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OUTSTANDING game on Android!
The best game of all times up to now in my opinion!
Please expand the campaign! I played hours in the campaign, because i had achievements (tech tree and item farming), while I can't find much motivation in the standalone runs in the additional maps.

In 6.0 there is going to be TONS of new maps, while not as in depth there will be so many for you to capture

this game is a very good game to play on any platform

wow, this blew me away!


Mr. Anuke, I have set up dedicated server on Linux but I can only connect to it via direct IP ("Remote server"). It don't show in steam version "Community Servers" section. Is there additional listen port required? How to make dedicated server to show in ingame browser.

You have to do a pr in the source code to add your server to the list.


This game is so good!!!

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Sir Anuke, I've downloaded from here and paid nothing. But dont feel sad, I just dont have paypal nor card. I've bought your great game on Steam (even it may eat you 30%). Continue your great work, please!


there is a mod called the biggest mod, DO NOT DOWNLOAD UNLESS YOU DONT WANT TO LOSE EVERYTHING

The best game ever, easy but also complex with smooth controls, graphics and movement, and the efects are wonderful. It has everything i love about this type of game.

Honestly great work (b^_^)b


how do i update mindustry?


download the newest version and you can transfer your save steam version updates automatically and you get a server browser of other servers using steam (:


i cant wait for v6 I LOVE IT! it  a perfect game for me who does not like it


I love the game! Im playing the game for months i played it when it was alpha. Plz update version v6 I cant wait! :)


Hmm.. do I need to make a mod so I can make a customized campaign map? I hope it was, cuz I searched the feature on the game and there is no button to create a custom campaign map. So making a MOD to make campaign map is true?

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Hi Anuke, I have a suggestion for you, there should be a button with a "C" next to the clipboard button on the bottom right to show the contents of the player's core.

This is a great game to play. Thanks.

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The game would be better if long-press and short-press (tap) for Android were reversed. Having to long-press/tap for the actions you do the most, and short-press/tap for actions which are done less-often, is stupid. When in the game you don't care about scrolling/swiping unless you intend to scroll/swipe, so swap long-press/tap and short-press/tap around.

Hey Anuke can you make a guide on map editor? So we can make more map and also show us wat gamemode can we make for this game?Like how do people build those TD map

What exactly do you mean? 

        For all modes you need a core, any core will work.

          • For Attack you need a enemy core also.
          • For PVP you need a different colour core.
          • For Survival you need a Enemy Spawn.
          • For Sandbox you only need a core.

          This is surprisingly awesome. Best of the tactical games I played xD.

          This is a really good game. For those who want a Factorio-like game, I recommend this.

          Will this game be updated again on here?

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          how to creat new server i want join with my friend

          you can use hamachi to create a virtual LAN network to play together

          it's a lot easier to use steam version, yea it's not free but multiplayer and Community Servers is goo

          The new version [104.10] cannot input Chinese, but can be copied into the game

          im on mobile, wtf happened I am on round 46 I do not want to lose my progress, I cant move or do anything 



          i love this game i have been playing it on mobile but i saw you could get on on pc so i started playing it all over again i love to start a game all over again

          You can just transfer your data from mobile to pc.


          Hello Anuken,

          I created a thread over there on toucharcade for your game:

          I like your game and think it needs more attention also on mobile from the User base. Your game is really amazing and is really cheap for the many hours of content. Keep up your good work and hopefully it pays out financially for you. Please come over to toucharcade and say hello. The guys over their appreciate to get in touch with developers.

          For those who don't know this game:

          This game is GREAT.

          -Beautiful UI

          -Good BGM

          -Excellent core gameplay

          Hope to see more update in the future.

          can i play this game with friend?

          yes but if you´re not on the same network try using hamachi to create a virtual one so the game thinks you´re on the same network, or you can just buy the steam version for 5 dollars


          After opening, game says "oh no Your graphics card does not support OpenGL 2.0 with the framebuffer_object extension!..." thing. My PC supports OpenGL 2.0 fully (I checked with OpenGL Extensions Viewer 6.0) 

          Can someone help?

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          Hi Anuke can you develop a full-map printscreen so that i can record my efforts :)

          PS: I'm an Android player

          Hi, Anuke i what to give some feedback for an updtate sistem like what you did for the moding sistem but automated :)

          btw it a sugestion


          That's the thing of free version, it doesn't update automatically. You can just buy Steam version and it will



          I don't have any problem. I only just want to give thanks.

          Really, thank you, continue to updating game!


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          Hi Anuke

          I can't run the 64-bit, it keep crashing everytime I open it, can someone help me ?

          do you by any chance have a 32-bit OS?

          Mine is 64-bit , I can't run the 32-bit it keep saying that I don't have opengl 2.0 but 64-bit is running at low fps and keep crashing ,, Later that day I can run the 32bit just fine

          Try turning off some graphics settings in 64-bit, or just tick the 'Pixelate' box

          have not been on in a bit but every since build 96 on pc i have not been able to join servers the list tells me cant connect to hosts and i just got 104.10 and im not getting the community server list

          Hi anuke I wanted to know if there is already support for win XP 32bit because it tells me that it is not a valid win32 application



          Why u use XP in 2020?

          More specifically, why 32bit in 2020, all modern CPUS can run 64bit

          I have this problem. It is due to poverty and using a hand-me-down that is older than ten years. No amount of complaint on your part will change this.

          well you can download the 32-bit version if you didn´t already

          Deleted 25 days ago

          you may be using a wrong version of the game, example: you have an 32-bit OS and downloaded the 64-bit version or the other way around

          Hey Anuke, I'm having a problem where the game crashes when I start it and it gives the null pointer error. I think it might be because I messed with the mods too much or something. What should I do?

          If mods are the problem, try deleting them if you didn't yet


          Anuke i just want to say i really love your game keep up the good work

          Hi Anuke! Asking, I wanted to make a mod of a turret that spew out missiles. The only problem that the modding guide on ( didn't tell the major script of MissileBulletType. I know it was similar to the Swarmer turret, but please, how do I program a missile turret? I was actually want to took an example program of the Swarmer turret, but the files were just a void, its empty, but how?

          By the way, real sorry for some wrong words. If have any suggestions, please, I really need one, thanks!

          How about a Chrome OS version? XD

          (Yes, I know the original version exists as an in-browser game, but I prefer the official release)


          PLS ADD controller support in mindustry

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          I mean, that doesnt sound like it'd work all that well

          Actually not a bad idea.

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