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Hey Anuke, I'm having a problem where the game crashes when I start it and it gives the null pointer error. I think it might be because I messed with the mods too much or something. What should I do?


Anuke i just want to say i really love your game keep up the good work

Hi Anuke! Asking, I wanted to make a mod of a turret that spew out missiles. The only problem that the modding guide on ( didn't tell the major script of MissileBulletType. I know it was similar to the Swarmer turret, but please, how do I program a missile turret? I was actually want to took an example program of the Swarmer turret, but the files were just a void, its empty, but how?

By the way, real sorry for some wrong words. If have any suggestions, please, I really need one, thanks!

How about a Chrome OS version? XD

(Yes, I know the original version exists as an in-browser game, but I prefer the official release)


PLS ADD controller support in mindustry

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I mean, that doesnt sound like it'd work all that well

Actually not a bad idea.

im having trouble opening the game on my laptop. i think i have done it right but the game wont open. thank you for your help

is was doing the same thing to me you have to open the file and klick mindustry it will tek you extract all and a new file will appear and this it click on mindustry and will open don't to coppy past

Hello I have a problem. When I try to join some online servers it states that I am banned . When I contacted the staff they said thats duped uuid and told me to contact to you. They said that you can change the uuid of a player. Is that possible ? Thank you for your help in advance. 

me too fuck

were you contact the staff

I playing on Anroid phone and tablet. but everywhere i have to play separatly. Can i have somehow account with save game?

Their are no acounts

only on

The Windows 32 bit version keeps crashing. What can I do?

What version of windows are you using?

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The 7 professional 32 bit

Anuke, I play on Android and i've Lost my progression in game, Can I get it back? Or download new data but I do not know where to find them 

the writer nmsl

Is there any mod that gives unlimited resources?


no, I dont think so, however, there is a sandbox mode in custom game which gives you unlimited resources.

Thanks! I didn't really see it!


yeah there are check workshop

Ok thanks I'll check it

gets too easy at wave 100


Is there any tutorials for setting up a mindustry server, preferably on raspberry pi 3b, I was running a minecraft server there before so i already have Some version of java on it. 


there is no tutorial i think but it is very easy to setup a mindustry server 

if you have your port open mindustry poort 6567

than you download the server files open it and thats it if you need help reply

This game is awesome , i'm not allowed to use any online paying method ..

i'm so sorry i cant help :(

We must stoke the fires of Mindustry!


Hey Anuke, the new windows version doesn't work. It doesn't have the executable icon and crashses on start

how do i make energi for the energi cells?


There's a bunch of buildings you can unlock that make energy

Hey, i bought the game on steam and i cant get it to launch. I hit play and it never loads. Can you please help? My email is

hey Anuke, flying units are extremely overpowered in the game. I have had extreme problems with dealing with them. May I suggest a placable item that blocks flying units in exchange for power. Kind of like walls but for flying enemies.

you should use anti air weapons and u can use shields


Awesome game!


Hi guys! Where I can download Server.jar? Say the answer on my Gmail:

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Download thing in red square.


if I download a better version, does it keep my save?




Una elegancia de juego, yo lo jugaba en cel y esta una delicia.



guys where can i download Sevrer.jar? say the answer in my mail :

Download thing in red square.

Awesome game. Thank you for releasing the source.


I download it but it doesn't show up as a app and it shows up as a zip file.


Have you downloaded WinRar? If not use this link here


Bonjour, je voudrais créer une partie en ligne pour jouer avec mon frère, comment dois-je m'y prendre ? J'ai essayer de chercher en ligne, mais je ne trouve pas. Merci d'avance.

En fait c'est simple, tu lance une partie personalisée, tu vas dans le menu, puis appuie sur "Heberger une partie". Si ton frère est sur le même réseau que toi, alors il devrait voir ton nom apparaître dans "Local Server" après avoir appuié sur "rejoindre une partie"


Can anyone pause the game in local multiplayer?(android)


Dude its local not only you are playing on a multyplayer and no...


I want to give the devs the largest percentage of my money and get the best version of the game available. Would buying it on steam satisfy both those conditions?


Yes and no, you will get the most stuff, easier online modes and more but also it just adds achievements to actual gameplay


how about the cut that the devs receive?

steam take about 30% , and in itch they have a system where the developer can decide what percentage they want to share with the platform but is set on 10% as default (and the developer can decide on more or less )

How to make a publik mindustry server on android?


I need help, i am hosting a port forwarded server and me and my friend can join just ok, he can build mine shoot etc, but i cannot do anything, when i am joined and am moving on my screen, he sees me just standing on spawn doing nothing, thank you for your help

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How to update Mindustry? 102.3 to 104.2


Just install like you install the game for the first time

Note: make a back up folder just in case

and when i do this i see that the is a folder in AppData so the data might not lost

I can't open the game. Pls help.

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This is a really cool game! I'm playing it for a long time now and started modding it, but i have an issue. I'm making a mod that makes the whole game much harder. I tried to change the techtree but it just duplicated the items…. i did research:conveyor

it worked but it was after the conveyor and at its original place. Could you help me or (if it is one) fix the bug?

Very good game!

I hope that more cool updates will come and keep the good work up!

Thank you for making this game(and reading this)!!


can I export a save file from my phone to my computer?



You go to settings\game\export game




Your welcome!

Deleted 101 days ago

"You're" welcome!

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please tell me what to do if an error ???

<font style="vertical-align: inherit;"><font style="vertical-align: inherit;">что делать если ошибка ????? </font><font style="vertical-align: inherit;">пожалуйста, скажите мне. <img src = "<a href=""></a>"></font></font>
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One of the best game on steam !


i bought it off steam. Game wont even launch. tons of people having the same issue. Could someone look into this.


You could. It's open source, so if you want to fix it yourself then do so. Also, it's completely free. Feel free to try it out and change some things yourself...

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