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Help how do I change the direction of the conveyors?

In the mobile version there is a smol arrow at the bottom right


This game is truly one of the games of all time


Ануке, добавь возможность ставить железные стены в компании они как дикорация ничего и у железного лома применение нормальное будет




how do you use the factories

You need to put resources into the factories either manually or by conveyor belt. Most factories will also require power to function.

thank you, but it turns out that when i wrote that, i didn't have any units unlocked so that was what was wrong.


once i close mindustry i cant open it again how to fix it


When will you update this game in playstore?

its an experimental build

Hi is it possible to play this version with friends, and if it is how?

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Yes, You can play with friends on the local network (or on a public server)

For the local one, you have to just start a custom game and have your friend join it.
For public one, you have to join the same server( I'm not really sure about the second one but yeah)

Hey many Mods say i need the Version 136 but i can't get it i read it's a BE version but i don't know what that means so if anybody could help me?

136 not exist

alpha builds 136 and above are a thing; see unstable builds

It means you have to download it off of Anuken/MindustryBuilds


how do the micro processor's work?


The whole thing work as a way to change how some aspects of the game ( aspects in range of processors power) happens in one match, where the especific processor exist.

Common examples are;You can change how a factory work, or how a unit work,making it more efficient or more usefull; "you can make units understand that they have low health so they stop going foward and start searching for healing points".

The code inside the processor starts Above and ends below,and the processor gives to you a bunch of tools that when well organized can make a coherent process of actions,all the tools have a purpose and explain it would take a book,that im probably not capable to write.

A way to study it or understand if you are making sense while using these tools is: placing a micro processor and linking it with a message block (by clicking the processor, making a range circle appear, and then clicking the message block), then  placing inside the procesor a command to "Print Flush" and "Print", the "print flush" make the preocessor read the message block writed inside the command as valid, and the "print" make the processor use it as a book "where you only write results". It will make the processor talk with you. is good to remember that everything inside the print command writed betwen (") will be readed as a word not a code working: if you write ( @unit ) and the processor have a "nova" bind command, the message block will say "null" if the nova doesnt exist and will say whoever unit is in the bind if it exist, otherwise if the print command have ("@unit") the processor will read it as a word and only will write in the message block ( @unit ) without really talking with you, since it dont update. 

There is also the concept of x and y axis, where x is horizontal position and y is vertical position,some commands give you an "automatic number" based on detection, sometimes you will need to sense it in other ways. Like "Locate" command, in this case the game gives to you a outx and outy that works as "where it was detected in x and y", so in this case if you want a unit to move towards it you just need to write outx and outy in the move or approach command.

theres a "hidden" way to say to a processor to detect his own position, @this,@thisx,@thisy.

The micro processor have speed to process some mount of information and the bigger ones have more speed to process more information, if you put lot of information in the small processor it starts to lag and look slow since it read above towards down (it will take more time to reach lower levels), they essentialy dont have any differences besides that, if we are speaking only about coding, of course the bigger ones take more space and the last one need cryo to work... 

i think if you really understand what is in this comment you have the beginning of a base to learn more.

thanks for the help. do you have any idea how to make the processor detect if a ally ground robot is near and than open a door?

Hra se mi líbila, hra je zajímavá. Grafika lahodí oku. Vše je v pořádku a bez chyb. Radím!


Perhaps the best tower defense game I have ever played.

I will put the computer here in the future.


If only this could run on my laptop...
Very sad.


If the game starts, did you try enabling "pixelate" in the graphics tab of settings? It really helps. If it doesn't even start then that is a problem.


did you download the right version

Sẽ có mindustry 2 trong tương lai: V?

trò chơi này rất hay và tôi ước gì nó sẽ có tâm trí 2 :))


What version do i need for betamindy to work? I downloaded version 126.2

But the mod said it requires min game version: 22568 


you need to travel to the future


where is 134.1??

ah it alpha as well


where is the V7?


patience man

only BE


V7 is in alpha, it's being actively worked on

but if you're desperate enough to try it now

you can download the V7 alpha versions here

how do i open it to play?

never mind i fugured it out

how do i do it

where is 136 build? can't use mods :(  . Download this. Its "136"

Thanks, yea I downloaded it now I can use mods.:D

No problem)

it aint working for me


Good job! I like this game. There are many interesting things to do, like schematics, maps and mods.


really cool game


cool is good


If it catches fire, the game will become very bloated(I mean the gaming community)

sorry i didn't understand you (my english is not well)


is there any way to get v136 without having to deal with jar files?


Which OS do you use? If windows I think its possible to compile it to ".exe" but I don't know how.

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For anyone having trouble with running Mindustry ("This app is damaged and can't be opened.") on a mac (silicon), try running this (move Mindustry to applications - you can move it back later):

xattr -cr /Applications/

Share this if you found it helpful. :)

Deleted post

Уважаемый Анукин, пожалуйста, добавьте систему авторизации в Mindustry.






135.2The update is good news, but Anuke, you should also pay attention to rest.

what's up

(Chinese and English)


Привет я пользуюсь в миндастри больше 3-лет мне ваша игра очень понравилась спасибо вам за такую красную игру.GEYMER.


me too ;)

my multiplayer in 126.2 is broken


Guys, you can download it from Anuke's Github.


Anuke haven't updated it for a long time (Even Chinese players can't wait that long)


Nah, he's actually been updating quite a bit recently. It's just that the updates are not on itch and have to be compiled


oh sorry:(


ive beeeeeen lookinggggg for this game i remember when i had a mobile deviceeeee

but now i found it here YAY


This has a bit of Factorio vibes to it but Factorio also have a mode similar to this so why not go play it instead of this?


Factorio it's not a tower defense.
while this game, yes

That's why I go to this game...


mindustry primarily focuses on combat while factorio focused on expansion and supply management. also mindustry is leagues simpler than factorio require way less thinking for poo brained people like me and the graphics personally looks better and cleaner to look at to me.

А где обновление? 1 апреля прошло, скачал но ничего не изменилось.

На первое апреля вышел прикол, который если что можно скачать в его дискорд канале

Because the international language is English, so

Only one, April Fool's Day Games(doge)

Since posting your game I've been wondering why the world is so complicated?

And high blood pressure

are the upgrade pads back? i stopped playing ever since they got removed

They are not back and likely will not be. You can still create units to support you in building, mining or healing units, but you can now play as them and control multiple at once, some have health regeneration and very fast build speed. You can also build offensive units of course, and also play as them.

i always thought upgrade pads were not as convenient as unit factories because you absolutely have to go back the the upgrade pad but if you are setting up defenses near the drop zone and have quasars or pulsars they will walk right up to the spawn

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