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I was questioning where to find the campaign maps because i want edit them and I hope the Mindustry team makes attack maps and many others kinds of map

Im not sure if you can edit the campaign maps. Plus anuke (which is one person not a team) already made attack maps on the campaign, which are; Fungal Pass, Overgrowth, and Salt Flats I think.

yes I know that there are campaign attack map, but there are some ores that are not in the map: which means I cant build other buildings and the my configuration of the loadout is very limited.


The new update took the things that i liked, like for example the ability to not overlap routers or over flow when placing a row of juntion ( like an alternating row of routers and junction or overflow with junction, or titanium conveyors with routers/overflow, or ritanium conveyors and armored conveyors, it would be nice if they dont overlap, but i do like the new feel of it as in when deleting things it is highlighted more and when placing things it is highlighted by being transparent and also the fact that conveyors change when placing another row is also nice but please return the function that doesnt allow overlapping of things

hey theres a bug that does not allow me to enter a campaign map, the launch button is greyed out they it does if you dont have enough resources to enter the map, but i do though. I dont know if its because of the example mod i loaded in or just an actual bug.

im using release 97 BTW

do u haveall the requiremenets? (like reached a wave on other map, having researched buildings needed)

really enjoying this game thank you. some aspects remind me of Earth 2150 and some of Supreme Commander, two of my favourite rts :D

Why does my game not automatically update? - is there something I need to do first?

Do you have the launcher?

honestly, especially since the last update adjusted the solo part, one thing I suggest is to adjust the waves to either spread them out longer or drag out the point they overwhelm a player especially in the maps where all you do is collect RSS. I'd also suggest adding more story maps or having the older maps have the "new" rss pop up in them as the relevant tech is unlocked in the next map play through, but maybe only after all the maps have been played through once to keep the "mode" and stop map camping, or both options as other older games in this genre had a minimum of 20 to 25 story lvls (ex. of games in this genre the original war craft and space craft, Earth 2150, any old school Command and Conquer). and thank you for the hard work

Queria pedir para você que consertar uma captura de tela

 no moto G6 pois a minha está bugando muito

I just wanted to say that this game is absolutely amazing thanks for this experience keep up the good work. But as for some constructive criticism;the UI could use a couple small inprovments such as selecting the direction for conveyor belts.  This is a bit of a very small chore, but I feel like you could maybe add an option for a different scheme where you have all four direction at the ready at the bottom of the screen so you can just tap the 'left' arrow and it will face left. Little things like that go a long way and would be greatly appreciated.  

I don't particularly care if this gets added because this game is already amazing, it kills so much time and is so fun. Thanks man, hope you find this helpful or interesting!

You can change direction of a conveyor by just scrolling your mousewheel.


A fatal error has been detected by the Java Runtime Environment:
#  EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION (0xc0000005) at pc=0x0000000000000000, pid=7780, tid=7784

this is the error thats generated when i try to play the game please do reply to this i really wanna play this game. it just doesnt run.

T.T Want play with friend, But cant open server in the game (Android)

You need to port forward to play with other players over a diffrent network. Port fowarding is usally not simple and can take several hours, be prepared

Ok now, Very nice game, Play mindustry with friend in android


what is the latest thing of Mindustry?

im sorry but please explain what you mean by latest "thing" of mindustry.

what is in the new update

It is linked above.  Here's the link for reference.


How do i play onine?

habré una partida nueba

y le das a configuración

You join any solo game (campaign or custom, that doesnt matter) then open ''mindustry server'' and then on your solo game press ESC -> and press the button of multiplayer, then your friend in their PC/Mobile in main menu -> Join game -> and here use the LAN option if connected to same Wi-fi, if dont work or ya arent on same Wi-fi then press the button below and put the Server's IP address (the server is the guy that started in solo mode but remember make it server so it work)

Tengo una pregunta, como puedo hacer que los drones fantasmales o espiritu recojan recursos ? Y pueden recojer torio o titanio ?? 

No recojen recursos, no confies en las descripciones

Are we not gonna receive a steam key if we purchased it from  I dont seem to see an option to claim my key after buying it.

The saga continues

Bitte füge einen Discord Cattverlauf für Designs hinzu

Checking out the ancient Caldera this time. There's lots of videos in the playlist now, maybe you'll find a map you like :)

why when the game is paused on the pc, it is not possible to move around the map as in android?

you use a drone in android ? (i mean the robot of the player)

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it does not work.when i start it crashes and put this note"hs_err_pid(random number)"

Where i can download maps for android?


La la land

Our never ending quest to master Mindustry continues!

When you play costume attack... the enemy does nothing? It is just a core doing nothing... is this intended?

Hi there. I would like to play on steam and android (mobile). Currently have an account on android. Will I be able to link?

Moar Mindustry!

hey Anuke, i love your game, ive played dozens of hours in my phone, i dont havthe actual money to buy it but when i can im going to buy it in steam.

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Hey Anuke!
Love the game.
I do have a burning question.

Airblast has no percieved benefit versus the laserdril. 

is intended or an oversight?
they both have the same output when occupying a single mineable square. (so, afaik they have the same output per square occupied)

the lazer drill uses less energy per mineable square (66e/9sq=) 7.33e/sq
where the airblast drill consumes (180e/16sq=) 11.25e/sq

the only benefit the airblast drill seems to have is 26% reduced water consumption
(6w/16sq=)0.375 for the airblast per square
(4.6w/9sq=)0.511 for the lazer drill.

Even buildtime isnt a factor here.
The airblast drill takes 0.22 seconds per square to build
And the lazerdrill a mere 0.16 seconds per square.

Or am i having the oversight here?
the airblast drill does not live up to it's description of being an "ultimate drill" if a lower tier (and more easily placed) drill has more benefits.

Kind regards, whatever my username is here.

And thats why i am going to fail maths

All i did was dividing by 9 or 16 xD

thats exactly what i ment i didnt understand a single crap

oh, well.
Sorry for not being clear then :p

It was very clear, but sometimes airblast is better due mines faster in places with poor ore sources

You can pack them tighter, right? You need a row of belt for every two rows of drill, so if the drills are wider you need less belt. 

Well, yeah. but it wont be nearly as power efficient.
And i've hardly ever ran into maps where the field is large enough to justify airblast drills.

Would it be possible to compile a build for rpi, because they do contain ARM CPUs and minecraft can be built for rpi, seeing as they are both made in java (i think) would it be possible?

It's possible, but that would involve setting up a build server with all the correct libraries and source to build for pi, as well as buying a pi to test on. That's a lot of work.

If i knew how to build things for rpi then i would as i do have a spare rpi4 4gb lying around

I would love if I could move the camera with the mouse, approaching window's borders.

And what about letting me move the camera when game is paused?

Anyways, I love the game! ;-)


Would be perfect if game was more relaxed. I had too work too fast or I'd be overwhelmed by enemy forces. I wish I could do more without worrying about some bombers completely ruining everything. Creeper World was a lot more balanced with enemies than this one. I could hold off Creeper much easier over time instead of having an enemy adapt to my defenses. It really defeats the purpose of the type of game this is supposed to be.

Otherwise, totally tubular, dude!

Yeah its a great game. Try the sandbox if it overwhelms you.

You can change the settings and you can turn it into survival but without waves so you can focus just on making the best factory!

Also there will tech tree spoilers in the game so i recommend playing a good chunk of the game first before trying sandbox.


(+4) Addicting and Fun

(-1) Too Addicting...Or procrastination gets the best of me.

(+3) Cross Platform Multiplayer

(+5) FOSS

11/10 Will continue to play

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How can I play in attac mode? Because if i try to paly the enemy doesn't do anyting 

Отличнейшая игруля, аутирую в ней часами напролет. Огромное спасибо разработчикам. 

Мой плейлист:

I accidentaly my base. Now, petroleum lake is on fire. What do ?

Build a water-shooting turret nearby

Thanks, man, it worked great

Always played this game on android. I didnt notice that it was already out for PC? Really cool game man.

How do you update the game?

It updates automatically.

Mine doesn't am I supposed to do something first?


Great job on this game. Thank you.


the controls are trash


Супер игра, но есть одна проблема лагает при появлении врагов и начале стрельбы, при чем на mi 5s не лагало а на note 7 лагает. Есть ли возможность исправить, возможно дело в пулях, может их графику откорректировать. Спасибо.


how to play multiplayers on Android


You have to connect the phone on the same Wifi
you create a serv and the others can join
To create a serv you go in your game and host
That s all

Server list:

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