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Very niiice. I just make a gift. Better buildings activity animations would be awesome :-)

Whoa u're right that'll be cool

Dunno what you mean, but thanks for your support for the game :D

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Thank you for your support of the game. ;)

hey anuke!, can i save my game file on my phone? I want to transfer my game to ny new phone that i bought. Please help :)

Try going to game files using computer i think there will be a "saves" folder

I don't know if it's possible or not. You could ask in #help on the Mindustry discord server here:


The newest release (92) allows you to export progress as a zip file by going into Settings->Game Data. You can transfer this file between devices to import their data.


Tried the game for the first time, kept playing for 40 minutes. Very good. Will prob buy later.

Thanks a lot for supporting linux.

Donations are optional, but thanks for your support. ;)

2nd time-> 3 hour

how do you instal new customes maps

Go to Mindustry discord server, there u can find an answer

ok got it thanks

Go to #maps at the Mindustry discord server here:

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Amazing game. played it several months ago ago and really enjoyed it, just chose to check it out and i am beyond impressed. It has made great progress and I am excited to see the rest of what you make! One feature that I am dissapointed is missing is pc-mobile saves, since I often dont have the time to sit down and play so I play on my phone for a bit.

Thanks for the support!
And yeah, it's quite unfortunate that you can't share save files from PC to mobile. :(

are all platforms cross compatible?

Windows, Linux, Android, and iOS if i'm not mistaken.


I played the game on mobile for a while but just switched to pc, how can I import my save file from android to PC?

I don't think it's possible.

Go to Settings | Game Data | Export and save the data on your Android.  Connect your Android to your PC, then do Settings | Game Data | Import on your PC to match the data.  Navigating the Android file system is the hardest part.

Hey Anuke, I play your nice game and I found an issue, I think. An ennemy burn a oil lake and I didn't find a way to make the oil stop burning. Is there a manner to do that?

there's a tower called "Wave" that spits out fluids, if you supply it with water it can put out fires.

I actually don't know if the Wave turret extinguishes fire from the environment.
I'll check it in a bit.

It does. But if you are trying to extinguish a large body of oil that is on fire, i'm pretty sure you are going to have a bad time. Literally.


Hey Anuke,

How do i transfer files from android to windows?


I don't think it's possible.


hi Anuke, I transferred over to PC when I found out it existed, and love most of the controls, but was wondering if there is a way to cancel a single block when laying out plans while paused?

where do you find the save file?

That's sadly not in the game.
Would love it if it existed.


Make an account and added money to my paypal for the first time in... years, just so I could show the appreciation this game deserves.

Found it through Project Incursus.


yo guy


I know it is not very useful for everyone, but my problem is that my pc do not has the MSVCR100.dll file (that what it says when I run Mindustry), and it's very hard to find a solution whitout pay a software who "fixes" my computer and I don't like this.

If anyone knows about this problem and knows a solution, give it to me please.(I'll give more details if someone replies and claims to have an answer)

Thank you in advance and sry for my english.


Hey! I just searched my computer for the file and it ships with a lot of programs. If you have Arduino, Minecraft, Microsoft Office, Tor Browser, Kindle, or Java JDK/JRE installed, you have a copy of it. Just drop it in C:\Windows\System32 and it should work. I think.

I have Arduino, Minecraft and Java, I'll try it thx.


Are you running an old version? That DLL is packaged in the zip right next to the Mindustry executable file; you shouldn't have any issues with it.

I know, I know but it don't work and I don't know why, that is why I'm here. And as Suros says, the difference between my both pc is that my pc who reborn doesn't have its files.

So, I'll try his solution and I'll tell if that resolve my problem.

Thanks anyway


MSVCR100 is short for Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime 2010. Go to Microsoft's official download page and get it there. Do not trust a random site to give you legitimate, untampered libraries.

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So, It works and when I launch the game it doesn't say me that there are files missing, but now it says :

I'm sorry but I really want to play :/

Try putting that crash report on pastebin. Should help out a bit.

if you havent got it fixed email me at and I can walk you through getting it going...

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Hi Anuke,

Just wanted to start by saying that this is an outstanding game. Both PC and Android versions is a definite plus. Very easy to play and get addicted to. 

This does lead to my question:

Is it possible to transfer progress from android to the PC? I'm only asking because I made quite a bit of progress on mobile, then left a 5 star review and discovered that it's available for PC. If this isn't possible, account-based data would be neat (sign in with e-mail, player data saves to cloud when game is played with an internet connection).

Not without rooting your phone, no. It's planned for a future release.


Do you like CaTs?


...of course.

But do you like trains?

Hello! I want to play with my friend, we live in other cities (idk English very good), I download zip file on my android and I Don t know what I need to do, what i need to do? Sorry for my bad English! 

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Where do u live or what is your main language. Just want to check are you Russian.

So to the problem...

Dude just go to Mindustry discord server , there you can find your answer.

Check #multiplayer if im not mistaken on the Mindustry discord server here:

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I just played this game on my channel and I really enjoyed it, check it out: 

Hi Anuke, 

I would like to do a video of your game (Mindustry) and upload that to Youtube - is it allowed to do that? :-) 

Yes. You are allowed to publish practically any sort of Mindustry content anywhere you like.

nice :-) thy 

PS: I love the newest update :-D

Hey Anuke. Ever considered releasing Mindustry on platforms like the nintendo switch? You think it would be possible?

I've considered it, but there's still a lot more to be done before it's ready for the Switch, e.g. controller support. The developer kit is also quite expensive.

Hey! I was thinking if you'd need a Hungarian translation to the game? I played a fair bit of it already and I love it... Just a though

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Does anyone know where is the save files for Mindustry in android?

I checked in android/data/io.anuke.mindustry and its empty. Is it normal?

Also, can you add a router that can be configured? Like 1 material to the left and 2 to the right?

Place routers like this : 



= + | are conveyors

# is a router.

If you have routers in a row like this, they mathematically throw stuff back and forth which in combo with the conveyor leading away leads to what should be close to the ratio you want. This is why routers in a big block take more time than just conveyor belts.

Hmm thats an alternative but it will be nice though if we can configure it. We can change the number of material passing through without making any changes.

What is it exactly you want to build? Maybe I have some ideas for how to make it happen.

Incase it is what I think it is, to put 2 different materials into a factory, put routers # and junctions % like this:



with either material possibly coming from both sides simultaneously or just from one side each.

Then just lead conveyors to the factories directly from this chunk of blocks, from which the output can be put on one belt.

For more throughput, the thing can be doubled like this:





I think you can probably achieve what you want with an Overflow Gate instead.  Trying to mix precise ratios isn't very robust anyway.

If anyone of you knows that there is a wiki for mindustry pls tell me

Mindustry needs wiki 

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There already is one:

edit: just realized it was on the old version, heres then wiki on the new one:

Thank you

Hello, Anuken!

I think, you need to add synced info (campaign, saves, etc.) Because I play in your game on PC and on my phone, and this can be a good function

P.S. - sry for my english

That would be great. I hope this will be implemented soon!

Playing on Linux Manjaro 64 bits, no issue so far.

Played in 2017, was great already, played in 2018, even better, played in 2019, still enjoyed it.

And, played today, excellent.

32-bit version of the game is not opening

Download the 64 bit version. Try that?

my pc is 32 bits

Humm.. OK. Then, try getting in contact with the developer. Or just Google it, haha.

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I tried to play with my brother we are in the same network but i can't join him it says: "Connetcion error Server unreachable" even with the ip adress it doesn't work and if i host a game he can't even see it 

btw we are on android

you are not the only one. We had that problem too but on apple

Awesome game!  A good mix of factorio and tower defense.  A couple of suggestions: 1. Continuous laying of the conveyor - would not allow too much bother with endless turns.  2. The cancel button when resetting the planned buildings (several definitely masterpiece buildings flew into the trash).  3. Switching the output from the building (to the conveyor on the right / to the conveyor on the left / etc.).  4. Replacement mode for destroyed buildings / button for replacing damaged buildings (selection would be ideal).  5. The priority of a single resource for collector drones.  6. Priority during construction (first, conveyors for resources, then routers, guns, defenses, or the same thing, but iteratively, to be ready to tear up the asses of enemies as soon as possible).  7. Variability of enemies in choosing a path.  I mean the spread in the attack, because an attack on a single pixel is not very good.  8. A more extended spawn of waves in time and more enemies in each wave.  Less lags and more action.  Thanks!

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I tried to play with a friend, but couldn't connect to him, even after one hour of trying we could not figure out whats wrong. Could there be a bug that prevents you from connecting to others?

Fixed it, I had to deactivate something on my router.

The problem with crashing the location of stained mountains in the 64th version of the game remained. Crash log:

I lost my data and i didnt do anything to the appdata, did i lost cuz the new version?


I'm not sure why everyone is having problems launching the game, it's perfectly fine for me.

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the 32 bit download doesn't work it ses that you need a 64 or 82 bit system so please fix that.
If anyone else is getting this problem i found a classic version of mindustry you can download its build 40 it works for me.

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The latest macOS build seems broken. Also, the archive only contains the Contents folder. And even if I replace the folder, the game doesn't start.


Fixed. Download the mac version again and see if that works.

Works! Thanks!

i know you are prolly getting a million messages from people about it not starting... and them prolly not being on the right version... but the game crashes instantly when i try to open it and i know for a fact im on the newest version... and i have no clue if youll be able to read that... anyways is a great game  

Fixed. Download the mac version again and see if that works.

it does thank you so much and sorry for my slow reply


A well designed game, satisfying and addictive with it. 

I've played for perhaps 10 hours and am only about halfway through. The tech trees are extensive and keep things progressing nicely.

The only suggestion I might have for the devs at this stage (but not a gripe) is that the colours and some of the 'buildings' are are just a little bland and it could be easier to differentiate between the various processing plants. It would be good to have something to make their product obvious at a glance perhaps. With that said, I didn't find it annoying as it is, I just feel it'd be more exciting to look at with slightly more distinct buildings. Perhaps some flashing pin-prick lights on the buildings or something might just bring it to life a bit more.

Thanks for a great game, impressive.



I 2nd this idea. Great game either way.


I agree. Colouring can be a low-cost way to "improve" the graphics but nah, not a must.

It just wont start for me. I don't know how to fix it. Old version worked fin tho its just the new one


Try the newest build (version 90) and let me know what happens.

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I download Mindustry on my computer and it works, but I try to download on an other pc but it don't work :

I think it's caused by the latest version because if I remember it isn't the same version I download on both. But I can't say so please, help me!

(don't tease me plz I'm french, thx)

The shield shader doesn't compile on that computer. Run the latest version and let me know if it launches.

In fact, I recently reborn a laptop and I install windows 7 64bits on it. And even if I installed all perfectly, when I launch Mindustry, it says files missing like MSVCR100.dll on my computer. And after that, it says "Failed to compile shader: fragment shader(s) failed to link, vertex shader(s) linked." and create a crash report file(above).

(Sorry for my english)


Hello, game don't launch. Help, plz.)


I advise you to give a screenshot of your crash report text(like me :)) or in other case, at least give more information, I guess...


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Have you a 64bits or 32bits OS platform ?


After update shows this error. What is it?

The 64-bit and 32-bit versions were swapped. Download it again and try running the game.

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