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I proudly present to you:

106 - this is fine

another one:

Another day in impact 0017

And more:


oh no


can anuken release v7 of mindustry pls anuken?


It's easier said than done, but let's give Anuke our support.

6.0 came out like, not that long ago

to show you guys

how to screenshot for my defends

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Hi Anuken, can i upload Mindustry on 3839 Games App store,we have hundreds of millions players, wish to bring your game to them.



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He goes by the name of anuken sometimes

he already uploaded the game himself???

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WAIT WHY I NOT GET UPDAT- wait what? disappeared?

(again) AAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(again with downloaded) Oh...

and on mobile update you can hold to SHOT


You might need some help...

sorry what

bless you


Yeah so the mac download release has no codesignature file like, at all, inside the package contents.  No wonder it isn't opening.  


i can nolonger update the game because my free trial for the winzip file opener is over


just use 7zip

it's basically winzip but free and without the ads


windows unzips files for free as well lel


just use winrar even if your license is over you can still use it

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bruhhh can this be updated on my PC automatically? or do i just have to download again.


bruhh just use the itch launcher bruhh like bruhh just do it bruhh bruhh bruhh


Shut UP


shut up man pls



coming in with the dani 

*someone speaks about the drill* ^^


'can this be updated on my PC automatically?' Me:no...


use the itch launcher bruhh like bruhh seriously bruhh bruhhhhhhh

you spoke about the drill

now say goodbye

and stop saying bruh


I had the same problem, but I solved it by downloading another copy of Mindustry (the now copy should be the updated one), exporting my save data from the outdated copy, and importing it into the new copy (I got an error when I tried to import the data, but it still seemed to work).

Hope this helps!


ok, WHY?


Still can't open the application on Mac OSX Mojave. Even when right clicking to select open from menu, I just get:

“” is damaged and can’t be opened. You should move it to the Trash.

Something is wrong with the codesigning can someone please help those of us on mac who haven't been able to play now for several weeks? I wish I just hadn't tried to update at all, because at least before I could use the app.


did click the file twice if you just rename the file to mindustry.exe it won't work click the file twice

huh? I'm not sure what you are suggesting. This isn't an .exe, thats a windows file format.  This is the mac version, so the extension is different.  It won't open though, because it is saying the application's codesigning is corrupt.  

try executing with a terminal, try with sudo idk it's unix

lmao why would you is when you can just a was was smh

Idk why not?

is v6 released yet? im still not sure

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wyes lol like about 3 months now

Yes it has, it's a huge and awesome update

I am having problems creating local servers, whenever I start one my friend can't see it. Is it something with the connection?

Well you'll have to do something with your internet box, I've done that before, you need to look for a tutorial on youtube. Because it is a bit longer to make a server than you might think

i've played with my firend on a local server with no problems


Wow that was really cool


Wow that was really cool


Wow that was really cool


Wow that was really cool


Wow that was really cool


wow that was really cool

Wow that was really cool

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i have a question, i've downloaded this game but without the itch io app but now i've downloaded the itch io app but it says to install instead of launch (i dont know probably that) while i already have the game? is it going to affect my campaign if i install a new one or is there something that i can do?


Are you able to open the game? if yes export your data and Install the game and Import your data

yea i tried that already and it worked, still, thanks for telling me that.

Probably wont, alot of important information like schems, maps, saves or mods are stored in AppData folder. Not sure about the campaign tho, but probably it really wont go wrong.

nah it worked fine, the save file included everything even mods and schems. It's just a file with everything in it

the folder where Mindustry saves stuff still the same

am i stupid or i dont know how turn the conveyor?

you can use your mousewheel to turn it before placing it down or if it is placed down you can turn it by using the same conveyor on top of it as it will just replace it.

I like this its a somewhat popular game that you never knew was a free one


This game is stupidly underrated


agreed , its such a good game but its so underrated xD

We need more people



how do i update the game?

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You can do it just by clicking the gear beside Launch and click Manage on of ur mindustry ver after that click Check for update. (you need to download

This is my new favorite logistics game its like free factorio but better.


Everyone join the battle

Scorch: only reason you win pvp

Lancer: smol meltdown

Duo: only reason you survive

Poly: portable Overdrive projector

Eclipse: NO

Mono: portable drill

Router: da best unit ever

Core: hippity hoppity, your ore is my property

Silicon crusible: the reason you not ran out silicon on every server in the game, just what you do with that much silicon?


processor: harder than kripton message

Dagger: gun go brrr

Segment: AVeryAccurateGunnerThatCanShotBulletInMilimetreAccuracy™


Funny meme



I can't open the application, says it's code is signed incorrectly, and that the application must be damaged.

I tried to delete the entire game settings folder and did a fully new clean install, and it gives me the same error.

I am on Mac OSX Mojave. Never experienced this problem before with Mindustry till I just tried to download the most recent version.

Im glitched.I cant get on the game

Can you describe your problem?


Great Game

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Hi Anuked

A have my minedustry on my old pc and i want do get my progress to my new pc, but steam cloud dont want to do that, is there any file that i can transfer to my new pc to dont lose my save.

(edit) on my old pc i have build 98


Just go to game files, saves, and transfer

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I cant launch the file for MacOS, it say corrupted file and cant be opened

I cant launch the file

hello can sameone pls help me i can't open the game i downloaded a mod that keep on crashing it i can't open the mod fill without opening the game.pls pls help me i relly do love the this game

Are you on windows 8?

no im windows 7

Does it say pixmap out of memory

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uninstall the game

Hello , can someone help me with a issue? , Mindustry seems to crash when its loading mods , does anyone know how to fix it

The best thing you can do is pray for it not to fail

Oh got a way using file explorer yay

hello anuke i am having a problem with mindustry when i am joining tower defense server then mindustry says mindustry is not responding do something about that

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F I just died to the guardian in stained mountains

Any tips?

Edit: I think it was a scepter or a reign

Edit 2: Also isn't it weird that there's a unit called scepter and a tower called spectre?

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Spam defend, leave no hole to go


This is my defend

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Yeah just build right up against there spawn bubble then you can max the resources from the land, and give the enemy no wiggle room    

but what about ruinous shores?

Well I don't have like 9/10 of the things on there

I only have these:

Also jeez is that an impact reactor

Just ingnore the locked stuff, i just add impact reactor Because its is my old capital

Ok thx

Do you have plans to publish Mindustry on the Microsoft Store? (UWP)

When does Mindustry arm64 for Android arrive?



uh oh


did you try disabling any anti virus

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My antivirus is kinda stupid and doesnt let me exclude if it's 100% sure its virus. Only way to turn off is by uninstalling it :P

Don't buy BitDefender


Oh fuck

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Alright, can someone please tell me how to make stuff actually work in the map builder? I build a core, click "Edit in game", plop down a drill, conveyor, and tower, and NONE of them work! not even sandbox only items! The item and liquid sources I can't be sure about (because conveyors don't work), but the power source generates NO power at all! I had a great Idea for a map but I can't build it if nothing works.

Edit: Alright I got it guys, thanks for the comments

OK so I have a completely different question that might seem a bit weird - What's the "theme" for the sea units? I mean like the flare path's theme is sun-related, the mono's is shape-related, the dagger's is medieval-related, the crawler's is bug/poison-related, and the nova's is space related. but what's the risso's? The units in its path are as follows: Risso, Minke, Bryde, Sei, Omura. I can't see any theme between them.

Great game by the way I'm completely addicted XD


U cant let them work in the map builder mode(

What does that mean?


There is NO WAY to let them work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Ur basically Editing it in game ur not actually playing ur map or game idk.

They don't work when you're in the map builder itself, only when you go into a game with that map and place them.

My game crashes when i start it any idea how to fix this issue?

I need some help. I'm trying to play with a friend at school and/or when we go home. I can't seem to find a way to play with him since he is on a different network at home and our school blocks a lot of things meaning servers can't be accessed without a VPN in school hours. Any help is really appreciated. I really enjoy this game and I hope to keep playing it. :D

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you could set up a vpn connecting your device to his network, or vise versa. or maybe look into setting up your own server although setting up a server requires portforwarding which can be a problem. On school you can just try hosting a local game. this is also what you would do if you have set up a vpn.

I hope this helped.


if my explanation din't help here ya go.

You could also set up a server and have them join

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you could both buy mindustry on steam and play together. I recently bought the game just for that


This game is the best of the world !!!!!

Yes !!!!


Stupidly addictive and underrated


best game =))

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