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I GOT 2:57 (yay 2:56 now)

no idea how lol

Why can't I put a screenshot here :(

insert the image

This game really can greatly challenge Undertale or Hollow Knight, we just need the full version. Hai yo and Anuke, remember, if you need it, take your time :). We want Infernae to be developed as good as possible when it comes out, so keep in mind that we can wait as long as you need us to :).

We need a little sneak-peek :)
How many bosses can we face once the full version is released? :>


I've been dropping dev updates almost daily on our Twitter so feel free to check that out (linked above in the Follow Us section)

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Oh I didn't know that! Thanks, I will check that for sure!

"Not while I'm still breathing", one of the best phase transition lines. great game

As I was playing this I realized that there were few fights that captured this essence, the one hit and you're dead aspect of pure pain, This game is going up there with Sans, Malenia, and the other greats, I deeply hope this game gets a full version


You'll be happy to hear development is well underway :) Please wishlist on Steam if you haven't already!

Sadly I'm on a school computer so I cannot use steam, but I'm glad that a full version will be coming out

Oh that's some great news! Not like Lucine is easy, but she becomes a bit boring on her own. And I can guess that if you want us to wishlist Infernae on steam, that has to mean that we're really close. :)

Incredibly difficult, but I enjoy the mechanics. Considering this is just a demo, I hope there will be much more content to come and mechanics.

Me when i have beaten 3 phase after 3 hours of playing: HOW THERE IS FOURTH ONE

Oh god, there's 4?

how did you get past the thing at the middle of phase 3?

Well you need to go around her and make use of reflection attack. She does 3 streams of bullets while doing her tornado attack, yoi have to around her and reflect whenever its necessary. It takes some time to master, and i think third phase is actually the biggest threat

please add win32 support

what is the file extension for the mac version? it doesn't have it and it looks like .zip and .dmg doesn't allow the file to be open.


It's a binary executable file; those don't have extensions. It's not packaged as a .app or .dmg, so you'll have to run it through the terminal by executing ./infernae-mac64

If you don't know how to do that, you should play the web version instead. MacOS support for the demo is barely tested.

ah that makes so much sense. i forgot about terminal. thank you!

cool game. that 3rd phase tho, it destroyed the crap out of me each time



It's awesome, but my wrist hurts now. WASD wasn't made for this.

Wow! Super hard but super fun! It gave me lots of ideas to implement on my survival game as well

Are you still working on it? 

Run time 4:21

so close....

bro what are you talking about fourth stage is a pain in ass

I just Got Good idk what to tell you

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I just got 4:19


This is super cool and polished! I love what you've done


Please add dash ability


Dashing would be redundant. You have the slash, which not only does it disables projectiles but also throws them back. It's difficult to use, but it's worth the pain and effort to master it.

Plus, dashing wouldn't fit the theme. I mean, the character you control is quite literally the interstellar Grim Reaper, a judge, jury and executor all in one. Why would someone like that doge out of the way? The game even says "Fear is not a shield". If that's not enough of a hint, then I don't know what is.


Got up to phase 3. Simple, Super polished, and fun. Thanks!



When you slash at her right before she attacks it it will damage her by a good amount, just make sure you do it right. (It's a very risky move but if you can do it successfully it will help) The screen will shake when you have done it successfully. 

Remember, Fear is not a shield. 

If you reflect it while she's doing some sort of spread attack, screen will even freeze for a moment


I i think the game is really good, but I miss the ability to pause and skip cutscenes aswell as alternative shooting buttons.

Used the small tip and got some good luck!

Well my best time is currently 4:14, I've got some problems with reflecting certain attacks, other than that congratulations on your time cuz you're probably record holder right now :)

Tiny bit lower than 4 minutes can still be improved though :)


Nice one! Small tip, the slash itself actually deals 4 damage (bullets deal 1 each), so you can speed up some parts where there are no bullets to deflect


i got a admit it. its hard as frick! i only got to the first phase


1 phase is normal 2 phase is nnormal 3 phase is fukin impossible.
but the game is so cool!(pun intendet)

Bro THERE IS fourth phase


it's so amazing

This is so fun to play, I want more

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I have become obsessed...

also is the ost anywhere?


4:30! Very impressive. Would love to see if you can bring that under 4 minutes, or maybe even lower...

OST is up on my YouTube :)

Hell ya Lucine theme is fire! Will jam out while struggling with future bosses.

This game is so good! I enjoyed every minute playing the game! My only this is I believe the slash cooldown should be a bit shorter. Other than that, this game is really addictive. Still have to beat phase 2 (I gotta get good). Good Game! 

When are u gona make a mindustry update






This demo is very fun. I have gotten to phase 4 twice by the time I am typing this and almost won the 2nd time. I have high hopes this game does well when it is fully developed!

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Ok just beat the game 

Wrote my short thoughts in the description if anyone cares. Want to commend the teams work on this cuz the art is just so vibrant and character profiles are cute. Controls are super smooth and Difficulty is high but that's why its called bullet hell :)

Thanks for the EPIC game and look forward to future work!

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Pls don't have a 5th phase :0

On a real note game is hella addictive and chaotic but the lack of heal/dash/savepoints is very punishing but it could just be a skill issue :) 


made it to the 3rd wave on my 2nd attempt. instantly got destroyed LOL


I want a dashhhhh


This game its really hard, I cant pass the 3rd fase XD

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Fear is not a shield. The slash is the dash.

On a more serious tone, I don't think dashing being added would be a good thing. My reasons are as follows:

1 A dash function would be redundant with the slash one.
2 Dashing doesn't really fit the game's aesthetic. If I understood the little lore we have well, then these memento mori are paragons of justice delivering death to all those who they think deserve it. Dashing and jumping out of the way doesn't really fit such a character.
3 This is a bullet hell. Classic, genre-true bullet hells DO NOT have dashing. 

My advice: get used to slashing. It's easier said than done, it takes a while, but the reward is worth the effort. Maybe. I think. I guess? I don't know, I'm still stuck on the third phase, trying to find a better way to play that one. But this demo looks awesome, so its ending must be just as awesome and is surely worth it. So yes, that's that.

Yes, you have all the reason, I'm actually getting used to the slash, but I still need practice

I hope the full game will have win32 support 


Me gusto.

is it possible to chnge controls to arrow keys

Unfortunately not in the demo. For the full game we will have customizable controls.

Love the game, still suck at it but I'm getting better, only complaint is that in the beginning everything was flickering and hurt my eyes. After a bit the issue resolved itself though. Can't wait for the full game

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Did you happen to be streaming the application on Discord when the flickering happened? It's a strange bug that happens to some people (doesn't happen if you share the full screen instead). If not, then I'd appreciate any details you can share.


I actually was streaming the application on discord, thanks for the help!

awesome awesome game!!!
it would be easier to control if the attacks were buttons instead of clicking, but its not meant to be easy lol

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I absolutley adore this game. The animations are beautiful, the pacing intense and, wow, the character-profiles in the textboxes blowed my mind. The only thing I could think of too enhance the game would be a clearer inicator for been hit like a brief screenshake (could also disenhance the readability of the game) a sound or (my personal favorit) a short pause of the game (a few millisekunds can do wonders). If I have to get mental struggels, than my favorit way is to play this game.

Edit: I just realised that there is a sound, he just blends into the absolute chaos of music, shots and other sound effects a bullet-hell produces

Thank you for the feedback! We're taking everything into consideration for the full game :)

this is very cool dude! Music, graphics, gameplay, everything is at the highest level! And these swings of the braid are like slaps in the face, it’s nice


Very fun! I hope this is only considered the "easier" part of the game, looking forward to the full release!


Hard as nails, but I like it! A parry timer would be nice, audio and visual queue or something. Love the art and animations!

You already have it. Whenever you parry, you lose your mask, and you get it back when the parry cooldown is over, along with a sound similar to a sword being put in a metallic sheath.

Additional your Scythe will stop glowing while your cooldown is running

Oh, didn't notice that. That's cool.

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