A bullet hell with 3 bosses and small amounts of dialogue.

Controls: [WASD] to move, click to shoot. [Space] to continue dialog, [ESC] to open the menu.

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, HTML5
Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
(11 total ratings)
Made withlibGDX
TagsLudum Dare 42
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Bullets cant reach some places so its not that hard but its fun to play

That was easy, good game tho

Very difficult second boss, 3rd boss is a little underwhelming because I could just hide behind the land mass in the bottom left, and initially I just stood where the girl was (because she wasn't moving) and he actually didn't shoot there until his 2nd phase.


How dare you work on something other than Mindustry

Very short, but overall well made. Would be nice to see an extended game.

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Second and third bosses was beaten easy with standing just above wall with ~175° and 95° to evade projectiles statistically...

It would be awesome if you could make this game longer and extenuate on the story. 


Spare me Anuke.

Only one death. Hell yeah!

Oh my! I love it! I've not even gotten the first boss' first stage yet but it's so fun!

Nice job! I left a score :) I downloaded the game because when I press play in the web version I see libGDX charging and then all black. I'm using Firefox on Windows.

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Anton I just wanted to tell you I'm impressed by your work ethic! You've made amazing progress on Mindustry 4.0 and today I learn you had another side project going at the same time?! Nice work man! I'm not sure what your end goal is for your indie games but I sincerely hope you achieve it.


I can't play i have a mouse pad, might as well be playing with the donkey kong  bongos


thank you for your feedback, bongo support is coming in the near future

love the respond :D