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V6 POG!!!!


hi Anuke,

im the biggest fan of Mindustry (even bought it on steam) and I know that ur working more than much.but i beg you dont change the ui because the UI is what makes Mindustry Mindustry 

hope you will understand

have a great day

I agree

I'm not able to send this game as a gift to anyone.  There is no "give this game as a gift" option for me when I go to the donation page (it's already in my library).  In other words, this seems to not be true or doable for me:

Anyone else having the same problem?


this game is free


I saw one mods name bruhgun

It really weird because it mix all gun in mindustry to one gun and it require only a few electricity and it so cheap

It great but weird


Wow, a seriously complex game that scratches a few different itches at once! Being new to the 2D Factorio-type game, I'm finding it quite a challenge to figure stuff out but it doesn't feel overwhelming. Tomorrow I'm going looking for tutorials or something to give me wisdom. The mix of tower defence and factory building is cool, and I ESPECIALLY like that you build enough and then move on to a new map. Just as I am getting sick of reworking my noodle soup I hit capacity and am motivated to move on. Very, very cool idea! I give this game two thumbs!

using web clicking out of screen while moving causes the player to keep moving without inputs

Anuke, with this version every time I open it on my mac it says that it doesn't support the right open GL features (frame buffer couldn't be constructed unsupported combination of formats) and that I have to update my graphic drivers, could you fix this or at least tell me why it doesn't work?

theres two types fam. theres the 64 bit and 32 bit play the 32 bit type if 64 is to much for your computer orrrrr u downloaded the wrong one.


but I use mac, there's only a downloadable mac file.

What mac is it? If its so old that it doesn't support OpenGL 3.0, then tou're out of luck and need to buy a new one.


V6 pog

also i think there shouldn't be limits on what can i attack and what can research, i dont feel like waiting till i can attack sector if he's attacking me back

then go play custom

then why comment section exists


Good game it is like the fartnite and i can do the fartnite dances 10/10 will share to everyone i know est game ever haha floss funny haha dab funny


how is it like fortnite?


I have no idea why this comment exists

lmao i created this comment for fun it is nothing like fartnite

oh ok so its just a joke then.


Nice new picture


i will miss this game so much :(



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is this an old intel hd graphics card? Mine didn't support Minecraft on Windows, so I moved to Linux, and everything works like a charm.

no, its an integrated nvidia card, there are no more updates for it :(



Lets Go!

Finally, V6!!


I've played this game for quite a while and it is so much fun. To be honest I'm amazed that this is free to play

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It doesn't work for me on mac os big sur for some reason and comes up with the error: mindustry is damaged move to the bin.

Try downloading it again, it's probably corrupted. If not then idk because im not the developer (:

you just need to> go to: settings>security>apps from unknown sources(something like that)> in the bottom should appear the app you are trying to run.
click on allow and thats it!!

alguien sabe como puedo instalar ese zip de server que sale al final de la lista de descarga? 

you can't

it's portable

you need a JRE,and know how a lot of things about networking to setup you own dedicated server

He can, don't tell people what they can and what they can't do, it's odd

cha madre es un poco molesto por que siempre empiezo de cero



Waiting for a long time!


Hello Anuke, I have played this game ever since it's first release and I have discovered you can run a script that makes it so you can 'pirate' or edit the file. Also please make a 3d or either a First-person version of this game. 

                         -Ducky Sann

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Well, the game is open-source, so... yeah. 

A 3D or first-person version of Mindustry would honestly be cool, although I don't think that's on the to-do list for the dev. Since it's open-source though, I'm pretty sure you're free to make your own version. 

Mindustry's Github Repo:

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Anuke already said he will never make 3D, because the performance will be horrible, why make a game that can't run in most devices

NICE idea!!

but it will be something like satisfactory


can somebody help pls i have downloaded v6 but its not running


if you have downloaded 64bit on win 7 it will not open try to download 34bi


Dear anuke

I want mindustry to have a 3D version

I am very interesting now

Reply me at


1. he already said he will not do 3D by the performance

2. he spends a lot of time developing and doesn't have time to see comments v:



I like beta version but why all my mods doesn't work in beta

because everything changed, including modding, the dev should update to v6


What is the difference between v5 and v6?


the difference is some patches, 3d planet, sectors (new thing) and much more


you can put coal un the core

really woah


I don't think so because coal will make core dirty!

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V5: You cannot be router :( V6: BE ROUTER


Bruh? Oxy?


you can also put sand, scrap in to the core

Thx mate

Check out the Changelog on Steam or the Changelog on Github.

Thx mate

Deleted 8 days ago

Get Steam edition.



Can we please have a buff for the water extractors?

Agreed!  They're sooo slow.  Maybe an upgraded one that uses more energy costs more exotic materials

I agreed that too

lo descargo y todo pero no me aparece el cursor, que puedo hacer

alguien puede ayudarme con eso?

When the enemy produced something like oil in the attack sectors, you can research it too.

Maybe that DOES make sense cause our lovely little Alpha always steal techs like kilns and even interplanetary launch platform from this planet.

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some how after download the build 116 i has research all stuff


ANUKEN there is a major problem with your game (maybe i'm exaggerating but it's still a problem). At the crater level of the campaign for v6 if i destroy the given kiln in the map i wont be able to make metaglass which refrains me from researching a kiln, which just doesn't allow me to research any metaglass items at all which means i had to restart the entire campaign. PLEASE FIX!!!

PS:i might be just an idiot and maybe there was actually no need for me to restart so please dont attack me comment section.

I thought the kiln doesn't require metaglass to research.

in V6 some researchs have conditions like "capture sector X" or "research tech Y"


You need to capture crater level, then you can research kilns with copper, lead and graphite.

But you can get two kilns earlier before you capture crater level by delete it a second then rebuild it. You can also get that turbine generator by this way, which cannot be researched or built until you have captured crater level.

Ayuda como puedo la obtener actualizaciones Minndustry Me pueden ayudar Pr Favor no se como




delete the game

download the new version

your data like saves will be there


the 32 bit mindustry for me not start

1 week ago start but ever i click ok in alpha advise the mind closes and now the mindustry i see the process but close the process again  

i reistalled but not works

help meeee

ask on Discord server

Ok my discord is uninstalled but i gonna to reinstall it

I need help, when i try to play multiplayer on zero tier one i cant conect to others game and they cant connect to my game, help me please

Why I can go to salt flat?

And waiting enemy attack too long.I am nearly have not attacked in tar fields in 2 day

I dont know why I can't donwload the version 104 or the 115 and I wanna play the game :(

What are you on? If you are on the phone, download 104.10 in the app store, on the computer or laptop, download it from here, unzip and run the application, for 115 or the V6 version, on the phone, download the apk and download it, on the computer or laptop, download the zip, unzip, run the application

Oh don't worry, I can already download the game, and I'm from PC, if you wanted to know. In the same way, thank you for answering me and making this community so beautiful. :)

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I've been playing the beta campaign i'm currently on version 115 it's great love it but I have one issue its way to hard I'm currently stuck at sector 27 next to windswept islands I got the enemy base almost destroyed but I can not destroy the rest due to not being able to get close to the enemy core. I've made the biggest army the game will let me for the resources I have but it they get killed each time with ease by the spectre's plus the A.I constantly rebuilding which would be an issue if it wasn't so quick and if that base had no spectre's I was able to destroy the first spectre on that map by using the ripples but again I have done everything. Also most of the sectors are way entirely to hard, hardly any resources and, the waves start to quickly for the types that are sent like I was on sector 1 I think got almost built up a bit then got smashed by 6 enemies with shields for the first wave. I have no idea how you might fix this but something needs to be done in order for anyone to attack that sector or any of the others like it. Honestly if i could have thorium on the other sectors like that i probably would be fine but i can't seem to find any. Also i've been on that sector for 12 hours in game.


Waiting for the next planet!

Hope to have new minerals and buildings.



      _______      _________      _____       ______     _
     / _____ \    |____ ____|    / ___ \     | ____ \   | |
    / /     \_\       | |       / /   \ \    | |   \ \  | |
    | |               | |      / /     \ \   | |   | |  | |
    \ \______         | |      | |     | |   | |___/ /  | |
     \______ \        | |      | |     | |   |  ____/   | |
            \ \       | |      | |     | |   | |        | |
     _      | |       | |      \ \     / /   | |        |_|
    \ \_____/ /       | |       \ \___/ /    | |         _
     \_______/        |_|        \_____/     |_|        |_|


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because I found it and I wanted to post it ... well actually it looks cool i'm sorry



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the new version (115) doesnt work well 

Cause it crashes if you build Something


it's beta, so, nothing is guaranteed


That's... why it's in beta.

I have been playing the beta campaign and it is nearly unplayable because the sectors are always under attack and when I try to defeat a enemy base the AI rebuilds faster than I can do damage and the waves come in every 30 seconds I think that the waves could be longer apart or not have them at all. 


nice game dude! I am addicted to this game on my tablet. Unfortunately I have an iPhone and I can’t buy games so I can’t play this on my phone. But keep up the good work!

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I got two problems in the game.

1. when i went to location "175: there were 20 opponent waves, moments later i returned to the starting location and moved again to "175" there were 40 waves.

2. when i closed the game and start it again, ii didn't have my resources in the core at this location.

thanks for fix... (maybe)


report that on GitHub

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