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THis game will lock you in day after day as you industrialize a planet for mineral extraction, all the while fending off waves of robots competing for the planets resources! If you are looking for a game about the Mining Industry, look no further cause you have arrived! I recommend this game of strategy!


this game is full of creativity.
I can not stop playing this game.
(game này hay vl thề, mấy ông nên chơi)

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yeah me too xD


el juego ya no se mostro correctamente en mi pc 32 bits ¿Que hago?


Si ya intentaste lo de admin y reinstalar, usa la anterior versión que te funciono y espera una siguiente actualización (No pusiste si te salio un mensaje)

Download 64 bit


It wasn't mentioned anywhere above (unless I'm not seeing it), but it was a nice surprise that a steam key came with my purchase here.


Amazing game


do not install 64 bit version the download wont always save

Yes but this download is save and I had been downloaded it haha:)

So i hosted my pvp session and I was wondering how do I switch teams in the game.


you dont

very fun

Can you save data to game DIR instead in %appdata%?


i was not aware this was on as a steam player/mobile player myself, i can say this game is worth it

Could they please release Mindustry for the Raspberry Pi? 

Thank you

I havent used a raspi in a while, but isn't java supported on it? and if so you can download a .jar file from the git releases

I am now addicted to this wonderful game:D


有中国人在玩这款游戏吗?要不要一起来?Are there any Chinese people playing this game? Do you want to join us?






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I speak english

this game is so GOOD if you have not played you shold i have spent 5 hours and it is just amazing please download.

очень класная игра только вопросик а кот на аватарке умер? если да то сочуствую press f

какой еще кот?

Very cool. I love it! :D


They removed the upgrade pads... what a waste, killed the whole fun I was having in the game.

Upgrade pads were fun,i lked them, but now they gone...

I do think that's a lost, I hope they took it away so that they can bring a similar mechanic later, because, for some player atleast, it was a whole fun-tertainment to be ourself one of our troops.


It's because now you can control any unit and also multiple units in the game. There is 2 keybind in setting. (I think default is crtl + click on an unit, and G to rally units, but i don't remember)

Your claim of default keybinds are true

i really love this game

Best Game ever


jogo do caralho


One of my favourite games, very cool, fun with friends, play now!

10/10 would mindustry again

This was one of the best games I ever played! I've never had so much fun from a game.

This is the best tower defence game ever and there isn't anything else like it as far as I can tell (factorio is close but more on the automation side), Its the perfect mix of automation and action. PvP and Co-op makes it even better, and that is why it's my favorite game

same here bro

me too

the only issue i have found is the tendency to crash with big or lots of mods but thats just me

Nope guy. Not just you, but everyone can have that crash.

you cant disagree on the fact that hp notebooks are crappy

i have a problem, i try to play it but i have the missing framebuffer object extension error, i have opengl 2.1, i have searched everywhere and find nothing, i just want to know if there is any possibility to fix that problem, and if possible get the way to fix it

After looking here I think its a problem with your hardware simply just not supporting the game. You might need to switch computers or get a new one, and maybe even swap out the component causing the problem with one that does work.

I have loved this game for about a year, and what i think would be cool is a friend system


There is if you buy it on steam or if you want to you can use a vpn and join locally. Id recommend hamachi cause its free but any vpn would work if you and you're friend are connected



make the game a little less hard 




You know what would be awesome? If you found a way to put this game onto Xbox/PlayStation. Before you say " that can not be done", I don't know anything about this, I have never done this before, it's just a suggestion.

"That can not be done" is incorrect, I believe that xbox/playstation supports java but the main problem would be actually getting it onto the microsoft app store.


just spent 8 hours playing this. im gonna go touch some grass


dont you dare touch grass. You must play more.

guys let's fill the coment section withus hyping V7 cause it is LLLLIIIIIIITTTTTTTTTTTT

v7 keeps crashing when it opens :(

btw im on macos 10.13.6

dose anyone know how to make a privet game so frinds can join


Use ZeroTier, get in the same network, then just simply input eachother's ip and play from a local wifi signal or multiple far away wifi signals.

Or use Hamachi its much simpler and much easier to use in my opinion (looks very sketchy I know)


V7 is my favorite for two reasons and two reasons only:

It allows me to pretend I have 4 other players playing with me,

and it allows me to manually make logic processors wait with one instruction.

so yeah, so stoked for the v7 thingy


can you get V7 on this

If you go to the unstable builds via Mindustry (PC or Mobile) in the main menu, you can download V7 early for PC, mobile, and even for your server if you wished.

Just keep in mind that the V7 build (found in most recent build) you download from the unstable builds is not the full release, so schematics and saved games you made inside the build do have a chance to be incompatible with future stable releases.

game cool but fricking hardddd


It's really good.


this game is fun i wish i had friends to play wit


There are many multiplayer servers in V6 for sure, so you could join a good sandbox/survival server and make friends there!

thx for the ldea man 



ikr, its got unit source blocks and pair it with the Betamindy mod, it's so amazing.


Ótimo jogo, jogo quase todos os dias. Podia ter atualizações mais frequentes. Ou imagina um tipo de mapa aberto, mas NN totalmente, pois temos jogadores mobile, pra geral jogar online!!! :)

i,ve had a problem for the past month, that, doesn't really let me open the game, because it opens and then instantly closes. Is there a way to fix it?

Will try to try all of your tips

Just redownload it my guy xD

1. What system are you running 

2. Are you running official releases or modded or unstable (V7)

1. like, what you mean exactly? sorry, i have the stoopid

2. everytime i try to open anything that isn't the unstable version, would just open and then close, not even showing the loading screen

Try using Intel card instead Nvidia or Amd

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/e good game


/e great game

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/e amazing game

(1 edit)

/e proposterous, in a good way, game.



Absolutely incredible Tower Defense/Factory Builder, 10/10 would play for another 80 hours!


this has even more quality to me now because its a submission to a game jam

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