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water cooled breach my beloved


this game was great, once, now it's nothing but a shell of it's former self. I do not like it at all, it has let me down so badly, I hate this game so much now.



yeah this game is amazing, maybe dude got bored

best game just can you make inporting mods from places a little bit easer 


i need help downloading

why is my save gone

how do i save my data


you get better, pause the game and see the save button.


my balls hurt


please help


can I have them



i wish this could be on browser so people can try it out but on browser

Sorry but we're not in 2017. It will probably be possible in WASM with TeaVM but i don't really know how performant would that be. But it supports many platforms and many more can be ported because it uses java.


I was a mobile player when the game was still free. It's quite fun and I'd recommend it.


what do you mean when it was free? it still is

i believe on steam it costs money, but you can still get it from other sources legally such as compiling it, downloading it from here, or install it on linux


If you play Factorio then this game is very similar just that your more of defending then escaping. It is addicting 

This game is the best


Fantastic... my favourite game (im noob but i love this game) i hope in a huge update 👍🏿👍🏿


go ahead and download the game
you will love it if you like simple and complex machinery that looks very impressive while defending a base using turrets and yourself to capture a sector
its written in the same programming language as minecraft and still performs better, with only ~50 mb of memory being used on average (on my machine, results could vary)

i like this game i hope this wil get more updates in the future 

Anuke pls make an update

i believe anuke no longer posts them here

They do!


Здравствуйте  у меня начало вылитать раньше такого небыло, почените пожалуста,спасибо за понимание!


Was testing random games on here and stumbled across this. Genuinely the most fun I've had playing a game in a while. Great stuff seriously


7.0 update W anuken!


pls make next planet's techtree


nice game!


How do i update the game


You can use the itch io launcher for automatic updates or download the game files manually

My Silicon arc furnace keeps getting clogged, because its depositing the output at the input.

Pls help

make sure the ducts for the input are facing TO the arc furnace, and the ducts for the output are facing AWAY from the furnace


just use conveyors as input, dont use routers, since they can easily clog your system. You can use gates and sorters too, but only if there's no output other than the furnaces


great game but erukier basin level is sooo hard


Agreed, I'm stuck on basin too. The First part isn't hard IMO but I never have enough silicon after my first core gets nuked.

And my turbines get sniped by Averts(flying things) as soon as my back is turned


This planet is easy cuz i got in in creative mode somehow

bro you mean sandbox? that's avaiable to everyone 💀

No i literally have creative on the planet


guys, when you fix mac os version??


Самая Лучшая Игра Про Фабрику На 

Телефоны и на Слабых Копьютерах!

Мне так Понравилось И я благодарен Что Разработчик делает Игру Бесплатной И Качественой! Rate:5 Stars!






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Ахуенная игра.

Играю с друзьями на своём серваке в Москве по адресу Проход по вайтлисту, вход можно запросить в дискорде.

can i abandon a sector without losing sectors that it unlocks?


I abandoned Ground Zero when I had already unlocked 175 and I was able to keep 175.

but you cant import resorces

Unless you use a launchpad.

thanks bro i appreciate this game

Hi, i have a problem with the archives, when i try to download it, it download an VLC archive and not a zip, and when i try to open it, it gives me an error and i cant update it so i cant play anymore, someone know what can i do ??? :(

I dont know what to do, i tried to restart my pc, and doesnt work, i think i will unnistall the game and try again

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Your screenshot clearly shows that it's a zip file.  The issue is the default program set to open the zip appears to be VLC, which is wrong.

On Windows, you're going to want to go to Start and type "default".  Look for something along the lines of "Default apps" or "Program defaults", it will vary a little depending on the version of Windows that you're on. Next, look for the .zip file type and set the default to Windows Explorer.

On Windows 11, the default apps windows looks like this after searching for .zip and setting it to Windows Explorer:


Thank you again fro helping me :D


Try the itch launcher: it makes downloading itch apps and games much easier and it also automatically updates the games.

23802 build what is it

Hi I'm Fid Kid and i played this game on my phone and it was SO GOOD i want it downloaded right NOW!

Is there a way to save campaign so you could load from a certain point? Getting annoyed having to restart from scratch every time your core got destroyed. Especially after building things for hours. The game is fun, but starting to get annoying because of that.

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Menu > Settings > Game Data > Export Data.

Then if you want to load your data >>>

Menu > Settings > Game Data > Import Data.

save your data in special folder so you dont lose it on your pc or phone

what a small and good game it is

Hey! Can anyone confirm a SHA-256 or MD-5 hash on this? Preferably downloaded a little while ago? Mine is:

e4fe7a55b7b4d0c947f96ce038ad52430071216b7631032a5a008996b429036f  for (SHA-256)


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best game beware of rickroll in multiplayer



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