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Probably the best, most refined game on Itch now, available in pay-what-you-want or free-to-play.


Love love LOVE the game!


I need a Firefighter update. There obviously will be a firefighter. It's just a useful drone that will get water from natural water sources or water banks built by player. After he will fly to fire and  remove it. I think it cold be useful


It could take water from any special block, if there isn't any water on the map.

Last time I was not prepared for Desolate Rift and it wasn't pretty. This time I'm ready for my REVENGEANCE!

Hey this is a great game have had a lot of fun on it you can also buy it here and on steam make sure to check it out! Its a great indie game which allows you to build amazing chains of resources without having to worry your little people will run of food or something else its really a lot of fun and hope you all enjoy the video if you check it out !

Hi, I really love this game and i'm trying to make a mod on it so I wanted to know: what attributs are necessary to make a pump ? I saw the modding part of the wiki but nothing help me to create a tile liquid on the floor and a pump for this liquid specially.

Thanks !!

Is the newest windows version incompatible with the game? I was playing the game yesterday through steam and now, after a windows update, cant launch it anymore. It give me the same error which says that my driver does not support opengl 2.0 (it does, i checked). And it says if you update the driver and it still does not work, your pc is incompatible, but it is since i was playing yesterday.


Guys, maybe someone of you could Help me. Im at Wave 440 (yea, No joke ....) in Wasteland. There are two enemie spawns, one for mostly Air Units and one for ground Units. In Wave 444 there will be a MASSIVE Titan Spawn, i tryed this Wave so many times ... There is No way of surviving this. Any Tips ? I have 32 Meltdowns in total, a very potent Energy supply of 8 Fusion reactors and all ressources in very large amounts.

U can make your own army to defeat it. example, you can make tons of ground units like the omega, tell me if it work

I had to abandon the map. The last update doubled the reload time of Meltdowns If cooled with water, i die instantly, even with pause-building there is no way i can supply my Meltdowns with Cryofluid. But thanks for your Help :-)

oh and i was building Units allready, but No effect. The Titan Mechs kill a Meltdown with 4-5 Hits, any Minion i produce dies in one Shot. 

What walls do you have?

The electric ones. 3 layers, and heal projectors Like 20 of them with Phase boost. Still no Chance, they Cut through my defense Like a glowing hot knife through allready melting butter

Plastanium? As I know, they aren't the best ones. Maybe try kinetic or phase ones?

Not plastanium, i Said electric ones, the golden Walls, and they are the best ones as far as i know.

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Do you mean Surge Walls?
I just checked my map and my wall is 6-7 deep with a row of Meltdowns (all water cooled) and Overdrive Projectors spaced enough to cover everything on the front lines.  No point in doubling up on Heal Projectors since I don't think they stack healing.  In fact I mostly just us repair bots since they repair quick and can go anywhere.  I have about 14 of them but the die kind of quick so that's the only downside.

Also, I found Force Projectors to not really be worth the effort later in the game.  Better to have more weapons to kill the enemy...the faster they die the less damage they can do.  (In the below, image have one near my front line, but that was a test and I think I'll be removing it and putting the Meltdown back in it's place.)

I also have about 40 Revenant gun ships I keep flying around a relay point just behind the front line and send to attack once the enemy gets close enough to fire at the first wall.  I find they help draw fire away from my buildings and they are much cheaper/easier to replace than Meltdowns and Surge Walls (titanium and silicon only).

I'm on wave 602 on Desolate Waste to give you an idea.  It only gets dicey when I forget to release my Revenants on the "Heavy Cruiser Wave" (not sure what else to call it) that comes everything 6th wave.

Here was my last "Heavy Cruiser Wave" battle.  First pic is just when my cannons started firing.

Second pick is during combat.


okay i have a interesting idea.. as it seems you get dropped into any zone from orbit.. why not have some kind of block that is like a launch pad but instead works the other way... so it would be able to collect resources from orbit?

you can choose your resources in the start of your game, if you reached wave 15 (most time)

With the release of 5.0, the Steam version lost the opportunity to invite a friend


Possible to add a different sound for your healing ships?  I keep thinking I'm being fired upon, but it's because their sound is identical to enemy fire.

Also, it'd be nice if enemy fire was a different color from your own weapons.  Maybe make them red so it's easy to distinguish enemy fire from friendly fire.

Try add a FACTION :)

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Saben donde puedo descargar mapas pvp o coop para jugar con amigos !?

Para hacer eso necesitas compra el juego en steam y descargar los mapas en el steam workshop. El juego esta en un precio muy accesible, yo me lo iba a comprar ayer pero mientras me daban mi codigo para comprar en una tienda lo local en mi comunidad, me salio una cosa para actualizar el steam, despues ya no pude comprarme el juego en su momento, tuve que esperar 24 horas para volver a hacerlo, porque cuando lo intentaba comprar de nuevo, me salia un mensaje que decia, ya estas comprando el mismo juego.


This game is brilliant. And it gets really, really good. The addition of modding is fantastic. I just need to make a few remarks on the modding idea. 

1) Modding idea is fantastic, but it can create large problems for future versions if not carefully designed.

2) Really good modding must have a very well organized structure, documentation and functionality (one external robust tool to create mods is a good start).

3) Modding is really fun until everyone decides to make their own external tool to create mods (this creates chaos and problems for future mod developers).

4) Modding distribution and creation must have from the beginning a simple dedicated web page (here you have everything - how to make mods , sharing mods, mods library).

5) Modding should include clear and robust API used by all modders (this is hard and complex to handle but it is essential).

6) Making mods should be easy to get into and hard for changing gameplay feeling.


This remarks are based on years of observing, playing and modding Minecraft. I would also like to thanks to all the people who put a lot of time in making this amazing game !

Hey, we are talking about this comment on a post on the forum, you might be interested in joining the discussion =)

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I would like to give a suggestion for the game since you get electricity fairly soon but most if none at all the electrical turrets there are no anti-air especially in the heavy air early game.  even it is a super early and weak one it would be great especially for those(like myself) who only like to run full electricity.

У меня есть просьба. кто может сделать какой-нибудь крутой мод (например, на пушке, на стенах) и оставить ссылку под этим комментарием. пожалуйста! Я просто не понимаю , кодов и не могу сделать моды.


Hi, i have a problem: I was downloaded mindustry for windows(64it) version, and when i started game there was only game window and mouse cursor. This is all, nothing happens.

I was questioning where to find the campaign maps because i want edit them and I hope the Mindustry team makes attack maps and many others kinds of map

Im not sure if you can edit the campaign maps. Plus anuke (which is one person not a team) already made attack maps on the campaign, which are; Fungal Pass, Overgrowth, and Salt Flats I think.

yes I know that there are campaign attack map, but there are some ores that are not in the map: which means I cant build other buildings and the my configuration of the loadout is very limited.


The new update took the things that i liked, like for example the ability to not overlap routers or over flow when placing a row of juntion ( like an alternating row of routers and junction or overflow with junction, or titanium conveyors with routers/overflow, or ritanium conveyors and armored conveyors, it would be nice if they dont overlap, but i do like the new feel of it as in when deleting things it is highlighted more and when placing things it is highlighted by being transparent and also the fact that conveyors change when placing another row is also nice but please return the function that doesnt allow overlapping of things

hey theres a bug that does not allow me to enter a campaign map, the launch button is greyed out they it does if you dont have enough resources to enter the map, but i do though. I dont know if its because of the example mod i loaded in or just an actual bug.

im using release 97 BTW

do u haveall the requiremenets? (like reached a wave on other map, having researched buildings needed)

really enjoying this game thank you. some aspects remind me of Earth 2150 and some of Supreme Commander, two of my favourite rts :D

Why does my game not automatically update? - is there something I need to do first?

Do you have the launcher?

honestly, especially since the last update adjusted the solo part, one thing I suggest is to adjust the waves to either spread them out longer or drag out the point they overwhelm a player especially in the maps where all you do is collect RSS. I'd also suggest adding more story maps or having the older maps have the "new" rss pop up in them as the relevant tech is unlocked in the next map play through, but maybe only after all the maps have been played through once to keep the "mode" and stop map camping, or both options as other older games in this genre had a minimum of 20 to 25 story lvls (ex. of games in this genre the original war craft and space craft, Earth 2150, any old school Command and Conquer). and thank you for the hard work

Queria pedir para você que consertar uma captura de tela

 no moto G6 pois a minha está bugando muito

I just wanted to say that this game is absolutely amazing thanks for this experience keep up the good work. But as for some constructive criticism;the UI could use a couple small inprovments such as selecting the direction for conveyor belts.  This is a bit of a very small chore, but I feel like you could maybe add an option for a different scheme where you have all four direction at the ready at the bottom of the screen so you can just tap the 'left' arrow and it will face left. Little things like that go a long way and would be greatly appreciated.  

I don't particularly care if this gets added because this game is already amazing, it kills so much time and is so fun. Thanks man, hope you find this helpful or interesting!

You can change direction of a conveyor by just scrolling your mousewheel.


A fatal error has been detected by the Java Runtime Environment:
#  EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION (0xc0000005) at pc=0x0000000000000000, pid=7780, tid=7784

this is the error thats generated when i try to play the game please do reply to this i really wanna play this game. it just doesnt run.

T.T Want play with friend, But cant open server in the game (Android)

You need to port forward to play with other players over a diffrent network. Port fowarding is usally not simple and can take several hours, be prepared

Ok now, Very nice game, Play mindustry with friend in android


what is the latest thing of Mindustry?

im sorry but please explain what you mean by latest "thing" of mindustry.

what is in the new update

It is linked above.  Here's the link for reference.


How do i play onine?

habré una partida nueba

y le das a configuración

You join any solo game (campaign or custom, that doesnt matter) then open ''mindustry server'' and then on your solo game press ESC -> and press the button of multiplayer, then your friend in their PC/Mobile in main menu -> Join game -> and here use the LAN option if connected to same Wi-fi, if dont work or ya arent on same Wi-fi then press the button below and put the Server's IP address (the server is the guy that started in solo mode but remember make it server so it work)

Tengo una pregunta, como puedo hacer que los drones fantasmales o espiritu recojan recursos ? Y pueden recojer torio o titanio ?? 

No recojen recursos, no confies en las descripciones

Are we not gonna receive a steam key if we purchased it from  I dont seem to see an option to claim my key after buying it.

The saga continues

Bitte füge einen Discord Cattverlauf für Designs hinzu

Checking out the ancient Caldera this time. There's lots of videos in the playlist now, maybe you'll find a map you like :)

why when the game is paused on the pc, it is not possible to move around the map as in android?

you use a drone in android ? (i mean the robot of the player)

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it does not work.when i start it crashes and put this note"hs_err_pid(random number)"

Where i can download maps for android?


La la land

Our never ending quest to master Mindustry continues!

When you play costume attack... the enemy does nothing? It is just a core doing nothing... is this intended?

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