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Where i can download maps for android?


La la land

Our never ending quest to master Mindustry continues!

When you play costume attack... the enemy does nothing? It is just a core doing nothing... is this intended?

Hi there. I would like to play on steam and android (mobile). Currently have an account on android. Will I be able to link?

Moar Mindustry!

hey Anuke, i love your game, ive played dozens of hours in my phone, i dont havthe actual money to buy it but when i can im going to buy it in steam.

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Hey Anuke!
Love the game.
I do have a burning question.

Airblast has no percieved benefit versus the laserdril. 

is intended or an oversight?
they both have the same output when occupying a single mineable square. (so, afaik they have the same output per square occupied)

the lazer drill uses less energy per mineable square (66e/9sq=) 7.33e/sq
where the airblast drill consumes (180e/16sq=) 11.25e/sq

the only benefit the airblast drill seems to have is 26% reduced water consumption
(6w/16sq=)0.375 for the airblast per square
(4.6w/9sq=)0.511 for the lazer drill.

Even buildtime isnt a factor here.
The airblast drill takes 0.22 seconds per square to build
And the lazerdrill a mere 0.16 seconds per square.

Or am i having the oversight here?
the airblast drill does not live up to it's description of being an "ultimate drill" if a lower tier (and more easily placed) drill has more benefits.

Kind regards, whatever my username is here.

And thats why i am going to fail maths

All i did was dividing by 9 or 16 xD

thats exactly what i ment i didnt understand a single crap

oh, well.
Sorry for not being clear then :p

It was very clear, but sometimes airblast is better due mines faster in places with poor ore sources

You can pack them tighter, right? You need a row of belt for every two rows of drill, so if the drills are wider you need less belt. 

Well, yeah. but it wont be nearly as power efficient.
And i've hardly ever ran into maps where the field is large enough to justify airblast drills.

Would it be possible to compile a build for rpi, because they do contain ARM CPUs and minecraft can be built for rpi, seeing as they are both made in java (i think) would it be possible?

It's possible, but that would involve setting up a build server with all the correct libraries and source to build for pi, as well as buying a pi to test on. That's a lot of work.

If i knew how to build things for rpi then i would as i do have a spare rpi4 4gb lying around

I would love if I could move the camera with the mouse, approaching window's borders.

And what about letting me move the camera when game is paused?

Anyways, I love the game! ;-)


Would be perfect if game was more relaxed. I had too work too fast or I'd be overwhelmed by enemy forces. I wish I could do more without worrying about some bombers completely ruining everything. Creeper World was a lot more balanced with enemies than this one. I could hold off Creeper much easier over time instead of having an enemy adapt to my defenses. It really defeats the purpose of the type of game this is supposed to be.

Otherwise, totally tubular, dude!

Yeah its a great game. Try the sandbox if it overwhelms you.

You can change the settings and you can turn it into survival but without waves so you can focus just on making the best factory!

Also there will tech tree spoilers in the game so i recommend playing a good chunk of the game first before trying sandbox.


(+4) Addicting and Fun

(-1) Too Addicting...Or procrastination gets the best of me.

(+3) Cross Platform Multiplayer

(+5) FOSS

11/10 Will continue to play

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How can I play in attac mode? Because if i try to paly the enemy doesn't do anyting 

Отличнейшая игруля, аутирую в ней часами напролет. Огромное спасибо разработчикам. 

Мой плейлист:

I accidentaly my base. Now, petroleum lake is on fire. What do ?

Build a water-shooting turret nearby

Thanks, man, it worked great

Always played this game on android. I didnt notice that it was already out for PC? Really cool game man.

How do you update the game?

It updates automatically.

Mine doesn't am I supposed to do something first?


Great job on this game. Thank you.


the controls are trash


Супер игра, но есть одна проблема лагает при появлении врагов и начале стрельбы, при чем на mi 5s не лагало а на note 7 лагает. Есть ли возможность исправить, возможно дело в пулях, может их графику откорректировать. Спасибо.


how to play multiplayers on Android


You have to connect the phone on the same Wifi
you create a serv and the others can join
To create a serv you go in your game and host
That s all

Server list:


I dont know why the hell this Game isnt as popular as Minecraft. I have almost 8000 Hours spend in Minecraft, using mainly Tekkit mods, and this is as much fun as it is to Play my beloved Tekkit-Pack. Really bro, this Game is freaking awesome, very Well done (clap clap clap)

It's been on steam for less than a month and already has 555 reviews with a rating of "overwhelmingly positive."

It takes 500 reviews total to even be legible for an OP rating on Steam. 

This game is amazing and I intend on buying the steam release asap.

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I'll buy too.

It's Not the bonus mmaterial, it's for Anuke!

Needs to be added to windows phone so I can play

Hello, I would just like to thank you for the time and energy you've put into mindustry.  I had previously heard of it, saw it on steam and was reminded of it, found it on Android but the resolution and my fingers on my device weren't making it playable personally, stumbled across the fact that you have it available here without purchase when I would have simply been pleased to find a demo to play on my Linux box... And will definitely be purchasing it for my steam collection.  Thank you again :)

What color is used in the map editor? PlZ tell me the code of that color.


you could perhaps take a screenshot of the editor and then use a color picker to get it.

Nobody knows hexademical colors by heart man. You're going to have to use a color picker. On windows, you take a screenshot with either Control + PrintScreen (Ctrl+PrtScr) and you Ctrl+V into a new file in Paint. On a phone, you just hold some buttons.

Save that, use an image color picker online (Google has literally hundreds) and pick the color from there.


Beste beste spiel!!!


Free translation: very best game


New video up! 

What do I do for my server to load the plugins?

It auto loads.

How do you pan the screen in PC version? I try to drag the mouse but nothing happens


hold ctrl then use the mousewheel


That's to zoom. To pan/move the screen, use WASD.


How can you upgrade the core?! 

you dont, but you can increase it's capacity

And how? 

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Containers and vaults that are touching the core can increase it's capacity to a maximum of 21k

Whoa really? That's good to know. 

No f*ckin way.



Containers and vaults that are touching teh core increase its capacity to a max of 21k

hmm are containers unlocked in the tech tree?

What are the build materials?

They are unlocked towards the ends of the tech tree. Vaults are upgraded versions. There is also an unloader block you can use to take items out of a vault with conveyers. 

100 Titanium if you unlocked container

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I have an idea, a furnace or dump, I know after a while my factory runs out of space for let's say,  copper and I would much rather use a sorter to push the copper into a furnace than to have to destroy and reconstruct my belts to get everything flowing again. If you can add it thank you much, if not still a wonderful game!


That's already a thing. The incinerator destroys excess materials. Found on the factory tab.

Those would be Incinerators. They use a meager amount of power and only take up 1 square.

It sounds like you're mixing lines. That's generally a bad idea for that exact reason. Even if you had an incinerator, you'd need to make sure it's not touching the factory and voiding the output

Yeah if there's anything I've learned from Factorio and Satisfactory its that mixing lines generally are more trouble then they're worth and its more work up front to build dedicated lines for everything and takes up more space but generally much less headaches later on.

There is an Item-Destroying Furnace in the Game allready. To only destroy overproduced materials, you can use an overflowgate, this block pushes items to the right and left side if there are to many. Hope i could Help :-)

Add a Dieter top destroy only one Type of meterial


My friend, you just keep making this exponentially better!  

I do have an idea, though; programmable routers/bridge ends/overflow gates/etc.  When you click on it (as when selecting an item to sort for a sorter), have a window pop up that has togglable '<]' & '>]' symbols (like you see when offloading materials from your vehicle) for each of the four directions.  That way, for example, you can use a router beside a factory without worrying about output clogging an input flow or have an overflow gate only output extras through one side.

Does that make sense?


That's interesting, but I appreciate the limitations of the current design. Also,you can just put a sorter with no side exits pointing away from the factory and the product will come out of the router.


Quick thing: You can fly over the black void of hell. Just wanted to let you know.


Yes you can.

To fly with larger mechs use a key (on German Keyboard it's alt I think)

Is there a campaign map beyond Desolate Rift, Overgrowth, and Nuclear Production Complex? I see other built-in maps in the editor but I don't see them available in the campaign screen to unlock or play. 


Those maps are the old, beta maps. I dont believe they are, nor will ever be, part of the campaign


Hey guys, new video up! You can also check out my Mindustry playlist if that's not enough action for you!

this game is so much fun i love it. i used to play the phone version it was fun but not very good, but the pc version is 100x times better 10/10

How is it better? There's the same content. And building is easier in some ways on the phone

Uh im stupid i littrely just compard the OLD version of mindustry on the phone to the newst version on the pc. Man im so smart

I find they each have pros and cons. Trying to build conveyors on mobile to me is a huge pain but everything else seems generally easier. And I do like that mobile as auto-target and auto-fire whereas PC its manual.

Can anyone tell me what the flip did i do to get this crash?

io.anuke.arc.backends.sdl.SDLError: No matching GL pixel format available
at io.anuke.arc.backends.sdl.SdlApplication.init(
at io.anuke.arc.backends.sdl.SdlApplication.<init>(
at io.anuke.mindustry.desktop.DesktopLauncher.main(


welp i guess i'm the only one with this problem


Go to the discord


Probably the best game i have ever played. I absolutely adore it! The game is free and has literally no micro transactions. You are a great person. Have a nice day!

If you ever feel like making it p2p. DO IT.

If you ever feel like putting on steam. DO IT. 

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It is already on steam ot buy:

bought it the day you replied

Its funny, I hadn't played the web version in a while but the game popped up as a recommendation on Google Play so I downloaded it and played it for a while. On a whim I jumped on to the computer to see if the web version had been updated which is where I found it was now on Steam


The game cost 4,20 € on Steam...



помогите, я купил игру в Steam и она не хочет запускаться


Game avalible for free or to be bought cheeply.

Totaly worth to support by buying as game itself is amazing!


i supported the game i guess. I would love this game on steam. its so good.

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It is on steam

yeah i said i bought it:

if you look in my games you will find mindustry, I played like 69 minutes. Nice

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