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wish it had official timeskip or something. it takes too long for resource collection. 


Theres a timeskip mod you can download ingame

solution: build faster

this iz col


i love this i found it by reddit its addictive very much u should give warnng about its addiction its one of the few games i can play and love all the time played it on android its excellent game but as a 16 yearold indian i cant pay for the game now one day i will buy it on steam when i start earning and thanks for this great game

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its pretty easy to do that if you had infinite money. It would be crazier if you had finite money and you gave that much.

very addictive :D







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Simply go to Github and report your problem:

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does the game affect your life negatively? what problems are you experiencing at home?

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im just asking


do the mean comments hit you at hom




Game developer here (not for this game).

It sounds like an anti-virus program/Windows Security is stopping the game from writing to files for you. That happens sometimes for games that do not have a high amount of users (~100 000 users), since only well-known programs are let through anti-virus programs and Windows Security.

I would try this if I were you (it usually solves everything when it happens to me regarding other software/games):

1. Go into Windows Security and into Virus & threat protection, then exclude the game .exe file AND its entire game directory there.
If you have an anti-virus program other than Windows Security, do the same thing there (for the .exe file and for the entire game directory).

2. Run the game and/or itch as an administrator.

3. If it still does not save, restart your computer, as anti-virus programs (and Windows Security) sometimes has a file or directory blocked until you restart your computer.

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Who are you?

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No, I don’t have this issue. But

  • Check if data folder exists and is writable: Settings -> Game Data -> Open Data Folder
  • Check if data import/export works: Settings -> Game Data -> Export Data
  • Quickly checking whether save game works: Custom Game -> <any> -> Play ; Menu -> Save & Quit

If at least import/export works, you can store your progress somewhere.






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Press Save and then Quit


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whats your platform

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export data in the setting


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no work - no problem😎


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Yo everybody, I just wanted to say this is a good game.

Awesome multiplayer gameplay.

A big Thank You to all the developers out there.

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you’re wrong but k

Edit: not removing this as to not hide a mistake, but I did forget to say sorry to the OP for being a jerk.

re dolido el chabon solo porque no le funciono el guardado

yes it is unfortunate the save function in the game doesn’t work. Your point?


decís que el juego es malo solo porque el guardado no te funciono cuando acá no todos sufrieron ese error y saben que Mindustry es un buen juego

yes I judge a game based on how well it functions. Saves are a huge deal, if they don’t work that’s a problem. Again, what’s your point? 


Cool your heels, GooseJuggler. If you don't want to give thanks to Anuke, that's fine. if you don't like the game, that's fine too. But it's fine for someone to like a game. And to say the game is objectively bad requires a lot more evidence then just your save system not working.

I know you're probably just a troll but I thought it should be said.


you are correct in saying it’s unfair to say someone is wrong for liking something. However if saving doesn’t work….I mean come on. Can’t blame me for having a negative reaction to a game when I played for hours just to have it all gone because the save function isn’t working for me. Still isn’t.


that's embarrassing that you have to comment on every post to persuade everyone towards your opinion, looks like someone is desperate for confirmation.....

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I like the game but it could use a little bit more work because i cant delete my units

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just do it...............................................

After units die there should be husks left behind ( like in supcom ) were they can be reclaim for a certain % of there original resource higher tier units have more  reclaim value would make PVP maps have another layer to them. As you could make maps that have high reclaim units in the center or in POI's that make early game more interesting. 

That would be a huuuuuuge mistake. As someone who plays competitively on evict semi-regularly, the game already has huuuuge snowball potential. 

A simple way to make the game less defensively oriented would be to make unit cap depend on number of factories instead of cores. Your proposed change would make placing turrets an easy way to lose.

It's a good idea... just not for this game


I think one tile is about one meter. there are dead trees that would have branches reaching out 5 meters and pines that are one tile in diameter. both are realistic but idk..


An (AI) cleaner bot/new mech* named "Tortoise" with a slow-methodical design and a radius of influence that can be altered by game factors, it can be optionally toggled to auto-roaming through an environment it can only be healed while moving, it cannot fix anything while moving. Players can only control the direction of motion at low level, but things eventually unlock for "tortoise", only if it ventures far enough into enemy territory. ...{Tortoise merely organizes & makes sure all the structures function correctly inside its parameter...[that's it]}.


pls check the macos version. it says it is damaged. best game ever btw. i am a veteran at this game and so far ive been playing the java 6.0 version. i wanted to try this one out but its damaged. pls check. thank u!!


best game ever 11/10

it's even better than cave story


also a better love story than twilight!

Satisfying game, even though I admittedly understand nothing of the micro controller stuff. Appreciate the fact you can download for free, so I could demo it before paying full price. Thanks.

uhh anuken or other guys do you know what the [server] does?

its for if you want to host your own server. you probably dont need it


great game, better than a large majority of other games in the same genre

i agree





Although very cool looking, the game seems very cluttered. Not my favorite game that I have reviewed with my expert critique, but above average indeed.

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I thank you for making such useless statement. In the future may you think twice after sending such comments


please consider self harm

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Find the unit or core or ore comands for logic processor are not very good, and so limited. I think, give a way to work with massive of data whoud solve a lot of players problems. For example, you have a lead, copper, sand, coal and titanium in core, and you gonna make a mining prog. How to know which type of resource is the least in core,  without making thousands of operation copissmal=c<t? Or, skan not only one enemy unit in time, but anyone in turret radius whoud be amazing for progs "shoot between units for splashes" or make a "auto-water extractor Placer, which would skan, is this block a salt, and does it debuff extractor. I mean make a list with numbers and "sort from smallest number to biggest, and a comand for units and turrets to skan every block in their radius and add id of this block or territory to the list. My English is so bad, but I belive you understand.

And, another needed mechanic, see what tipe of ammo turret is using now.

It would have been intresting to make it so the backgrond on the title screen can be changed between erekir and serpulo.

when neoplastic units will come out?

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Excellent. Super fun, and easy installation for mac, which I dont see often on this site


This message is from my brother copied and pasted intended for Anukendev:       

"This message is intended for the developer(s)/creator(s) of the Mindustry game for mobile/tablet devices, and specifically  for those responsible for helping in making the game available to us prisoners within the Federal Bureau of Prisons (FBOP) - I understand we were playing a custom release.

   First and foremost, I would like to wholeheartedly thank you for, and applaud your efforts in, making the game in the first place; I only got to play the game for a couple of weeks, but in that short time it became not only the thing that has created the most joy for me since first becoming incarcerated some 13 years ago, but quite possibly the best video game I can remember playing since at least my middle teens (several decades ago).  The blending of elements such as on-the-fly tactical decisions with strategic engineering--all while allowing for and rewarding longer-term, calculated optimization--really spoke to my inner OCD nerd in a way few things ever have.

   Alas, I speak about your great game in the past tense because, as you probably know, some bureaucrat in Washington has decided that us FBOP inmates are no longer allowed to play your game.  I do not know why (though rumors abound).  We were simply told that it was "defective," which is obviously inaccurate and possibly indicative that some inmate somewhere was doing something bad with the game that you weren't supposed to be able to do--or at least that some bureaucrat thought that such a thing was possible.

   As it stands, I still have over a decade of my imposed sentence left to complete, and as a matter of mental health, I'd sure like to do whatever I can to try to get that game back for as much of said remaining sentence as possible--or at least a version of the game that the suits in Washington are comfortable with.  I have plenty of time and gumption to dedicate to that goal, as well as a little bit of help with "outside" communication--and I'm willing to write whomever else may be able to help.  Unfortunately, it's practically impossible for me to get relevant information, at least in a timely fashion.

   Hence, the ultimate goal behind this message.  Given your role as creator of the game, your experience in already having brought the game to our availability once, and your perspective outside of this very opaque fishbowl I'm swimming in, I'm hoping that you may be able to help provide some answers to these questions:

1. Do you know *why* the game was removed from our "Media store" in the first place? (though I'm not interested in knowing specifics of possible abuses of the game--I simply feel knowing this information generally would better help me direct appropriate requests and possible solutions for getting the game back to the right people);

2. Are you aware of any efforts currently under way to offer the game (further modified or not) anew within the FBOP? and, if not;

3. Is there anything that can be done to encourage your efforts in navigating whatever obstacles stand in the way of offering the Mindustry game--further modified or not--again within FBOP's Media store?  (I assure you that I'm not the only one hoping for this, and that, if it were a factor, you could easily monetize the game--or increase whatever monetization you may have already been receiving, if any).

Thank you so much for your time, and for all your previous efforts.  Any response at all from you will be super appreciated.

Eagerly awaiting,

M. Biggs"

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I also know several in federal prison who were immensely enjoying this game. They too has the same questions as you and want the game to be brought back. 

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Hola buenas tengo un problema con la campaña del primer planeta (erekir). El problema está en que quiero avanzar hacia la zona precipicio pero esta bloqueada, me dice que tengo que investigar magma, pero cuando voy al árbol de investigaciones todo me aparece bloqueado, ya no se que hacer por favor ayuda 

debes hacer que la bomba extractora de liquidos recolecte lava de algun pozo en uno de los niveles anteriores


This has:

- 2 campaingns, in the form of 2 different planets, each with different units, blocks and slight deviations in base mechanics.

- multiplayer, both local and on servers

-third tower defense, third resource management, third trs

- great looking pixel art

- a lot of mods

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I accidentally dug up the terminal planetary launcher. How can I make a new one?

type in the console(btw press fn+f8 to open it) Blocks.planetaryAccelerator.buildVisibility = BuildVisibility.shown



136的那个地方吗?我到了行星终端      不小心把行星发射器挖了   发现研究树立没有  也不能学

可以到  埃里克尔星球研究吗?



那我得清楚战役 重新玩了,唉




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my game keeps crashing when trying to play Split and Basin in the Erekir planet. does anybody know why? im using a 32-bit Windows OS.

nevermind,just needed to visit a previous planet in order for it to load.


No gamepad support?

I like the idead of gamepad support but I'm not sure how that would even happen lol. Too many controls


Hello! I recommend you to add source link (metadata) and license metadata. Read here how to do it.

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if i download on steam will i have to redo the campaign?

you can open your save folder in settings, in both the itch and steam version and then just drag your save files over from one to the other.


This is fire, gameplay is fire, the music is fire!



how do i update? i have been lonely ever since this update

Just delete the old game and download the new one. The saves are saved in your computer.

but how do i do that

i cant find it in the installed apps

its just so annoying and sad😭

nvm, just needed to go to downloads🤣🤣🤣


There's mindustry for windows ❤️

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