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you should add a tower that uses steel and titanium or any other ore to spawn a troop. and depending on what ore you use it changes the type of unit. that would be awesome.

Please add this 

can you fix contoller support. I tried playing with a ps4 controller but the cursor keeps going downwards.

I like game ALL time?

love this game

i placed an item sorter but when i saw the blocks on the bottom right-hand corner there was something that i had never seen before. in the sorter item selection screen it looked almost like sand. i went through and placed an omnidrill on every block in the game and havent found it

yeah, sand is in the game, just not used.

here's some proof from the 3.3 beta devlog:

Keep in mind this release is *very* unstable! Save often, and expect major bugs.

  • Added multiplayer (you can stop asking now!)
  • Supports LAN play, over the internet and cross-platform with the upcoming PC edition
  • Added ores to map editor
  • Possible controller support (completely untested)
  • Changed smelter system to use fuel and have a maximum speed/capacity
  • New save system, import and export saves to local storage
  • Added autosave
  • Changed flak turret projectiles and speed
  • Balancing of titanium and coal drills to be slower and more expensive, to slow down late-game progression
  • Fixed bug with stacking conveyors and tunnels/junctions not transporting directly to the core
  • Optimized pathfinding to be ~3x faster and use less memory
  • Translation support (incomplete, full translations coming soon!)
  • Teleporters now use power and have a better UI
  • Sorters also have a new UI
  • Added a sand resource (currently unused and unobtainable, but is displayed in the sorter)
  • Re-made all player weapons to be more varied and interesting
  • Removed upgrade menu and added the weapon factory block
  • Increased base player health
  • Discord integration: Wave, map and player count are now displayed in Discord while playing Mindustry
  • Proper Mac and Windows32 support: not well tested, please report any problems!
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thanks for fast reply and answer

you're welcome, i do that a lot

crash report

ArrayIndexOutOfBounds: 33

looks like you were using a controller, is that correct? your crash was an ArrayIndexOutOfBounds, so maybe you pressed a button it couldn't handle? not sure, I just know basic java

yea most likely

Awesome game :D why isnt on steam?  And why I can download PC version of the game only cca 7Kbps? I normally have about 100Mbps :/

Do you have any IP of mindustry servers?

I wish, I can upgrade belts without losing all intems on them ;)

To post games on steam it costs $10 per game.


when it leaves 4.0

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Throughly enjoyed this game will be doing a series, but this first video failed really bad so it's used more as an intro to the series :P


Hey Seriously don't worry about it. My videos suck a lot.

Can i play with someone? Reply the IP address and tell me when!!

How do you get the IP of your game?


search "what's my ip" on google'

if you're trying to play over the internet, scroll down in the comments, a bunch of other people have explained it already


Wonderful game.
  You could add direction arrows on the treadmills to know in which directions they are going.

wouldn't that be a bit repetitive? btw i could send you a texture pack like that

Eu jogo por android.

i don't speak whatever that language is


The Sorter: 

I think you could do it a little better. (We can chosse the ONE kind material that will pass )

One way better to do it would be (select what will pass and what will not)

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right now, try using multiple sorters like this:

S = Sorter

- = Conveyor



This is likely the best game I've played on I hope you continue to polish it and hopefully release on Steam so people like me can throw more money at you. 

Couple things, whenever I place a shielded wall... the game crashes. You can cheat/exploit by placing conveyor belt or conduit on lava to cross it with your mech. Why no large shielded wall... other than my inability to place them without the game exploding... seems logical for that last slot on the menu. Lags a bit when there is a lot on the screen. 

Also... posting a comment down here kills the active game. Autosaves would rock!

they exist. (auto saves as in it saves to the current save every 90 seconds by default)


My mistake. 

Thanks for the responses.

it's fine, i respond to a bunch of people :)

the conveyor thing is not a cheat/exploit it's even in the current 4.0 build


Nice game, Very cool

* Seems a little complicated in the beginning, but the ''complicated'' makes the differents kinds of strategy possible

* think you might wanna make a tutorial more advanced though.

Nice game.

I want to join someone, can i be invited and given instructions.

I would like to join, just need to figure out how....

wait figured it out! Lets Play!

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I will be playing tonight if anyone wants to join me. I'll give instructions on how to join. Can fit up to 5 players. Also, streaming it:

Can the people of this game add people in:-)

what do you mean?

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I can't seem to upload a map. can someone help me please?

the problem I am having is that I can successfully upload the image, but the map screen remains blank. as you can see on the image provided. In this image I just uploaded the map. there were no error messages at all.

is the image valid?


New Mega Update... New Season

preeetty laaaaggyyy. otherwise, great! (i think at least)

Hey the lag is not from the game the game runs good. The lag is from my recorder Screencastify.

oh, i see.


You Need Some One's IP For Join His/Her Game

Or Just Click Thing That Says ''Multiplayer Web Version''

I have posted below on how to set up multiplayer with Hamachi.

This Game Is Awsome! Keep It Alive Anuke!

Maybe In Future There Will Be Servers! Like Offical Servers!

Amazing game!!!!

Is anyone interested in playing regularly online together? I have an online multiplayer setup which works using Hamachi that I can share.

1.i need it 

Download Hamachi here: and create a network. Other players must also have Hamachi and must connect to a network you create. Then start a game, press Esc, and "Host" from the game menu. Other players within the Hamachi network should then be able to join your game with the IP address given to them by Hamachi as if they were on your LAN network. 

I haven't got this button

I made a map for optimal resources and defenses. Check it out if you like! Save as image, then in the editor load the image and save as a map.

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I have a suggestion for a new item. the player teleporter. it runs on power and can teleport the player(s) from one point to another. you can have more teleporters active by switching its colour. it is basically the item teleporter for players. I find this useful because it is really annoying to go all the way to chokepoint caldera and back if something is broken.

add a drill to break blocks..?


very nice game

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Hi, guys. Which port is using the dedicated server?

Hi, me again, how do you use sheilds?

You need to generate power and then transfer the power via lasers to the shield.Every shield has an yellow bar buffer that shows you the power capacity that it has.

a uhli

Hi, I've recently got mindustry and have been trying to get dirium. I have read steel and titanium in a crucible make diruim but it's not working plz help.


You uh, need coal to power the crucible. You have steel, you have titanium, but you need coal.

Thank you, the fact that the smelter uses coal and a crucible is basically the same thing makes me feel dumb.


i thought it needed water, titanium and iron... well


you need coal as fuel to make it. I made the same mistake.


You need 1 titanium, 1 coal, and 1 steel

Deleted post

If you want to help translate you need to join the discord server


Hello! I made a level in the games editor ( ) and it was great untill i realized that you cant place more than one spawnpoint and activate random spawn location, which ruined the entire idea of the map. Could this be added in the future?


yeah, random spawn locations is a good idea

awesome job dude, where can I get it?

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um,  is there a way for me to upload it?  I'll look into it if so. I mean so peope can download it.  

I think you can download the image and use it to import the map

right click the image, press "save image as", save it somewhere you can find it, then import it to mindustry using the "import image" in the editor

invalid dimensions


try removing the border

how can i import .mins files?


Hey dev! I designed a new logo for the game, and was wondering if you might take a look at it. also, I would love to help with things like sprite design. I don't have any coding knowledge, but I am good at making 8-bit sprites and other things like that.  Here is a link to the image if you want to take a look. Mindustry Logo

semi-decent, looks a lot like the metasploit logo

btw i'm not the dev, i'm just a guy who mods this game

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I know it's a silly thing but I think a keybinding for starting the wave early would be a nice adition, as well as some item tile that would count an adjustable amout of items from the left to an adjustable amount from the right to output.

i could try making that as a mod, just need to find the ui element then call the method when you press the keybind

cool! That would be awesome! Keep me posted and give me a shout if there's anything you think I could help with. 

slight problem, i don't have the files for 3.5 build 40, the latest version i found on my pc was 3.4 *sigh*.

this game is really fun, but i would love to see a campain or something to do other then seeing how far you can get before you board, ive made it well over 60s, solo. i havn't once played multplayer yet, no severs don't know any. i would like to see some missions in this game. some challenges such as get to wave 30 using only stone fireing turrits or other stuff like this, i would like to see more maps, most of them right now are ok to boarding at best, and vs mode were you have to build you base and send units to attack, to were you have a pick of making more army or denfence to them. were you can only build some of both but it uses your income on ether. this game can go in meny good ways.

check the 4.0 plans trello page: Trello Page

i well look at it when i can.

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Good ideas they seem fun:)

yes i know. i have a few other ideas but nothing that great.

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