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Best masochist equipment invented by human kind.


Happy CHINESE New Year

Could you add gamepad support for Android?

Happy new year!








Awesome game!

you got tat right

 @do yourself,






Cannot take mod beyond 512


 @do yourself,

Server needs third apps to support or download the pack of server and use the Cmd to run it.

thank you,but I can't do it.Because it's difficult for me.

can you teach me?

Deleted 132 days ago


As an innternational(Steam) player you do have translate by yourself,even just a few number of words.

Also you have know that:in foreign countries, foreigners also just say the simple words!(Such as:force strt)so use the chinglish is OK

You really need to play some foreign servers!

Lol,lmfao,fool~How cute you are…

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ummm sorry im just trying to remind him
and i know him in real life (kinda friend)
so nvm :p




Best tower defense game ever

No questions.


Does anyone know how to create a remote server? Thank you









에르키아 행성의 '산봉우리' 맵을 클리어하고 '협곡' 맵으로 넘어가지지 않습니다. 협곡 맵의 출격 출발지가 '산봉우리' 맵이 아닌 '호수' 맵으로 되어있는데 '호수' 맵에서는 출격 필요자원인 텅스텐을 채굴할 수 없기 때문에 출격이 안되는것 같습니다. 버그인가요? 해결 방안이 있다면 코멘트 부탁드립니다.


best game on



I 100% agree

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Comments - Heavy Interruption by Just Another Games (同胞们!进攻此游戏的评论区!

how do i downgrade to v6?

Desktop ver 6

i love that erekir planet


pov: you're a starcraft scv, 10/10

Я столкнулся с проблемой. Я не могу произвести высадку в сектор "Ущелье". Игра создает высадку из сектора "Озеро". Но в секторе "Озеро" нет вольфрама нужного для высадки в сектор "ущелье"я играю на телефоне. Кто-нибудь может помочь? 

это баг жди баг фикса


Are you a Russian?

I'm Chinese.


 Ты имеешь в виду Эрика?






I dissabled on accident the lasers, but now I cant enable them. I even redownloaded the game. What can I do???

You can find it in the settings. There is a setting that toggles the visibility of the lasers from power nodes. I would suggest 50%.

Thank you! That helped

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i can do champagn :( because a bug 

 later: i redownload and the bug did not stop 

later:i deltide a of my progres and the bug stoped :)

My games don't save. Whenever I leave the game (tap save and quit) and x out of it, whenever I come back it isn't saved please fix this :(

I'm pretty sure that there's a way to close it without pressing on the X or doing alt+f4.

Yes the the close option under all the options on the main page, but even going that routs wont save my game 

Hmm. When playing a game, there's an option to "load" a game. Did you try that?

ive only ever played campaign so that option isnt there. Ive just been exporting and importing my game data now

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Had a lot of fun on mobile version, but it sucks there's no way to configure loadouts. Seems the only way to change the world it loads out from is to destroy the sector from the world it's trying to grab from. Very annoying to say the least, especially when it's trying to load from a world that can't get the required resources.

Overall very fun game though! wish mobile had a way to configure the loadouts (or even just a clear option of HOW if it is a thing. I've checked almost everywhere and can't find a way.)

Enter the which world you would like to launch from first, then launch to your destination

is it possible to host private games? (password protected?)

There is a whitelist for this. It can be configured on server release.

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finally! a update to this! i'm having a lot of fun playing mindusty r

this is the most excited i have ever been over this game

Help. i want to download like v7 version 140,but i cant see the download link here

I have windows 7 64 bit. When I run the game it shows error something about AddDirectoryDll and KERNEL32 idk. help.


Emm,bro it’s a normal situation,I also have this problem,maybe you can download the 32bit or check your computer(because some hardware doesn’t support it)

If this can help you,please reply me, thanks.


Thanks man, appreciate it. It works.


I am not Chinese, I am Asian tho


Windows 7 is old.If you want to run 64 bit, there may be problems you said.

how do you download the new update? do i install the game again? (im on linux) 


Um.. you know about linux and yet you dont know how to update games..? Anyway as you have said you have to reinstall the game

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Hey, maybe they're new? Seems like the kind of thing I would ask a year ago lol. I'm getting the update now (on linux) and I just run different .jar/executable file for the different versions.

You can use flatpak version, it has updates. It's in the flathub official repo, so no additional configure is needed. If you won't mind supporting the author and using proprietary software... You can buy it on steam.

i cant find the icon but ican play the game on the exe

never mind i just downloaded a mindustry icon (android) and turned it into .ico:)

if i download V7 now is my progress reset?



This game sucks, Factorio is better!


Factorio sucks ! I only play real games, for true HARK0RE GAMERS, like TIS-100 !

(Some irony is hidden in this sentence, can you find it ?)


TIS-100 sucks! i only play ureteral tortur

(there is no joke)


Nah, too deep.



Ok chrome dinosaur still better

atari games rule!



they made it like star craft :) i like it.

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also i think factorio is very long and more complex (i cant decide if factorio is better)


good game!


-10 out of fucking 10. got recommended some mods, got them and it broke my game. constant epilepsy inducing red and blue lights on the fucking start screen. I deleted the game permanently and cleared temp files and shit and got a new copy and its still there. this seems like a virus


that might have just been the mods, did you just try playing without mods?


Please be polite to comment others and their works,you have to know that Anuken was even got COVID-19,but he(or her?Never mind)did it,please check your computer and play the game without mods,some mods aren’t fit for 140……




truly OUTRAGEOUS that they would show consideration towards others preferences!


Is not the dev's fault that mods caused problems. You install them at your own risk to ruin your game and saves.


If doing a clean install isn't enough, I recommend that you also update your video drivers. The rest of us aren't having the problem that you're getting. Also, if you're on Windows, you might also have a virus from somewhere else. But it's unlikely that it's from Mindustry.


MODS CAN BE VIRUSES YA KNOW? Also ALL mods the Mindustry game reading from Github. BE MORE ACCURATE


ur the virus in this comment


ahh yes a tale as old as time:

9 year old downloads functional game 

adds sketchy mods 

game get broken by the mods

"its the games fault"


just play the android version :)

yeah its much "better" but lag while in pc less lag :>

NEVER EVER install mods if you haven't played the game much, don't have much experience, or you think the mod is sketchy (has a virus or something)

me too but it loaded? my screen was showing mindustry.exe has stopped working and it worked??? buggy sys of mine XD

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esse jogo é maravilhoso, perfeito para jogar com os amigos, tem uma ampla quantia de mods que também podem deixar o jogo mais divertido, infelizmente, não tenho dinheiro para comprar, mas garanto que quando eu tiver um emprego, eu vou compensar.

parabéns Anuke, você merece.

why is it 10$ on steam and its free here ??


on steam you get extra things though it wasn't 10$ earlier

could u please go into more details. 


stuff like achievements, seamless multiplayer and map browsing/Workshop support


And you support the dev, like here if you choose to pay

well,  - Steam takes an unreasonable cut of money for what is functionally a downloadable website most of the time (itch takes practically nothing), so need to compensate for that - Steam makes paying what you want for games as a easy option to access much harder to do, so theres far less incentive to make it that - Steam is a horrible platform that promotes children gambling, among other things, so I'd think if possible every developer would want to incentivise moving away from it - Steam has a publishing fee that needed to be gotten past, itch does not and I'm sure several other possible reasons


Buddy, steam has been around since 2003, it does not promote child gambling more than any other game does. its not steams fault entirely. sure they made csgo and tf2 and host the games on steam, but you are never forced or even told to gamble with cases or trade ups in either game. also this is something games like cod and battlefield have been doing for a while now so don't just blame steam.

Also steam is the biggest gaming platform in the world, why the fuck would you not want to put your game on it? it makes no sense that you would purposefully gimp your popularity and chances of people finding then buying you game by not putting it on steam. steam takes a 7% cut of your games profit, sure. but just putting your game on steam increases profit by up to double. there is literally no reason to not release your game on steam.

the skins lookde good :)

(1 edit)

Steam has more features than It's THAT simple and you're taking it too far. Also, you're saying that Steam promotes child gambling!? That's not only cap, but false information. You've must've read a 9-year-old's crappy short essay of how Steam is bad.

Also, most platforms (Steam, Google Play, App Store, etc.) take 30% of the earnings. is must cheaper, you can even set it to take 0%. The 4$ difference is mostly Steam's fee.


If you download this game you will experience C R A C K. It's 2AM and I NEED SLEEP, but the factory isn't going to build itself.

Could the factory be destroyed?

(1 edit)

Yes, in a multitude of ways, when your factory is destroyed, you could probably guess that is a no no, therefore you are going to need turrets for your base and units camping the enemy spawn like this 👇 There's nothing wrong with doing it though, every multiplayer survival server I've joined had a bunch of high tier units camping them lol.r/Mindustry - guys I think there was a flaw

but server need monny

You mean materials?




It's so exciting game.I can play it all day!

Really good and addicting game! I don't know how I dind't get to play it earlier!

Very Interesting game, I'll definitely give it a try on Steam ^^


i want a endless battle mode like from PVZ

i can try to implement this idea on my level...wonder what will happen

it will be fight for top score start with nothing and it steadily increases in waves and inbetween is a half hour break after every 10 waves for reajustment

Здравствуйте я на планете эрекир не магу полететь на Ravine потому что на Lake не существует нужного ресурса 

У меня тоже такое, но чтобы попасть на Ravine, тебе нужно покинуть lake.


Deleted post

On discord, in the announcement channel anuke said "v7 now has a firm release date: November 11th, 2022. Related Steam update post:"

You can go to github get the latest version

I know, i'm currently playing the V139, but i'm just saying that offcially, the stable V7 is out the11th november


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