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How to play :face_palm:

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Hard to read text and game is very overwhelming for casual players

Really nice game! Like it!

Wow, really nice polished game! Super simple, but what it does, it does well. 10/10 bouncing.

Have you played SuperCrateBox? Nice work, a polished game with lots of action on screen. If anything, a little too difficult for me. Would work well with adaptive difficulty.

Thanks! I was planning on implementing a difficulty slider, but ran out of time. And yep, Super Crate Box was one of the inspirations for this game.

looks nice but for some reason i cant use arrow keys to shoot ?

Those aren't supposed to be there; I forgot to remove them while testing combat. Use the mouse instead.

hehe ok i should have tryed that
very nice game!

A good shooter/pacman style game, it has a lot of action, good job !