Note that the game doesn't have a loading screen, and may appear black for some time.

Notable recipes:

  • Stick + rock = axe (chops trees)
  • Axe + rock = pickaxe (breaks gray rocks and boulders)
  • Rock + fire = glowing rock
  • Glowing rock + stick = torch (damages nearby enemies)


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embers.jar 18 MB


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very fun and hectic game, but because of the spawn rates and the snowmen attacking your fire while you're out getting supplies is honestly really frustrating, but it looks real nice, and it's fun, soooo

can we start moving away from mouse to pick up and try to leave the controls at least costumizable


the movement needs to be fixed, I am WAY too fast and I think its cause the movement is based on fps and im 144hz and its basically unplayable when it's like 3 times faster

me too

This is really fun but you cant really leave the campfire without dying played for 21 minnutes


My Best 27 MINS

umm... idk how to this happened no matter how many times I re open the game it does this

Game is really fun, my main problem is how the spawn rates go up, there came a point where not only had I no lack of any resource, the only way I could keep my fire light was just to keep spamming torches and placing them. Eventually, I decided to just leave camp to try and despawn the snowmen at my fire, and I am not kidding when I say that in ~15 seconds or so, I died and had a huge horde of snowmen around me, like I have here. Plus the fact that they can spawn right on you, you cannot leave the fire past 10 minutes, and those first 10 minutes you have to spend getting wood/tools/torches, so there might be this giant map, but it might as well as be in space.

Overall, really fun game, just please turn down the spawn rates and make the game playable late game. And, if the game is meant to go on forever, I don't see how having spawn rates this ridiculous 38 minutes in is balanced  


is very interesting and a good game but to easy




i see you didn't last too long


I tried the game, It looks like it could be fun except the fact that I get graphical Issues with the game practically turning into rainbow static, Crafting is a bit confusing even with the basic crafting guide. I feel the fire goes out too quickly and I lose my mouse cursor more often than not. other than that I see alot of Potential in this game Keep up the work on it!

72 minutes into the game, decides to explore. Dies 10 seconds after leaving torches.

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I loved mindustry, so I was excited to load this up and try this but I have a problem. I've got SUPER zoomies. Smallest press of wsad and i'm 50 blocks away from my campfire... Is this intended? Cause I can't play the game like this at all...

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Stone + Stone = Wall
wall + Wood = door
Gem + torch = fire pit

extract coal on somethink like.
less useless key please, more wood drop.
pick up 3 same item

less "stone" snowman, more "wooden" snowman

[E] key for, grab item in this order ( torch, tools, wood, stone, key) on caractere radius


im have one error ;-;


Im having this same graphical Issue.

Great game! Really loved the concept of it and would love to see where it goes from here, if there are any plans to.

Brilliant idea and implementation.

It would increase the play time to find some random encounters behind the doors. Otherwise becomes quite repetitive soon.

Also, a bag would be veery useful. Or a way to combine wood sticks.

when i open the game the snow is glitchy and looks like the main charecter

which file opens the game on winrar

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Just wondering, but did anyone else make bunches of keys?

This is an amazing game.


Incredibly fun! I can definitely see expertise earned from development of Mindustry shining through this game.


Awesome game! Would it be ok if I made a sort of spinoff of this, building off of some of your ideas?


Yeah, that's fine.

Ooh I really like this concept. I feel like it's a bit hard to do a survival game like this though since you have to keep close to your homebase at all times to maintain the fire. I made some kinda purple hammer too and that was really cool!


The .jar file runs the game but the character moves TOO fast.


Simply adorable

Woah, very coool game. Love it! <3

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Add a way to clear items

Also if you destroy the purple torch it turns into normal torch

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My record is 33 mins :p

Also if you suround your fire with torches you just need to find sticks


So simple yet so good =]

I reached a big ice cube trapped in some roots, and when I mined it, the screen went gray.. does that mean I reached the end of the game? haha

I managed to survive 41 min, maybe I'm missing the right strategy but at a certain point the mobs are continuously spawning without letting the player react in time and limiting a lots the possibilities of the player other than survive the night (such as exploring further, using the keys and experimenting with the materials collected), in particular I couldn't use almost all the keys found because there were too many and the doors to be unlocked were too far! But any way as I said very good and engaging game, I hope you will keep on with the project!

Really enjoyable mechanics, nice game!

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wow, great game concept and also graphics!!

which engine did you used?

I think they used their own, assuming they're using the same Mindustry engine.

Arc, a fork of LIBGDX

thanks :)

Neat game.

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Who are those snow people? Nice concept and graphics.

The files call them demons.

I really enjoyed this game and how fast paced it is, I even managed to get a 28min run :D hope you keep working on it and adding new features :))

Why the game are so fast ? i can't just walk ?

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I had a lot of difficulty giving the WASD input. Switching to another tab or another application didn't help. Refreshing (F5) didn't help. Clicking on the game didn't help. Only a thorough refresh (CTRL+F5) helped. And I couldn't figure out how I could fullscreen the game and give WASD input at the same time. (Firefox 75.0 on Ubuntu 18.04).

Very cute looking game though!


This should be fixed now.

Yup seems so. Thanks