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From Time to time i come back to the Classic Version. But i wish it would be possible to scale the User Interface. On my 4K screen everything is so small now, i can't see anything anymore...

And changing my screen resolution every time i want to play this is meh to say the least.

Everyone who hasn't played Mindustry yet, just do it!

no don't do it don't join the kid community please


Woah, the game has come so far since this version. Makes you truly appreciate all the work put into it.

love it LOVE  even on my phone

ithink thismindustry classic is very interesting i played version63.2


how come the player cant use the teleporter


Some of this stuff in the old mindustry we need in the now modern game like the power laser, the laser corners and the laser routers.

we have power nodes which are a million times better, why would you want the power lasers back?

I don't understand either, but now power lasers are in the bleeding edge version.

that's because there's a new planet and power nodes aren't useful there

Why not? It seems that power nodes would be very useful on Erekir.

you don't have the right resources I guess

Good game!

good game but i cant even beat wave 7 normal on caves the walls just repath the enemys to the only spot undefended


electric and water storage






old lmao




Loved Mindustry and i love this more specially cuz my phone's kinda broken rn :P


Is there a way to make lava or does every map have lava?

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use the map as a template in map editor and add lava pools

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i have two lines of lazers  and one line of mk2 repair turrets, and every time i see enemies i say "erase them" witch they do


**edit** 90 new high-score


waves are automatically generated and are probably infinite.


waves are defined by a loop and only get harder, and by getting harder i mean they get buffed until they can oneshot your core

Anuke, I was wondering if we could get in touch, I would like to put mindustry-classic onto my website.


My new addiction too i love it

I love Industry, sadly, I don't have a computer or anything under my name, I do have a phone, and I do have a school laptop, I've been bored and I found this then I started to play, It's awesome. My new addiction

this is my new addiction

Show post...

Looks bad but when you play it it's so good and addicting. Especially the v6

I love it…



just asking, can you use the teleporter to teleport yourself?




hey does anyone know if I can split the amount of iron so it goes to a turret and another turret? if so, please tell (or show) me how.


never mind I forgot there was a descrpition thing for this in game.

I have uranium, but I can't use it. How to fix it?


what do you mean

I can't build tesla turret

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did you conveyor it into your core?

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thats not uranium, thats something else that you use uranium to make.

You need Dirium which you can make with the crucible(which is next to smelter)


im an idiot its a nuclear reactor


that is ALL uranium 


never mind i just figgured out that you can blow up enemies.



its unstable you need to fix it


third times the fucking charm, trying to power the chernobyl nuclear reactor.

it exploded 3 times...

You need to also put water in it


ya i figured that out

intresting save year


1969 weird


this is a pretty good game, and i cant think of any flaws it has.

very nice game:)

I love this,But i wish i could make my own map.


This is the really old version of the game, if you look up mindustry in the search bar you can find the new version and you can make your own maps on the new version


or click on the link in the description that says Modern Mindustry

Yeah the modern mindustry is pretty cool im not gonna lie,Now that ive checked it out


You can make maps now in the editor


So, this game was my first game ever i played from anuke, i love everything that he makes. And i'll never forgot this game, and i love it more than mindustry. Thank you anuke!

This is game is mindustry... but old.

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