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This game is awesome! Stumbled upon it via YouTube, and I thought this game looked real interesting. Question though, is there a certain goal/wave to reach for each level? Or is it survival based and you do endless waves until your core gets destroyed? I would really enjoy it more if there would be a goal to achieve like “reach wave so and so to win”. Also, this game is BEGGING to have boss fights! That’d be awesome.

As far as I'm aware, it's unlimited waves.

not anymore :'c

love the game anuke! everything about it is amazing! 🤯. btw can LAN multiplayer be hotspot? or does it have to be wifi?

android mobile btw

You Really need to add a how to download guide plwase?

Hey Anuke, can we get a player teleportation system? It doesn't have to be too powerful. Maybe like the item teleporter, except larger and requires more power (to teleport the player).

I have a problem. I wont to play the game om my macbook pro. And i wont to play the 3.5releas-40, but i cant download the game. It's a jar file and i can not get the game to open. Can someone hlet me with this problem? Hav any of you had the same problem as i have right now????

Help me pleace!!!

jar files are for java download it and then just double click ok?

I love this game so much. It is so much fun. So entertaining and interesting. However, I am trying to figure out how to host a local game so I can play with my bro. And I keep getting Socket operation not permitted. Any ideas how to fix this?


Is there a Mac desktop version currently available? I can't manage to run the server version and the "" is not available anymore. The available alpha can't save games and unfortunately is very unstable. :(

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And Are you done update this or is the unreleased version just as "unstable"?


Your Discord invite i think is expired

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How do i send multiple waves at once on sandbox mode.

I don't think you can

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I really enjoyed this game for a few hours, but there are several things that ruin replayability:

  • The enemies go out of their way to destroy encampments, completely ruling out sparse defenses as a viable strategy.
  • The effective range of buildings feels really short and limiting.
  • Power management is a nightmare, made significantly worse by the previous point.
  • The widespread nature of resources means you can't build a compact base, which then necessitates a lot of infrastructure, which makes power management even more of a nightmare, where there's a large percentage of tiles used just to shuffle the power around, and the one-way-ness of these tiles makes that even worse.

I think this game has a lot of potential to be great, but the way I see it there's currently a hard cap on your ability to fortify and strategize.

Edit: That was all about Version 3.5 (almost didn't see 4.0 alpha was available, whoops)

If you click on a Power node and then click on another block that consumes energy you'll connect them.Same happens when you click another power node,enabling you to one huge energy network,if you want to ofc.


I feel Like this should be a Free game that could make a lot of ad profit


it is a free game you just have a chance to donate to the devs


hey ANUKE can you help me i do not know how to downlowd a map?

Download maps from mindustry discord #maps

yeah i know how to do that but i do not know how to see them in-gam

3.5 version - Editor -> Load image -> select map image -> save map -> done!
4.0 version - Map -> import map -> select map file -> done!


Can you give me a link to their discord?I think the invite is outdated

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What happened to the drones and stuff? I cannot get the newer version, Edit: I found it! I love love it and can't wait for sound implementation!

A simple game that is comfortable enough to play and doesn't lag on my device even though my specifications are low

it not working pls halp

This game is great, but i really miss the old survival mode. I'm not a huge fan of the levels. Does the survival mode still exist and i am just cant find it?

Found an exploit, routers can be used as instant conveyors. put them in a line from a mine to anything and it teleports the ore.

ur a genius.

good game


Im a fan of this game but will you add some more things to the game like materials, machines, turrets, mechanisms... Please?


will there be any dedicated online servers in min4 or min5.  I feel like the game would catch fire if there where dedicated servers and the ability to fight others onlne.  team mode aswell perhaps?


I just contributed, 'cause your work here is absolutely incredible. Sorry this isn't the more informative post ever, but I just had to say it :)

And happy 2019 to y'all.


how do I port forward?


Good day

 I am a fan of your game, the game is really great, I hope that you will continue and evolve,therefore can I please ask about the Bluetooth mode for a player to play with a second played without wifi, only via Bluetooth,I hope that it přidate because I think it's great when a player plays with the second hračem without wifi and or LNA I hope that you'll understand.

 thank you so much

I used to play on a windows tablet using only touchscreen

But now I have to control this kind of ship and I need a keyboard for it

Is there a chance for it to be touch compatible/friendly again?


I hate that in sector wave missions the direction of attack is randomized. It's just annoying and as nothing to the game, it's only a delay to build the turrets and gives zero strategy depth

If the enemies came from a single direction, you can just build a single cluster of turrets and a little bit of wall, and you're set. This would be very boring, especially now that the enemy path finding doesn't avoid walls, instead ramming through them, no matter how many rows of wall there are.

did I ever said single direction?

Loving the new versions but I would like to make 1 suggestion it would be nice to have 1 by 1 drills as well as the 2 by 2  sometimes it is not practical to build 2 by 2 drills 

1 by 1 drills are not coming back.



I know I maybe shouldn't do this, but

It is not valid, I may have been banned. How can I appeal?

The link is valid when I click it on an account-less browser window; what message does it display for you? 

I do not see anyone with a name similar to yours on the ban list. It seems unlikely that you were banned without being aware of the reason.

It simply says that it isn't valid.


does anyone have a map i can try?

it isnt mine.

just load the png as it is in map editor.

(sorry for late reply c: )

can you help,i am trying to play on windows but i keep getting crash reports.

Send here your crash-report. It can be found on folder specified on your screen.


I have same problem

This means your graphics drivers are outdated. And you did not even read the bottom line (don't do what it says, however.).


Hey, I love this game so much. My only suggestion for the time being is could we get some sort of system to pick which of the music tracks we want to listen to instead of looping all of them? Thanks. Also did I mention this game is great?

Its amazing now but just an idea why don't u add official support for 
modding in your own format (e.g .min-android for Android and on pc/Mac make the extension .min) or .zip/.rar that would be cool and u 
should make a folder on Android and pc/mac for mods and basing a mod on. Thx for 

There is a modloader, you can find it in the Discord server. The link does not seem to work atm, but that will probably get fixed soon.

Really? For Android? Thanks for bringing this to my attention.




Hello Sabretusk isn't it already a full game since you can install it?

You can download the game as 3.5 and the new v4 in alpha. It is already a full version since almost a year now. The web version was downgraded because some new features are not supported in the web version.


it keeps making a new text document called "crash report" instead of launching the game, plz help :(

Did u find a solution i have the same problem


im currently on windows


please can someone help me, it launchs but then closes instantly

Probably your graphics drivers are outdated.

Conduit bridges please!

They exist already in v4, you just haven't unlocked them yet.

anywhere to share maps?

Try joining the discord.

I am in the Official Discord and the UnOMSL. Where's the map sharing channel?

Really? There is #mapping and you can use !postmap to send maps into #maps.

You Guys need to update the application logo as well as the icon for the tab pleasseeee it still says 3.0 update and its killing me 

Much love

- A Huge fan of this game.

don't work in my computer :(

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