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where is 136 build? can't use mods :(  . Download this. Its "136"

Thanks, yea I downloaded it now I can use mods.:D

No problem)

it aint working for me

I really like this game


Good job! I like this game. There are many interesting things to do, like schematics, maps and mods.


really cool game


cool is good


If it catches fire, the game will become very bloated(I mean the gaming community)

sorry i didn't understand you (my english is not well)


is there any way to get v136 without having to deal with jar files?


Which OS do you use? If windows I think its possible to compile it to ".exe" but I don't know how.

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For anyone having trouble with running Mindustry ("This app is damaged and can't be opened.") on a mac (silicon), try running this (move Mindustry to applications - you can move it back later):

xattr -cr /Applications/

Share this if you found it helpful. :)


really cool game


Уважаемый Анукин, пожалуйста, добавьте систему авторизации в Mindustry.






135.2The update is good news, but Anuke, you should also pay attention to rest.

what's up

(Chinese and English)


Привет я пользуюсь в миндастри больше 3-лет мне ваша игра очень понравилась спасибо вам за такую красную игру.GEYMER.


me too ;)

my multiplayer in 126.2 is broken


Guys, you can download it from Anuke's Github.


Anuke haven't updated it for a long time (Even Chinese players can't wait that long)


Nah, he's actually been updating quite a bit recently. It's just that the updates are not on itch and have to be compiled


oh sorry:(


ive beeeeeen lookinggggg for this game i remember when i had a mobile deviceeeee

but now i found it here YAY


This has a bit of Factorio vibes to it but Factorio also have a mode similar to this so why not go play it instead of this?


Factorio it's not a tower defense.
while this game, yes

That's why I go to this game...


mindustry primarily focuses on combat while factorio focused on expansion and supply management. also mindustry is leagues simpler than factorio require way less thinking for poo brained people like me and the graphics personally looks better and cleaner to look at to me.

А где обновление? 1 апреля прошло, скачал но ничего не изменилось.

На первое апреля вышел прикол, который если что можно скачать в его дискорд канале

Because the international language is English, so

Only one, April Fool's Day Games(doge)

Since posting your game I've been wondering why the world is so complicated?

And high blood pressure

are the upgrade pads back? i stopped playing ever since they got removed

They are not back and likely will not be. You can still create units to support you in building, mining or healing units, but you can now play as them and control multiple at once, some have health regeneration and very fast build speed. You can also build offensive units of course, and also play as them.

i always thought upgrade pads were not as convenient as unit factories because you absolutely have to go back the the upgrade pad but if you are setting up defenses near the drop zone and have quasars or pulsars they will walk right up to the spawn

Hello, I want to know how to install the IOS version downloaded to my Apple phone. I can't install them. I really like this game. Can you tell me a way? 

You can download it from App store,but you have to pay for it.

Apple problem xD

Hey, im trying to export my save data from v6 to my  new computer, but in the game option  when o click "export data" it doesn't show anything, idk if I'm just  not finding it but I don't wanna  capture literally half of the planet again


bring back the old upgrade pads mechanic


just play mindustry classic

Yes lol xD

i like the game on mobile but i want it on PC but its unable to launch or even download

What exactly is the problem?

Have you gotten to the download page? A popup says you have to pay 6 bucks, but you can click "No thanks, just take me to the downloads" if you don't feel like donating.

Did it give an error message if it failed?



<trans oldtip="I hope the opening tool of this game will have a relatively perfect icon (loyal players from China)." newtip="希望这个游戏的开场工具有一个相对完美的图标(来自中国的忠实玩家)。">希望这个游戏的开场工具有一个相对完美的图标(来自中国的忠实玩家)。</trans>


APK unable to be opened, any idea whats happening?

download on play store,if you can

Aneke, ты самый лучший разработчик!


ты хуйло крипованное , альфа


хвхвххвхв , послушал я хаоса называется , забей

Ты кто:?


im downdating because the pre alpha build 135 doesnt have enough sandbox servers

Servers are community-run, you can make your own server if you want to by enabling port-forwarding on your internet provider's site (type "" into the address bar on your browser) and setting up/running the server file found in the downloads.


when update

the game will update when the update is finished. Be patient.




Have a beta if you want







What is the name of the planet in the game?




  I can not wait to try the new virson.Though there are a few bugs in the 135.2,I believe that we can enjoy a better feeling of playing soon


Tried to run 32-bit on Windows 7 64-bit, and it doesn't work. I also tried the 64-bit version but that also doesn't work. Am I missing something, do I need to compile it or something?


i think you need sth to update your windows 7

Because i run the game on one win7,doesn't work,but on my friends pc

 (the same OS),it works

(1 edit)

I can't upgrade windows, because the computer I'm trying to accomplish this on is owned by someone else, and as far as I know, I don't think they'll want an upgrade in OS on their computer, since it's partly used for configuring the projector. I usually have unrestricted access to the computer while nothing else is going on (and access to the projector while working), so getting good games for the PC is usually a must (unless I'm willing to supply my own through programming. Lots of it).

Works fine for me, windows update, not upgrade.

I can run both 32bit and 64bit on my win7(64bit),it runs fluntely but sometimes it takes a long time to open it.

maybe you can uninstall the 32bit competly first.(maybe there are still something in C:\Users\Administrator\AppData\Roaming\mindustry),or try running it in Compatibility mode。

can you crossplay between steam and 


only if you have port forwarding

yes logic,thanks

Хорошая игра, я порекомендую ее как друг.


Hey anuke this game is amazing, played it for 2 years, cant wait for the next expansion. And also i want to tell you this it may be weird, but i was making a fanfic of this game but the game doesn't have much lore, but anyways hope you wont get mad XD


Looking forward to it!

Love you anuke


Anuke is great
Anuke is god


Bro that too much but i'll let is slide since anuke is indeed great






you mean god like god Zeus and Odin right? not god who made the world right?

Don't take it seriously, just a random question.

They are all the same story.

what is the difference between this one and steam? thanks!

Steam version includes Seamless multiplayer and Archievements


how to install Mindustry on a Raspberry Pi?


I already answered your question (YOU CAN'T)

Worst case install an Android image on your Pi and then install the android version of mindustry on that.

Failing that, download the source code from the project page and build it on your pi.  It will probably work since it has to be compatible with ARM in order for the mobile version to work.

I have already tried it but gradle works but not

Try using WINE, maybe?


 didn't try to install it in Wine but with Box64 it works great

Oh thanks for info !

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