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Anuke, I was really happy if this was available for 32bit but it wasnt . But Please include it because im a fan of thease type of games and i do like pixel games too.

I will be looking into making a 32-bit version soon.

I was very happy for your reply but if you can also do it pn ios it will be a pretty good game and i will also be very happy to play it.

i noticed there was no icon so i made my own :D. btw Great game.

 when I open it , it is in a termanal

Its a super cool game, me and my friends play it on school all day but there´s one thing i would like in the game. Maybe you could make something that it automaticly updates, like a client or something. Because now i need to go to the website everytime ( Its worth it ;) ) But it would make it easier. Thank you for creating this super awesome game and keep up the good work!!

Hi Anuke How are you? My name is Jocando 21 from the Hispanic community. And if you like it, I could help you with the translation into Spanish :) / Hola Anuke Como estas Mi Nombre Es Jocando 21 de la comunidad hispana Y si gustas al igual que yo pdria ayudarte con la traduccion al español :)

Currently, the text in the game is hard-coded in and is in the process of being converted to translatable text files. So, translation isn't supported yet, but will be soon. Thanks for the offer, though! If you want, I can contact you once this is done.

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Ok let me know. I'll be attentive

Don't know if anybody already mentioned it but, congratz! SplatterCatGaming just posted a play through of Mindustry! Keep up the good work!

Well, that explains all the views-- thanks for posting about this!

Can you add blueprint-style building?  It would make the game a lot faster so you don't have to pause and build a whole entire setup again.

Also, if you click on a teleporter arrow that is ontop of another teleporter,  it won't click the arrow but it will click the teleporter.

I know, that really annoys that, because i loveto use teleporters. Please Fix it if you can Anuke.


How do you run this on mac?

Download the mac version.

How do liquids compute?  The oil extractor says 45 oil/sec for 1 coal/sec and I have two flux (45 oil/sec). But I still don't get 1 coal per sec.  It's more like 1 every 5

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I did some investigating, and the problem was that pumps were not transferring the liquid fast enough. So, they were indeed generating 45 oil/sec, but not offloading it to the pipes. This should be fixed in the upcoming release.

Thankyou in advance for fixing it.  I never use any of the extractors because of this.

 minimap :)



I love it so much. It is so fun and i cant wait to see more additions to it.

I have some suggestions if you wanna put them in:

Make a turret Ammo detector. It detects how much ammo a turret has, and if it needs ammo, unblocks a conveyor to let ammo. I would use this a lot since my turret conveyors get overflowed and i don't really like it to much.

Maybe a storage bock, and different tiers? Could be useful in some places.

Be able to move the centre block.

More types of mechs.

A custom map builder?

A drag tool for placing many blocks at once.

Multiplayer? I don't know why you would want it, it just popped into my head. Maybe PvP modes were you have to invade the other teams base, or maybe a co-op with many different bases.

A SUPER MAP. Were your not defending your centre block, but maybe a town or city? I think that would be cool.

Maybe a space map or maps?

Some wack and crazy blocks and mines. Like some stuff that could blow-up at any second, but if you have it, you will reap the rewards. 

I like the power system. It takes some getting used to, But maybe you could add some wires of some sort. I just find it a bit weird to work with power lasers, but i still like them.

If did add any of these, please do the Custom map builder. I would really want that.

Thanks for reading (If you did) and Thanks for making this game. Keep adding awesome things to it and keep up the awesome work!



btw if i put this in the wrong place, sorry. Just found out about (Thanks to this game =D)

You can do the ammo detector thing by putting a router behind the turret.

Many of these are already planned or in the works! I've started working on the map editor a few days ago, and the drag-place tool has just been implemented as well. Thanks for the feedback!


I never seem to use any of the turrets besides the double, railgun, and Titan turrets.  Maybe try slowing down progression of resources so that the early content can be more appreciated.  Also, deleting is annoying and takes too long.

Which map are you playing on? Different maps have different difficulties, and sometimes (as you say) it's possible to warp through the tiers very quickly. Other maps are much more difficult: today, testing in caves, I was having trouble setting up reliable steel production, even by wave 8, as the enemies were harassing my production. A few updates ago, when I was playtesting in fortress, I was producing dirium by that time.

It also depends on how the ores generate around your base. Sometimes you get lucky, other times you don't. Still, you're right: very often, it takes too much little time to progress, and some of the turrets are quite useless. I will look into this when I can.

As for deletion, I agree, and that has been fixed in the 3.1 update.

In order to save your game, do you have to download the game?

Yes. Saving isn't supported on web for technical reasons.

Bonjour, j'ais repéré un bug sur la Map grassland, un ennemi se bloque entre des blocs ce qui bloque les vagues.  

In english,  "Hello, I spotted a bug on the map grassland, an enemy sometimes hides between blocks, which stops the waves."   the most part.

Tunnels are a bit confusing still, maybe provide a bit more explaination in game?

This is true. I'll need to write a better description for them, and possibly show some usage in the tutorial.

By the way, Anuke, there's a thing going on where the next wave won't spawn until everything in the previous wave has been killed. In this way, you can box up one enemy and simply keep them there, and infinitely generate resources. I know this can result in people being swamped if their defenses aren't up to the task, but I still think it's better for the timer to continue ticking down even when the enemies are still alive.

Maybe Add Autosaving?  Went to paste a screenshot and instead clicked X thinking it autosaved.  RIP Me.


Yeah there is no save on the computer version! But there is one on mobile!


Hey Anuke, Is it always safe to pull the latest version on Github in regards to save game corruption? I thought I'd ask it here instead of Github because it's really an issue.

Kind regards,


In most cases, no, but I can't guarantee that there won't be something on Github that won't mess up your save. There shouldn't be a problem if you save to a different slot every few times you pull. In the unlikely event that a release the changes the version format, it won't erase your save files, just stop displaying them in the load dialog; you can fetch an earlier commit to get the save files showing again.

Thanks for the info!

I`d like to translate Mindustry into german...


Thank you; I'll notify you when the in-game text has been set up to work with translations.


I'd like to know why my game crashed and my memory overloaded forcing me to restart the computer when i got a weapon that fires up shit and when i used it on a block of grass (the undestructable one), that happened.

I can't say what caused it without seeing a crash report in a terminal. What I can say, though, is that the firing up was probably unrelated to the crash; grass blocks aren't supposed to interact with fire at all. I've never had any crashes like this been reported before, and I could not reproduce the bug myself. Sorry, but there's not much I can do.

german ?

Coming soon. I'm working on localization for the game, and I'll try to find a translator that can put it in German.

i can translate to german...

Thank you for creating such a awesome game. The new update is a wonderful addition.

Hey there Anuke! I was wondering if there was a way to download or to listen to the 8-bit music of Mindustry... Its really catchy... I mean heck, theyre top notch... Enjoying your game... Just trying to get past Wave 22....


The music was made by RoccoW: There should be download links for the songs used in the game if you scroll down long enough; I forget th. Although, it is worth noting, the music wasn't made specifically for Mindustry; I just found it by looking around for copyright-free chiptune music on FreeMusicArchive.

Oh, thanks for the info, I actually thought you made it... Hehehe... 

This is that one particularly awesome song.

Hey, I was wondering if it will be possible to download version 3.0 as a file on Android? I'm unable to use Google Play so I'd really like to be able to download it like the previous version.

I forgot about that; it should be there now.


This game is rather fun! Hoping to see more amazing updates in the future.

Mind if i make a suggestion? Such as a map editor/creator would be a nice addition to the game.

Overall, this game is fun to play and has a lot of potential!

Suprisingly enough, this defense fell the next wave

Yeah.... I tried a sandbox at Wave 50.... I had a ton of healers and cannons with shields.... it just instantly fell... I think thats why we got doors... We might have to go overboard and develop multiple layers of defense rather than just one... Having to repair the first walls will be difficult though.... maybe Anuke should add a "break time" every 10 waves so we can build up in peace for 3-5 minutes I guess...

Wave scaling needs a bit of work right now; some of them seem to be too hard, especially on specific linear maps like Grasslands. I'm re-balancing the enemy amounts right now.

I definently agree.  It also feels way too fast in general.

TFW all of your defense gets thwarted by the enemy and they get to the core before you're able to do anything... T^T RIP 

Please, Anuke make a version of the game to 86x bits! Please!

how to use router?


The router splits items into any of the three directions it is not inputed from.  If items come in from the right, it can go up,left, or down.

How do the tunnels work?

The tunnels work going under only 1 block.  Place the open side of the tunnel facing the way the items are coming and going.

like this tunnel>block<tunnel.

They do now, but I don't think that how they work!

how do i rotate the belts?

It should be R for 2.0, or the scrollwheel for the new 3.0 beta.

Amazing update! The new AI is great but on some maps like maze you can put  blocks near one or two enemies and they will stay away from the blocks allowing you to spend as much time as you want on a round.

This game surprised me.  Its really fun and there is a lot of content (especially with the new beta 3).  One thing I would change though is how fast the waves progress in difficulty.

This is really fun dude, keep up the good work!


Wow great game! What engine are You using? Also nice work!

He uses LibGDX. Link

one think i kinda dislike is how u cant save ur games on computer unless u download the game on ur computer

This is due to a limitation of the engine. In a later version, I might be able to work around it.

I absolutely LOVE the teleporters they are just SO USEFUL. One thing that might really help is if there was a better config UI, or if you could click on a little button next to the block selection box to change the color that would be used whenever you placed a teleporter.

I like your pfp anuke nice cat


Wonderful work on the update! Love the game :D

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