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i added budget for my selfcare to be a feminine boy , oh yeas , when i will become later feminine man i will be even more happy 


Objective: survive 500 waves on the Nuclear Production Complex map. That's what I'm covering in the latest series, it'll be a lot of work but I think we can do it!

I have a rather large Mindustry playlist built up at this point, if you enjoy watching Mindustry or you're curious what it's all about, I invite you to watch and see.



go to hell with your paid games


What are you on about?


You know you can try it for free, right?  Lol.


A) You can play it for free...
B) Developers put time and sometimes money into their games, they deserve to get something out of it.




These people that are so stupid that theey cant see that there is a "No thanks just take me to the download" button...

You can even sell the game yourself. It's less than a free game. You can technically sell the game yourself, yet you should probably make it your own. You would need to retain the licence as well.


FYI, the latest patch broke two items.

1) Friendly ships now collide with your ship again.

2) The silhouettes of the structures you are now building covers up your ship.

I've seen issue 2 happen way long ago, I don't believe it was introduced in this version.

Ah ok.  I hadn't noticed it before.  Thanks!

How to change the defaut port for dedicated server?


There is a bug when you try to use the infinite resource block in editor mode it won't output any items.


You need to click it and select the item you want it to output

Quand je crée un serveur l'an avec mes amis nous ne pouvons faire de 1v1v1 car il y a deux équipes max.

Quea t-il une solution


Before purchase it says I will also receive a Steam key, but I didn't? Do I have to buy the game again?

Does anyone know how to connect to games via VPN? I'm using ZeroTier One. Me and my friend want play together in the same game but we can't play from different IP's so we use a VPN to use  that IP and play together. But its not working. We tried everything like connecting to each others IP's. Note that I'm using PC and my friend is on mobile. Im trying to host the games. According to all the things we done, we are on the same IP/VPN, therefore we should see each others on the server list. But no, it does not work. Can anyone help me in this situation?

Try LogMeIn's Hamachi.

You can try our(Connect) "Remote multiplayer" plan:G Project.It can fit every "Support LAN multiplayer games".If you have a QQ account, you can join our group :907864047 

Did you try restarting your computer after installing ZeroTier and joining the same network? I've had problems using ZeroTier with other games until I restarted my computer. I haven't tried using ZeroTier with mobile, or with Mindustry, but hopefully this helps. 😄

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for example, send a message to the other player asking if it wants to ally, if it accepts, the allies will be ableto share energy and materials.

I'm running a new laptop with an i7 9750h and Nvidea Quadro T1000 but the game says my laptop does not support OpenGL 2.0 and I highly doubt that is the case.



I think you could legitimately increase the price on steam to 10$. Comparing to Factorio and Automation Empire (25€!!), it's a fair price. Plus you could join sales, which seems to be an important part for games nowadays. Just my thoughts, don't expect you to follow them or anything.

Btw, I had difficulties paying and even donating on I guess I will just have to buy it on steam aswell...


It's free and open source. If you increase the price that high, people wont see the point of buying it and supporting the developers. Either way, it was never made to make money...

I see. Well thank you very much from this great game!


Why does not gra on windows 32 bit. is everything ok with the file?


Have it on steam, such a fun game :D


Great game, I'm trying to learn to mod for it:))


After I got the update on android, the damaged structure are not blinking when being repaired by mender. Anyway this game was very interesting, it reminds me of red alert games. I hope the creator will add more contents likes maps/bloacks/units, and life in the maps.

Got some more gameplay out, this time we're playing the chambers workshop map. It's sure to be interesting.

If you're looking for more Mindustry action, there's lots available in my playlist

As always, thanks Anuke for this awesome game :)

I have been playing this game since its first release and now it's still cool :D


Nice game, love that you publish it for free, even with source! Lot's of Respect!
Was a little annoyed by having to play the first level 3 times before realizing it could have be done the first time, so clear unlock goals while in a map or something would be really nice :)


Amazing game and for such a "price" just perfection!

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Omg this game is a masterpiece, and you did it for free??? Mass respect, keep up with the work man.


Could their be a way to make the "percentages" in the editor whenever you are doing generation on a map to make it to where it would make sure there is only 3 block or 4 blocks and so on, because that would really help with placing enemy spawns to where there would always be only 2 instead of leaving it up to chance?

hey maybe an idea to have an option to auto replace destroyed block because i had couple games where i got a bit frustrated by 2 motherships destroying stuff and i cant see anything of what was built under the mothership and most of the time its some belt or pipe that conects everything.. or is there already a mod for it pls let me know

The builder drones do exactly that.  Build some of them and watch as they rebuild your base.  It's awesome.

Where do i go for mods others have made


find mods from the discord server:
from the channel #mods



Good Day Anuke, Would it be ok if a CO-OP gamemode existed in Mindustry? I'm interested in a Players v Entities kind of match. And If so, would you be able to create the necessary maps for it?


already exists.

it's called "servers"


New video up, we're playing on the Fortress map this time. I hope you all enjoy the video and there's tons more if you just can't get enough Mindustry action:

I have to say that was a pretty great video, and that you are a lot better than I am at the game - I'll have to make a custom map for you to play

I'll be playing a custom map for my channel next, let me know if you make something awesome :)

Nice video! I have found a weird trick (dont know if it works in the newest updates) here is the image. Painted in MS paint so its horrible.

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Do the enemies on the left just walk around to the right? Definitely something I'd have to test, sounds awesome though.

If enemys are already on the left, they usually keep attacking the wall and do not walk around to the right. (from personal experience at least)

No for me it's the opposite the enemies just walk to the right no matter what. The walls on the left just have to be really wide.

(again only from personal experience)

This was if I constructed a wall while enemies were already  heading towards that opening. When starting a new round the enemies do walk to the right

I think they look for the least hp between them and the core. I notice they seem to find my thinnest wall. So if I add lots of defense there, they always go there and get annihilated.

This is because the enemy AI is really simple and trys to find the path of least resistance. I usually have a really powerful turret setup with holes on either side, and put walls on any other openings. the enemys assume they can walk through the holes on either side, but get obliterated by the turrets.

Thats a really good tactic too!

Enemies go for the best path, even if there are turrets


How can create a mod?


I can help you


This is an astonishingly good game; probably the best open-source game ever made (not counting games which published their source many years after losing relevance). There's a keen game-design sensibility and attention to detail here which is very rare, let alone in an open-source project. It's an elegant, tight combination of ideas from Factorio and the tower-defense genre that feels very much unlike either of those two inspirations. It's very satisfying and addictive to tend to your growing garden of production lines and defenses while layering more and more complexity as technologies and space allows. I hope you make a fair income from the Steam release!

Agreed. Purchased on Steam(multiple gifts for friends), iOS and Android. Thank you for all the hard work and your continued dedication to the mindustry community.

Hear hear!

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I was wondering if you guys could make centipede unit. You know one that would around the enemies core and self destruct I really think that would be cool. It doesn't have to do much damage but having one would really make the game interesting and if your gonna make it let players have access to please and thanks.


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Example of zonesHey @Anuke, I know this may sound like whining to get a thing added to the editor, but please hear me out; Could the editor have "random zones" for random generation? 

This would help to make some areas have randomization while others wouldn't have that same effect, an example would be islands surrounded by deep sea, but you want to randomize the deep sea into shallow water - but not all of the ocean. 

And to add a layer upon that utility you could have multiple layers of the zones (maybe making it to where some would randomize after it?) and having to where walk-ways would change up and some walls would be there and not there whenever you try over and such.

I went ahead and done over kill on this by making a diagram of what it could look like on MS Paint, of course it is MS Paint and it looks horrible - but it is something other than a string of words

Hopefully making two maps and editing one I didn't skip over something like this (I know you can do the whole map but I was needing something like this for multiple things) And hopefully you've considered this for something if you read all the way through. Thanks for this amazing game!

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Also, can we PRETTY PLEASE have a way to see all of our resources without having to fly all the way back to our home base and clicking on it?!

Even if it has to be an option in the settings menu I would forever be grateful.


First we need secure the griefer problem! Then we got a lot of ideas to improve the game. But if the devs won't support us in that problem, i think we should leave mindustry forever...

Fallacy of relative privation?


me too,often when use schematics, I need to make sure all types of resources is enough.


i dont know how to undo replying to a comment after hitting "reply" so sorry if this bugs you

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Right under your reply there should be a "Delete" you can click on.  Must be logged into to see it.

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Would love to find a way to make my buildings ghost or dissappear altogehter so I can see what is under them.  It's easy to forget if you covered part of a resource patch or if your mine coverage isn't very efficient.  There's no way to check without destroying parts of your base.

Any way you could borrow from the idea of destroyed buildings having a ghost by creating a toggle to make your buildings ghost out (even fainter than the destroyed building's ghost)?

Hey, @Anuke, those who wants to migrate their gameplay from here to Steam and have paid, is there way to do just that?

Hello guys ! Names Thomas! 

I like your game, but we need serious help from the devs. There is a lot of griefers. All the servers are down cuz of them ( players constantly core nuking, or deleting stuff) We need nothing to big guys, just a little vote system change or plugin. Add a new system called V2B ( Vote 2 Build). That means if a new player join the server the others need to vote (at least 2-3) to give them right to build or delete. Otherwise they can't build. That will fix the deleting griefers. The bann system need to be changed as well. Fasten up a little bit! We need 2-3 min to bann someone ( in that time he can delete belts or generators, nodes etc) 

V2B system: The player who joins the server first automatically gain the right to build, the second one need to get the right from the 1st one, etc. It's a good game guys, make it better. 

Ingame name ZonTeX. You can find me in 3000 probably every good player know me there. We working on to fix the griefer rage. I hope you will help us ! Thumbs up from Hungary!

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Anuke isnt in charge of all of the servers, they are all community hosted. So instead report these situations to the moderaters and admins.

And the V2B feature probably might already be a server plugin that exists.

problem i have noticed a griefer will never say that he is going to grief, also "currupt" people (the first on the server) could make it so nobody else could biuld (taking over the server bacicly)


amazing game, also, very addictive

When I try to open up the game my mac says "Mindustry is damaged and can't be opened. You should move it to the bin."

It's the newest version.

Thanks in advance.

the game doesnt work anymore..

it always crashes on the loading screen when it reaches 75%.

also im a mac user..

maybe redownload it. if you already did, download the other mac version

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