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why does'nt this game launch on osx?

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When I try to launch the game on windows 10 it doesn´t do anything. On linux the game does work. I like this game.


I cant get the latest version on my mac. Help!

V4.0 Thorium, how to get it, how does it look?

It is pink.

Great observation.

the discord link is an expired invite :(

I am having issues playing alpha 4.0 on windows 10 64 bit. When I open the executable file, it just displays the main page of the game for a second and then closes by itself. Please help.

So interesting

I can't play it in Windows 7. Does your game support my OS?

i think you should make it so for the windows 10 version you can have touchscreen controls, because im on my windows 10 tablet and cant play without touchscreen. other than that, ive played on my pc before and its amazing

Second sector - goal is send attack comand from center. Just buld command center and game is frozen. Retry and got the same error.


Loving the new update, I was curious if it would be possible to add a "Follow Player" command to the Command Center.

Would love to have my mechs run around with me.


I am on Sector 0,2 and cannot figure out how to "Switch to mech dart". Did I miss something?


Hi dg, 

You must obtain silicon to unlock the Dart Ship Recontructor. From there, power it, and once it is fully powered, walk onto it. It will change in appearance as if you had pressed it down. Once you are on it, click it, and your current mech will be reconstructed into a Dart Ship. If you would like to transform back to the regular mech, repeat the process starting from standing on it.


fantastic game great time passes on android, cant wait to try out server with a few friends

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Hi Mr Anuke.  I really like the game and here is a bug:

I placed a  command center in sector 0,1 and quickly switched from the second setting (that arrow thingy) to the first setting (that sword thingy) and it completely froze and softlocked the game. when i restarted the game and went back to 0,1 it sadly still froze. Which means that i can´t complete all the quests, or really do anything in that zone. Which is´nt too bad because the game is still in alpha/beta and stuff like that is expected.

But anyway thanks for making mindustry a great game! :)

Edit 1: btw the softlock only happens when i load into the zone and not in the menu. I´m probably just gonna abandon the zone and start over.

Edit 2: after abandoning it just loads normally. Although i will watch out when i have to build the command center again.

Edit 3: did it again, no need to be quick switching it from setting 2 (retreat)  to setting 1 (attack).


Mr .Anuke im playing the newest version of Mindustry i hope in the future update you could some of my suggestions. ores,fuels like valuable items maybe gold or something

2.A timer router that only passes to the next router when they are timed to go to next router.

3.A skirmish mode against you and AI/Computer with color coding

4.New buildings,routers,teleportation for liquid forms, & Maybe a Research lab

5.from concept Research lab,put something like a cloning router/MACHINE Fueling only with expensive fuels and ore,only be built if researched & more machines

6.New types & kinds of enemy like water & air Enemy types and a water & air deffences Like a Missile turret

I think adding some sort of drill mechanic to the power lasers or just a drill so you can break through the unbreakable blocks to create shortcuts and such for the belts (if there is already a way to do this I would love to know. I also use moble)

Hi Rednax, 

If you are running 4.0 builds, there is the bridge conveyor that you can unlock when you obtain dense alloy (by smelting lead and copper). Those bridge conveyors can bridge over cliffs and generally anything.

Hi I am a game designer for a leading studio. I shall remain anonymous for now but I would like to provide feedback:
1. The game has a lot of potential, I was happy to support it
2. The later stages of the game are not so great: Once I hit wave 20, I've rounded up all my supply chain, I've contained the enemies to trap them into my kill zones. Now, it's just a boring task of fixing kill zones and beefing them up or adding redundancies because the enemies are just becoming stronger. Nothing changes. I think every reasonable player just sees where this is going and how pointless it is.
3. The graphics are cute. I dig the pixel... "art"... but I think you should increase the resolution a little bit and invest in better sprites, as these are quite unexciting and actually hard to see what's going on. Like, you don't see the cool parts of the guns... Or, you don't see the difference between sorter and pump, like, there's no semantics, no "mechanics".  Regardless of the resolution, the colors are boring!

Can't place the turret in the tutorial and it won't let me place iron drills anywhere that has iron, only places without iron and doesn't let me place blocks outside of  the area of my core. Please help!!! 

Honestly I'm excited for 4.0 all the new ores stuff. Hope to see it on mobile. Have it both on android and ios ( yes I payed ;) ) hope to see the new tactics 4.0 brings.

I started playing at 2.0, and the game has come a long way! Learning how everything works in 4.0 took a bit of time, but I really enjoy the new features. Being able to produce your own enemies is so fun. I also enjoy the mass driver, it's so stupid and cool at the same time. The amount of content you have added is amazing, how much new stuff did you have to code? It feels like almost a complete revamp, but I prefer it over the older versions. Can't wait for more updates! 

could you please please please tell me what the mass driver does? i can't figure it out, plz help me

when you hace two that are powered and in range of each other, items that are put into one are shot to the other, then you take the items out


your game is a piece of shit at this point... somehow the fucking pocket edition is better in almost everyway possible. we need a tutorial, we need to know what the ores are we need to know when the core is getting attacked, we need sound, we need to be able to fight back when we cant build something!! jesus Christ ive been kill like 6 time because I was trying to build something and your stupid game wont let me fight back

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wow, it's almost as if this version is an incomplete alpha and none of the help text, content or UI is complete yet

it would sure be nice if the game told you that 4.0 is not representative of the final product-- perhaps it could even display a dialog at startup stating this fact in red highlighted text

oh well, guess this version is fundamentally broken because I can't find the shoot button or see the giant flashing "CORE IS UNDER ATTACK" text on the top of my screen

(seriously, if you don't like 4.0, play 3.5 until it's done, or at least read the info text that is displayed at startup instead of restating issues that I have already pointed out)

Honestly i think 3.5 is better than 4.0 becauseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee FUCKING 4.0 Is impossible

No, it might just be hard, but it's not impossible. Remember that it is in alpha.

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I really like this game, and I can't stop playing this! But also, I have some proposals for you.

At first, please add some new turrets.When I build my defences with top turrets, the game begin be boring.

Also, please make more different ways (new extructors for example) to harvest reourses.

And after all, please add more ways to protect your base : for example, new variations of energetic shield, healing turret, generators etc.



This game is AWESOME. It reminds me of Factorio


You guys should have a proper forum instead on relying on Discord for everything.

A reddit or github page could do.

Since 4.0 is not finished yet, Discord is a quite proper forum. Wikies etc are coming soon.

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Version 3.5 indeed was better, almost everything changed for the worse in 4.0. Why there aren't 1x1 block drills along the 2x2 ones? 2K material cap? Wtf? No explanation for anything. You can't see what you'll be getting in the future because everything is hidden until you unlock it. I hope they change their minds and make the game more like 3.5 back again and improve upon that.

Deleted post

4.0 is alpha and most descriptions will come later. There will be a tutorial in build 57, and no, the game will not be more like 3.5, however I plan on making "Mindustry 3.6".

How do I add cores to a map I'm making?

use the little green X, but you can only put one


can anyone link me the old version of mindustry

You have it here at the downloads, Mindustry 3.5-b40. For older, check GitHub.

I hope this comes to Steam soon, would be awesome.


It's coming soon.

Yes, I can't wait!



Одна из лучших игр,  которые мне по настоящему нравятся.  Игра очень увлекательная и интересная.  Жаль,  что она не так популярна, что делает её ещё лучше. 

The discord link isn't working anymore


how i can use the mass driver?

Hi San, 

They are still a little buggy, but this is how you use them. Place one mass driver, then another within the first one's range. Zooming out helps a lot with this. Then, click on the first one and select the second one, and vice versa. This will like the two of them. After that, provide power to them until their power bar reaches full power. Place conveyors going in to the first one, and place conveyors going out on the second one. When items come, they should slowly point at each other, and the first one will shoot at the second one repeatedly, items coming out of the second one after a shot is recieved.




thats a really good prototype 


i like the older version

uhh, idk?

uhh, idk?

I feel that the beta version currently used in the preview is the better version. The current one just seems to outright copy the app version. I liked the more unique animations and special characters (i.e. the little helper drone) as well as it's old design and use.

how do i make titanium

You don't.

Making titanium is a required mission in sector 2,0. How is it made? The wiki is outdated.

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