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There's a glitch I encounter when saving in the beta: I save, the font switches for the save menu, Then I have that font instead of the pixel-style font until I reload the game.

EDIT: The font switches for the "Your game has been saved."-like thing.

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Don't advertise on someone elses game, it makes you look liek a douch.

don't try his new game... advertising games on peoples games is messed up

A true masterpiece.Congratulation Anuke ! I love the graphics, the complexity and the strategy of it.Amazing game. 


Am I the only one who thinks the Droid weapons are too good?


when u get to high levels the do like no damage



Thanks for this game i love it. Would it be possible for a deticated server & arm build? :)

Yes please! My friend has mac and for some reason, he cant join it even when he is connected to the hamatchi, but my pc friends can!

Dedicated server stuff is coming soon (source: anuke on discord)

Also - you don't need an arm build it's java

the multiplayer button is gone?

Get the beta

Im not sure, but i will create a server in the join game thing. I will name Join Here and you can give it a shot.

How does 'join game' work? I don't clearly understand what I'm supposed to do.

You need to start the game on one client. Then on another client in your lan another, thenyou will find the server.

If you want to play over the internet, you have to open Ports/NAT on your firewall.

oh yeah what does export do on saved games?

saves the saved game to a file

ive got an idea to make conveyor switches so you can stop the flow of the item on the conveyor.

yeah that would be good, because my conveyors keep jamming with a lot of one material (coal) so that others like titanium can't go through

try using sorters to separate the coal

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spanish? I can Help you With the Spanish Version


One good thing to add, a range amplifier. Also, maybe a way to possess turrets. 


I'm new to so forgive me if im not supposed to post this here;

I downloaded the game (windows64 bit version) but everytime I try to open up the Mindustry, it says I'm missing MSVCR100. And when I try to open the desktop_release game, I can't enter a map, it just crashes. Any solutions, help please. I really liked this game on Google Store so I want to play it on PC too. Thanks!

hello welcome to and sorry i cant help you because im on mac. also i think the developer is still working on the downloads for some platforms.

I think there should be something like batteries  because the shield die practically instantly in the later levels and I think there should be some way for this to be stopped.

ive made  battery banks using the power lasers to build lines. to make a battery also i agree there should be a battery of some sort

Fun, great game. A few thoughts:

1. The production of power seems to be difficult to understand. I can build dozens of those green generators, and yet it refuses to give enough power to the 3 way splitters or travel any sort of useful distance.

2. I'm also confused on how to get materials OUT of your base. Things you can build with seem to disappear alright, but what about trying to refine coal and iron into steel?

3.  It can be hard to distinguish iron and steel and such similar things. Maybe make mined iron red. Also little arrow directions, maybe in yellow, on top of the conveyors would really, really help people design. Sometimes it doesn't want to place in the direction it said it was pointing. 

4. Additionally, I'm not sure if it was intentional, but if you point the conveyor arrow left, and drag from the opposite direction, it seems to force it to point that direction instead, so maybe make sure the pointer adjusts to the direction you drag it?

5. Iron production is too high, or coal is too low. If you build 2 iron and 2 coal mines, you'll end up with a solid stream of iron clogging up your distribution points and conveyors around your steel refinery. I like to make a recirculation loop to keep the iron going around and letting the few coal in, and distribute it out to another line which just goes to the base where thousands of iron sit unneeded. 

no to get materials you dont use the core(base) it only takes items in. you use the drills to take the coal and iron to make steel. then it goes to the base. hope i could help.

also for the 5 thought you you should make it like

   \/ conveyor that has coal

=X=== (to base)

/\ conveyor that has iron

boom thats how i do it

just noticed that the pixel font messes up the way i made it

Neclear Generator overheats even with full water supplie. Help!

Use 2 pulse pipe's and 5 flux pumps than it won't overheat ☺


Is this going to stay being free? (I hope)


Is multiplayer possible on Windows?

Or just generally.


it is



Download Tunngle

Anuke i only play on browser but it is still fun i was wondering if update 3.3 was featured for HTML5 version because i reaally want to play with all my friends and it is very frustating when I can´t save my game so please add more things for HTML5 please reply if u agree.

Can you teleport water? I'm planning to put a nuclear reactor quite far from the water and a teleport seems like a much quicker option. Is it possible?

No, not as far as i know :(

How is the teleporter used?

Same has the filter,  but using color and energy (the colors to difference ones of others) 

When I go to save the game, it gives me an error and takes me to the menu screen and my game is not saved.

i just thought of a new idea to make a barrier because the AI seeks the weakest point in your barrier which could be 1 by 1 armor blocks. instead you make a long  open pathway we guns on both sides of the walls. then boom they go to through and get destroyed

so i have tested it out and it works. i have also added on the outside armor blocks that get destroyed to protect the main walls

so it is suppost to look like this > guns on this side |    | guns on this side

the middle is the path the | are the armor blocks. sorry i cant get pictures...          

The only problem with that is that in the later waves the enemy absolutely destroys armor blocks, with some enemies destroying one by one uranium armor blocks in one shot. This makes your strategy kind of hard to execute well. Other than that, yeah it would work, but more for the early waves.

i forgot to say i was in sandbox mode so i can pause and replace it.

ok im on mac and it doesnt work? the error is

Dyld Error Message:
  Library not loaded: /usr/lib/libc++.1.dylib
  Referenced from: /Users/gloriane9/Desktop/
  Reason: image not found

i know its a early version but just thought to let you know

darn i missed the new version 3 days ago... i would have played it 3 days ago.

Me and my sister tried to play together but it wouldn't work. I tried everything I could thing I could think of, but it says there was an error, I know it's a beta and unstable but please fix in the future. Also overall I think it's a great game, and really enjoy it. Can't wait for the future.

yeah this happened to me on html5 version

guys i cant play with my friend me and max we cant play multiplayer cause port thing when u host and when my friend tries to go by ip

he cannot enter

u gotta port forward or use logmein hamachi to connect to your friend

guy basicaly i dont know the port

when we host a server and try to join by ip it says a port but we dont know dat port ;c

guys i cant play with my friend me and max we cant play multiplayer cause port thing when u host and when my friend tries to go by ip

he cannot enter

You should add ads on the mobile version whenever someone starts or loads a new game, and add a option to disable it. That should give you a little income and i'd gladly watch those ads to show my support!

That would just be annoying, and might get the game lower ratings. Sure, ads do generate income, but as this is meant to be something to play without a lot of annoyance, I do not feel the need for that. (At least according to me.)

(And also according to Anuke)

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nice to see that your actively working on this game:)

also can you add more and bigger maps plz?

could you leave the html version up always because most games eventually just turn it into only DLC.

Trust me, It won't turn into a p2p. ;)

how to use tunnles? i don't understand, maybe if someone will show image i will be very happy

Look on the Wiki.   ^^^



I love this game!

i love it and couldn't stop playing it since December 30th 2017. good job!

oh yeah i have made it to wave 109 and it was really hard to keep my barrier up. i ended up leaving

Great game, but BRUTALLY hard

You should definitely put this on Steam. Add some achievements; ask around the £5 mark. I'd buy it to support continued development, as I'd love to see more features added over time.


I LOVE this game, you should put it up on steam with some achievements for steam! I think that'd be pretty cool, also if you add achievements onto the android version through play games, that'd be cool too! (I play it on PC and Android). Thanks for this great game, I'm gonna donate some money when I have some.

I'm planning to put this on Steam after 4.0, that is, when multiplayer is finished.

Very ambitious and cool game :) many systems working together, major props!

The game is not opening, can anyone help me?
I am using windows 7 64 bit.

Same, except I'm using 64 bit Windows 10.

Hello.  In my last comment I heard you say that there was no save feature in the HTML5 version. If that is the case could you please add a save feature? I think quite aa few people would benefit from it.  Overall though, I think this is a wonderful game, so keep up the good work! Thank you for your time.

I've implemented saving now, but it's buggy. If I can fix the issues in time for 3.3, it should be available by then.


i had a idea of hacking it cuz it wuz so hard but when i looked at the code i "fainted"


i have a hacked version (or rather, modded) available for download! Download on Github

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