em outras plataformas,como o android

eu amo esse jogo,mas quando eu tento iniciar o .exe ele não funciona,foi a bastante tempo,vou fazer mais uns testes

No momento, tenho esse problema, como você o corrigiu?

infelizmente,eu não consegui corrigir o problema,se vc tem windows 10 não deve ser problema de compatibilidade 


I've dumped 120 hrs into this game over the past 2-3 weeks. Holy hell is this an underrated game. Defo sharing to friends.

this game got me hook


im not 100% sure on how to message anuke personally or if i can, can anyone help me?


Anuke sometimes reads these comments and you can try going to official mindustry discord server





Very Good Game!!!

What is your preference for people buying the game? On here or Steam whatwith the steamcut and all that.

Normal multiplayer and easy acess to community servers

I need to get a map to text file I'm on Android version 7.1.1 

Map> text file> downloadable file> discord

I have had no help with this so please help ·—·


i can´t install,when download bar it´s almost over,the download is prohibited 

Привет Ануке. Подскажи пожалуйста как мне сделать свой мод

это не русский блог поэтому отвечу я, набери в гугле Mindustry Modding там всё на английском, но впринципе понятно


Hm, I also wanted to suggest some stuffs : 

PLEASE add another type of core like a bigger and stronger one. Nuceus is not enough for long missions and putting on vaults will take some room y'know

CAN you guys make like the core itself has its own installed turret. Really I want this.

MAYBE you guys can add a mod maker app for Mindustry? Making mods manually is quite hard actually. Especially making lots of sprites and buildings.

PLEASE add more mech pads tho, like a builder pad or destroyer, you know, each type?

KEEP the feature that players are allowed to control produced units, I really like it.

HOW about units that can only go on waters? Yeah I know its already on the v6 alpha but its quite glitchy.

MOTHERSHIPS. Like a unit that launces smaller units. For exam : Revenants launces a Wraith Fighter every 50 seconds and has a maximum unit of 2, that would be great.

IF theres a Meltdown, it will be good if there are also a Freezedown, a version of Meltdoen that freezes enemies instead of setting them on fire.

Thats all I can think so far, hopefully these can improve the game for good.


Anuke is alone in developing the game
You said the water unit are "glitchy" but it's an ALPHA so it's normal if they are glitchy
He's not gonna add more mech pad because he deleted the mech category
If you want constructor mech , there's trident and if you want destructor mech there's omega and glaive


Its not really alpha yet, Truth to be told the developer does not want anyone playing 6.0 for now.

I just wanted to say, the builder mech pad is actually in the game, it's either the trident or tau, but in 6.0 I don't think there is a similar thing, At least not rn at least.


Wait a second, if mindustry has released the v6 alpha on pc, is there any platform on android too? I just wanted to download the android version. The release build on pc and android is the same, but the features are litteraly diffirent, like really..

(Anyhoo, i wanted to download the android version just for an "emergency" gameplay if my pc somehow shutdown, that alwasy happened.)


6.0 isn't even alpha yet, the developer does not want anyone playing 6.0 for now

How about now, is there a playable version for andriod now that its been a week since V6 release?


does mindusry free


ye, u are allowed to donate anything, but the game itself is 100% free

it's free but playing free version u are blocking Steam multiplayer or any other platform u'll play


Would it be possible to include a game recording function?

Sometimes I get carried away developing power systems, or an overly complicated system of redunduncies and I don't notice that the attackers and wiped out my front line, and the second line, and are now walking thru my base.

It would be nice if the game was being recorded so I could watch a replay of what happened, to analyse it, and learn from it.

A screen recorder wouldn't help since the screen was focused on the periferals, not the battle.

It's just an idea I thought I'd share.


i think some kind of camera block would be good, it attaches to player and adds an extra window at any screen corner


It is a really good game. It is only annoying when you want to play with friends you have to make your own server and there is not much information about how to set up a server and stuff. It would be nice if there would be a easy step-by-step guide for how to make one.


on the mindustry discord server there is a faq or you can ask other people on there


try using stuff like hamachi to play with other people


I tried using hamachi, ZeroTier... but nothing seems to work

hamachi in general is broken for me on all devices I have tried


you can make LAN games with Steam 

not only LAN

That's the bad of free version, Steam has it's own working multiplayer


Great game both the classic edition and this one!

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Good strategie game Do you search for another one ?

A good game is 0ad saerch it on Google its free opensource and for Mac,Linux and Windows. It s like AOE. Please download it on the Official Site here is the Link

If you want to read first something about the Game. Here is wikepedia

And there the Trailer of the newest Version;


Please correct me if im wrong, but are you really advertising another game in mindustry's reviews? Because it certainly seems like you are.

They are.....

Thsi is sad

its actually so hard to tell since you can only read 2 lines before having a stroke

stop advertising your own content on a much better game, you greedy jerk!

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